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The Grand Duchy, which had always been cool, was especially warm today.

Not only the servants, but also the knights, were out and about.

“Oh, knight! Don’t put it there!”

“Oh, where should I put it”

“Snow Rose should be at the entrance so the couple can live happily ever after.”

“Is that so”

“Of course! There’s a door on this side, right Then the couple’s love will fade.”

With a serious expression, a maid with red hair that was almost orange related the legend that had been handed down to the Duchy.

She knew it was all superstition, but her solemn demeanor made the new knight uneasy.

“I almost ruined your marriage.”


You’re an interesting knight.

Don’t be too concerned.

It’s obvious that it’s a superstition.

Now move it to the front door.

I have to go help with the garden work, so bye.”

“Good luck.”

“And the knight!”

Adelia gave a small smile, listening in on the new conversation between the two young men and women.

Suddenly, a heavy weight with a soft blanket fell on her shoulders.

“You were here.”


Adelia looked at her soon-to-be husband, who had wrapped his arms around her shoulder.

“Did Liam make you suffer”

Ivan began to mutter, burying his face behind her shoulder.

“I had no idea Liam had such a stubborn personality; why is he so impatient”

Adelia burst out laughing when he whined.

“I’ve been suffering so far, but I’ve managed to do it because I have a lot to prepare.”

“No way.

We’d better go somewhere where nobody can ruin our honeymoon.

Yes, Rohen would be fine.”

Adelia paused when she heard the name Rohen.

Her face briefly displayed a range of complex emotions.

Adelia thought about many feelings and then smiled comfortably.

“That’s nice.

There’s a decent mansion in Rohen, and the garden is lovely and big.”

“Having a garden wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Ivan chuckled lightheartedly as he mumbled about his desire to start a small farm.

Adelia would be open to taking part in such a dream.

Adelia kissed him on the lips and promised to share the future with him.

“I promise to stand by your side no matter what, even if I look like this, I’ve grown gardens before.

Let’s be together forever.”

“……Because you are good at everything, but I didn’t know you’d look after the garden.

I’ll have to learn it later, too.”

Adelia noticed Ivan’s red fingertips despite his attempts to act as if nothing had happened.

When he was shy, a strange rush of blood would reach his fingertips.

Adelia’s forehead was buried in Ivan’s chest as she erupted in laughter.

Ivan simply sighed and gave Adelia a bear hug.

Ivan had no choice but to get up from his chair as soon as the butler, Liam, appeared to find him.


Ivan would still tremble with regret as he thought back to that particular day.

The day Adelia finally worked up the courage to find him.

She claimed that she wishes to work for him.

She did, however, have very sad eyes for someone who said that.

He felt a sense of déjà vu the moment he saw her.

He grabbed Adelia as she turned around as if she were trying to flee due to that déjà vu feeling.

He had the impression that he shouldn’t have let her go this way.

So, on a whim, he allowed her entry into the Grand Duchy.

It was something he would never do.

He was perplexed as to why he felt so comfortable around her.

Then he discovered she is the youngest daughter of the Sorne family.

When Ivan finally realized who Adelia was, he questioned whether or not she had come to him with a dark heart.

It was because he had seen it several times before, and it was strange that she suddenly came to him.

“I have to maintain my distance.”

Funny how he decided against firing Adelia even though that was the better move.

It has been almost three months.

Similar to Ivan’s suspicion, Adelia actively walked toward him.

He was certain she could sense his distancing as well.

Adelia, however, was never aloof.

‘She doesn’t know when to give up.’

Oddly enough, Ivan has grown accustomed to Adelia.

Adelia had quickly become the focal point of his entire day.

As Yohan predicted, Adelia’s tenacious efforts were successful.

It was as if his clothes were drenched in her drizzle.

It was completely incomprehensible to her, but Ivan had no choice but to admit it.

Unbeknownst to him, she had fallen in love with Adelia’s existence.

Like a game of fate

“There’s a place called Rohen.”


Ivan frowned as he heard the location for the first time.

Given that he cannot recall it, it must be a tiny estate or a remote village.

Adelia’s expression changed subtly when she saw Ivan’s reaction.

Just now, the atmosphere of Adelia, who was talking busily, has subsided noticeably.

Adelia soon explained Rohen in a calm voice.

“It’s a peaceful and quiet place.

There’s no better place to relax than Rohen.”

“……I see.

We should go there someday if we have a chance.”

“That’s a good idea.

I’m sure you won’t regret it.”

Only then did Adelia’s voice return to its original state.

Ivan swallowed a sigh of relief and wondered what on earth Rohen meant to her. 


Ivan immediately investigated the connection between Rohen and Adelia.

But no matter how hard he searched, he couldn’t find the point of contact between her and the place, Rohen.

‘What was that’

Similar incidents have occurred several more times since then.

Adelia asked him a question, and he couldn’t help but respond in confusion.

Ivan always felt stuffy whenever he noticed Adelia’s eyes becoming more and more disappointed.

‘It’s frustrating.’

Despite having a challenging problem for which he couldn’t find a solution, Ivan was still doing well.

He couldn’t help but fall more and more in love with Adelia as time passed.

Adelia abruptly bid him farewell when he realized that the intensity of his emotions was not something to brush aside.

“I’m sorry to leave like this when you gave me a chance, but I’m leaving the Duchy next month.”

Ivan was perplexed.

It was a situation he had never considered while with her.

“……I want to hear the reason.”

After a lengthy pause, Adelia responded vaguely.

“I just want to take a trip once more.”

Anyone else would notice that she didn’t want to leave for that reason.

Ivan could see the clear tears circling Adelia’s eyes.

Adelia had the eyes of someone who had given up something.

It was that moment.

He had a strange experience.

In his mind, events that he had never experienced passed quickly.

In a memory that was not his, he was always with her.

Together, they experienced both happiness and struggle.

She was more upset than ever as she witnessed his final hour.

He couldn’t get Adelia’s last image out of his head.

‘After all, I couldn’t keep my promise.’

Ivan let out a long sigh.

“No, it’s probably because of me.”

He jumped out of his chair and went over to Adelia.

Adelia’s gaze slowly turned toward Ivan after having been downward the entire time.

Ivan apologized sincerely when the two of them finally locked eyes.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

Ivan suddenly apologized, and Adelia blinked in surprise.

What do you mean

Adelia noticed the hope she had hidden deep inside her heart wriggling at that precise moment.

It’s been a while since she acknowledged that it was a false hope.

She made the decision to depart just a few days ago in order to give him a new destiny.

Adelia unintentionally spoke even though she should have kept her hope to herself.

“Don’t tell me…”

Ivan gave a warm smile as he looked down at Adelia, who was staring at him with an incredulous expression.

And made her feel more assured.

“Now that I and my men are alive and well, I guess you made it, and… I’m grateful beyond words.”


Adelia was speechless.

The rush of emotion left her with no choice but to simply stare at Ivan.

Ivan greeted Adelia.

“Adelia, welcome back.”

Adelia smiled brightly.

Have I ever truly laughed since I returned in time

Maybe that’s why Ivan couldn’t take his gaze away from her.

Adelia at last felt alive.

“I’m back, Ivan.”


“Are you frightened”

Ivan smiled at Adelia as she stood nervously at the wedding hall’s entrance.

Adelia, as reflected in his eyes, was so lovely that he wished he could hold her like this and hide her somewhere no one could see her.

But, knowing Adelia would be disgusted, Ivan just smiled and tried to calm her down.

“When I imagined it in my head, I thought it would be just for fun, but I’m nervous to walk into the ceremony.”

Ivan tightly encircled Adelia’s tense hand.

He also made up a small lie by claiming to be equally nervous.

“Actually, I’m nervous too.


Ivan continued, looking Adelia in the eyes.

“Since you’re right here with me, I suppose it’s okay.”

Adelia erupted in laughter.

She eased the strain that had been on her shoulders.

Only excitement remained as tension vanished.

The doors of the reception hall soon opened.

Adelia and Ivan walked down a wedding aisle covered in white snow roses, relying on one another.



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