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Lin Yi was deeply touched but he rejected the offer, “Senior, I can still stay strong.” 

Qin Zhou pulled over a chair and sat down.

His elbows were resting on the table, his palm supporting his head.

In response to Lin Yi’s refusal, he let out a long “Aaaahhhh-”

This topic was simply too embarrassing for someone with social phobia like him so Lin Yi forcibly changed the subject, “Senior, Xu Xiazhi is still alive.”



Qin Zhou stared at Lin Yi.

This little genius was indeed very resentful.

He had now dropped the ‘senior’ from Xu Xiazhi’s name.

“Yes.” Qin Zhou said, “There’s now a third death rule.” 

Lin Yi said, “The third rule of death should be ‘being seen by the vase girl’.”


He was quite certain about this statement.

The night before, the vase girl was about to attack him because she had seen him and he had triggered the rule of death.

It was just that Qu Jialiang ran out of his room, triggering the old dorm manager’s rules of death, causing the rule of death ‘leaving your room’ to cut in line.

Qin Zhou asked, “Are you saying that to try to convince yourself”


Since the old dorm manager’s rules of death could cut in line once, it could cut in line a second time.

‘Being seen by the vase girl’ wasn’t necessarily going to be the third rule of death in line.

“As long as no one violates the articles in the old dorm manager’s agreement, his rules of death won’t cut in line.” Lin Yi said.

The problem was that Lin Yi had only seen three articles in the old dorm manager’s agreement.


Leaving the building is not allowed.Leaving one’s room at night is not allowed.Entering the second floor is not allowed.

If he were the old dorm manager, he would constantly check important items.

If the agreement had gone missing, he would do everything he could to find it, which would cause a lot of trouble. 

So at the time, Lin Yi didn’t take the “Accommodation Agreement” out of the duty room.

The only things he’d brought out were the birth certificate and some of the purchase orders, which were insignificant in comparison; thus the probability of the old dorm manager discovering that he had slipped into the duty room was a lot smaller.

Lin Yi had already told Qin Zhou about the “Accommodation Agreement” he had seen but he repeated it a second time now.

Qin Zhou quickly understood what Lin Yi was implying.

Qin Zhou asked, “You want to gamble it”

Lin Yi nodded. 

There were far more articles in the “Accommodation Agreement” than just these three.

The old dorm manager had written in the agreement everything that he could think of to effectively restrain them.

But in the 7-7 Rule World, windows were a risk factor and the old dorm manager was well aware of this.

It was through the windows in their room that vase girl climbs in to kill them.

The old dorm manager would only be all too happy to let them open their windows to hand their heads to the vase girl.

There shouldn’t be any such ‘climbing over the window is prohibited’ clause in the “accommodation agreement”.

However, the old dorm manager never could have imagined that Lin Yi would reach an agreement with the vase girl.

The vase girl won’t be coming to Room 304 for three days so the window in Room 304 are safe. 

Qin Zhou said, “Little genius, your agreement with her is that she won’t come to Room 304 and coming looking for you.

This doesn’t mean that she won’t still kill you when she sees you.”

Lin Yi said, “I know, Senior.”


All his nonsense last night was actually to prevent the vase girl from coming in so that he wouldn’t satisfy the rules of death.

But being seen by the vase girl would satisfy the new rule of death that became active today.

While he certainly had a pact with the vase girl, he didn’t have one with the 7-7 Monster.

These rules of death were formulated by the 7-7 Monster.

When all was said and done, the vase girl was simply a killing tool of the 7-7 Monster.

Once Lin Yi satisfies a rule of death, the killing tool would no longer have a will of its own. 

Saying so, Lin Yi picked up the sheet from off the bed and draped it over himself, wrapping himself tightly.

Lin Yi said, “Senior, this way, I won’t be seen.”

Qin Zhou: “…”

Regardless of everything, they had to see what was in the second floor.

The only thing missing from this instance’s main line was locked in the second floor. 

The 7-7 Monster was quite wily.

It they didn’t go for a Replay soon, every minute and every second after would become extremely difficult.

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“The first rule on the Accommodation Agreement” is that we are not allowed to leave the dormitory.” Lin Yi tied up his sheets and looked bashfully at Qin Zhou, “I can’t leave Room 304 completely, so please help me out.”

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Olc Tl vgfk lcrqlgjalbc ogbw tbk atf njrf ulgi tecu eqrlvf vbkc ijra cluta.

Olc Tl jrxfv Hlc Itbe ab ugjy j tbiv bo tlr ifur rb jr ab xffq tlr offa lc atf gbbw.

Olxf atlr, tf tjcu bearlvf atf klcvbk jcv qffx ja ktja jr lcrlvf atf rfmbcv oibbg. 

Outside the window was the Mystery House and the vase girl living there.

If she catches sight of Lin Yi, Lin Yi can only await his death tonight.

He tied the sheets tightly around him and Qin Zhou got up from his chair and went back to Room 305.

When he came back, he had some colorful little ropes in his hands.

These little ropes were the ties on skirts that were in the closet of Room 305.

Qin Zhou had pulled them all off.

“Come over here.” 

Seeing that Lin Yi had difficulty in moving, he stretched out a hand and pulled Lin Yi to his side.

He then used these small ropes to tie the sheets around Lin Yi and to prevent the sheets from falling off.

Lin Yi tapped his toe.

Standing so close to Qin Zhou like this, so close he could hear Qin Zhou’s steady breathing, made him a little embarrassed.

Thankfully, he was hidden by the sheets so even if he was embarrassed he wasn’t unbearably embarrassed.

Finally, Qin Zhou rapped against his head.

Before Lin Yi could ponder why Qin Zhou would want to hit him, he heard Qin Zhou’s voice, “Little genius, be careful!”

Lin Yi nodded.


Senior, hold me steady.

Don’t drop me.” 

Qin Zhou said, “You can’t possibly weight more than a few pounds.

I’ll hold you steady, no problem.”

Lin Yi explained, “I didn’t mean it that way.

I’m saying, ‘just in case’.”


Qin Zhou: “There won’t be a ‘just in case’.”

Lin Yi: “That’s just an assumption.” 

Qin Zhou looked at him.

Lin Yi: “…Fine, fine.

I’ll stop talking about it.”

Before going out, Lin Yi cast a glance at the surveillance camera above his head.

He wasn’t worried about the dorm manager seeing what they were doing.

The only thing he was worried about was his pants dislodging.

In case he was too heavy, it would simply be too embarrassing if Qin Zhou accidentally pulls his pants off. 

Before going out the window, Lin Yi looked down to check his pants.

Qin Zhou was about to say something, when he saw Lin Yi pulling his pants up.

He had no idea about Qin Zhou’s sexual orientation so displayed his waist without any wariness.

Qin Zhou felt his mouth go dry.

The little genius looked thin but his muscles were firm and beautiful; in particular, the mermaid lines that extended smoothly downward, forming a V-shape from his abdomen to his pelvis hidden under the waistband of his trousers. 

Lin Yi fastened everything tightly.

He then found Qin Zhou’s gaze directed at him.

He seemed to think of something and silently wrapped the sheets again.

Despite being caught doing something bad, Qin Zhou wasn’t at all flustered.

He said, “Now you know how to be shy”

“No.” Lin Yi said, “But you can’t look for nothing.

You have to give money for that.” 

Qin Zhou: “…”

Lin Yi’s heart was actually beating two beats faster.

He had discovered the student council president’s secret.

He didn’t know if he would be killed later to ensure his silence.

Lin Yi thought for a while and said, “Senior, if you grab hold of me tight, I’ll show you for free when I come up later.”

Qin Zhou: “…Just get going already.” 

Lin Yi suddenly felt a sense of uncertainty about his life and death but once his upper body was out of the window, his sense of uncertainty, replaced by an utmost sense of security.

Qin Zhou was a lot stronger than he imagined.

He grabbed hold of him firmly and Lin Yi’s body, despite losing his center of gravity, did not sway in the slightest.


Lin Yi stopped thing about it.

He was so tall that he as soon as he hung down, he could almost reach the window of Room 204.

He grabbed the steel bars welded on Room 204’s window.

At such a close distance, pressed against Room 204’s windows, he managed to reconfirm that there wasn’t the smell of decomposing corpses from the room.

Instead, there was an indescribable odor.

He pushed aside the sheet wrapped around his head, exposing his eyes. 

There was no light in Room 204 but Lin Yi could still see clearly.

That was because the things in Room 204 were right by the window.

Lin Yi’s heart trembled slightly.

Enduring the discomfort, he looked into the depths of Room 204 once again and then called, “Senior.”

Qin Zhou pulled him up. 

Once Lin Yi was back in, Qin Zhou asked, “What is it”

While untying the sheets, Lin Yi said, “Human swine.”

Qin Zhou’s brows furrowed.

A human swine was made by chopping off a person's hands and feet, gouging out their eyes, cutting off their tongue and then injecting copper into their ears.

Lin Yi said, “I should have thought of it earlier.” 

How could the Mystery House have only the vase girl as the only ‘mystery attraction’

Qin Zhou said, “And the corpses”

Lin Yi replied, “Eaten by the human swine.”

Qin Zhou’s brows furrowed even tighter.

Lin Yi voiced his thoughts, “No matter how you look at it, the old dorm manager locking the second floor and barring entry to it, is to protect the things on the second floor.” 

No way was the old dorm manager doing it to ensure their safety.

After a while, Lin Yi said, “Senior, I understand now.”

Qin Zhou said, “Yeah.”

Every room on the second floor must be filled with all kinds of curios and attractions.

There was no reason to expect that someone who could turn their daughter into a vase girl would be keeping these human swine to help them. 

He definitely also didn’t care much about these attractions, otherwise, he wouldn’t be throwing corpses for them to eat.

If it wasn’t for extreme hunger, who would eat corpses

There’s only one reason the old dorm manager fed them with corpses.


Qin Zhou said, “They’re being kept to resist the vase girl.”

“Not only are we tools to attract the hatred of the vase girl but also food for the human swines.” 

Lin Yi looked at the window: “He really deserves to die.”

“That he does.” Qin Zhou said.

They have already completely explored the main plot line of the 7-7 Rule World.

All that was left was to find the 7-7 Monster.

Lin Yi said, “Senior, do you think either of their window will open today” 

When a new day comes, a new window will open just as it had done the days previous.

The window that opened on the first day was Wang Duo’s.

The second day was Lin Yi’s; the third day was Qu Jialiang’s and the fourth day was Xu Xiazhi’s.

Today was the fifth day.

If the ‘open window’ appeared between Cheng Yang and Zhou Lingling on the fifth day, then it would be easy to distinguish who the monster was. 

Qin Zhou said, “Little genius, what do you think”

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

He was then shocked.

“Today, it’s Senior’s”

Qin Zhou hmm-ed to give his affirmative.

Every day, upon waking up, he would push against his curtain.

He had done the same today. 

Lin Yi said, “As long as you survive tonight, we’ll be able to find the 7-7 Monster tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s “open window” will have to appear between Zhou Lingling or Cheng Yang.

“It’ll be too late, we have to find 7-7 Monster today.” Qin Zhou said, “Eliminating the Monster candidates by seeing who’s being targeted by the rules of death can only narrow the pool of candidates.

When the last person is targeted by the rule of death, it won’t be our victory.

It will be the Monster’s victory.”

He saw Lin Yi imitate his frown. 

Qin Zhou said, “The rules of death belong to the Monsters.

Finding the Monsters by using the rules of death would be equivalent to the Monsters finding themselves.

It won’t be our achievement.

Little genius, put that way, do you understand”

Lin Yi nodded: “I understand, I just…”


It was just that, so far, he has no way of determining whether the 7-7 Monster was Cheng Yang or Zhou Lingling.

He asked again: “Senior, what will happen if we don’t find the 7-7 Monster by tomorrow” 

“I’ve never experienced it, but I can assure you, if we still haven’t found the 7-7 Monster by tomorrow,” Qin Zhou glanced at him and said, “We will all die.”

Lin Yi took a deep breath.

He decided he wasn’t going to waste any more time and began to think back on every move that Cheng Yang and Zhou Lingling made.

He was trying to find clues through this method.

“Don’t think about it anymore, Little genius.” Qin Zhou interrupted Lin Yi’s contemplation.

“When a Monster possesses a human, it will have that person’s memory.

The 7-7 Monster obviously isn’t some low level Monster.

It knows to rummage through those memories and bring forth the proper reaction and expression for the situation.” 

Lin Yi: “Then there’s no way.”

“But Monsters and Monster and from start to end, all they’re doing is imitating humans.” Qin Zhou sneered.

He then reached out and tapped Lin Yi’s forehead.

“Little genius, tell me, then what if the 7-7 Monster needs to bring forth a reaction that isn’t in that memory, a reaction that it hasn’t imitated and learned”

At this point, Lin Yi suddenly had a realization.

A reaction that isn’t in that memory, a reaction that the Monster hasn’t imitated and learned… 

There is.

There is a way.

Lin Yi said, “Separate Cheng Yang and Zhou Lingling and tell them that the 7-7 Monster is among us.”

“As expected of a little genius.” Qin Zhou praised Lin Yi, and then said, “The reaction to this statement won’t be enough.

We have to tell them that he or she is the target of our suspicion.” 

Lin Yi exclaimed in surprise, “Senior, you’re amazing!”

“In order for this to be foolproof, so that the 7-7 Monster won’t be able to imitate the reaction to being suspected of being the Monster, we have to test Zhou Lingling and Cheng Yang at the same time.” Qin Zhou finished speaking and looked at Lin Yi, “Little genius, you can choose which one you want.”

He could chose whether he wanted to test Zhou Lingling or Cheng Yang.

Lin Yi didn’t know who to choose.

He had his suspicions about Zhou Lingling but he couldn’t rule out Cheng Yang. 

Seeing that Lin Yi was struggling, Qin Zhou took a pen and paper and wrote the two names.

Then, he tore it off and folded them.


“If you can’t choose, then we’ll cast lots.” Qin Zhou spread out his hands and presented the two choices on his palm.

Lin Yi reached out and chose one. 

He unfurled it.

Upon seeing the name written on it, his expression hardened.



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