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Under the eager expectation of all the club presidents, Lin Yi joined all the clubs.

In fact, none of the club presidents expected to recruit any new members, so even if they’d recruited a Sea King into the club, they were very satisfied.

“Go and choose your major and dorm assignment.” The club presidents didn’t leave any contact information, nor did they ask Lin Yi for his contact information, saying only, “We will contact you when the club has activities.” 

Lin Yi didn’t ask further.

He turned around and headed to the student union.

He had been delayed for a long time with the clubs and by the time he got to the student union, there weren’t many freshmen around.

He handed the receipt to a person in charge and after spending a long time summoning up his courage, he asked, “Senior sister, the teacher said that most of the tuition fee is used to buy insurance.

Can I not buy the insurance”



The person in charge raised her head when she heard these words, “What’s the reason”

Lin Yi felt ill at ease.


The person in charge smiled.

“The school’s scholarships are very generous and there will be various subsidies every month, so there’s no need for you to worry.

Since you know about the insurance, you should know why we buy insurance for you.

If you I really don’t need it, you’ll have to apply the president since this is a special rule that he set.”


When Lin Yi heard how troublesome it would be, he thought about it and said, “Th-then I’ll buy it.”

The person in charge asked Lin Yi to choose a major.

The majors on offer were similar to those of other engineering universities and Lin Yi casually chose bioengineering.

After that, the person in charge arranged a dorm room for him.

Because of the small number of people, only a few of the dorm rooms were double rooms; most of them were single rooms.


However, the double room dorms were already occupied by the seniors and this batch of freshmen were left with no choice but to take the single rooms.

This was not good news for freshmen.

Humans were animals that huddled together for warmth.

This absurd school was full of strange things.

The answer of the person in charge to ‘how can I get a double room’ was particularly strange.

“Once the person who originally lived in the double room is gone, you can apply to us,” the person in charge replied.


The new student’s face turned pale instantly.

Gone What did she mean ‘gone’ There were some among them who saw it with their own eyes last night. 

But for Lin Yi, it was huge stroke of luck.

He was a social phobic, the brand ambassador for reclusiveness.

There was only one road from the teaching building to the dorms.

Walking along this road, Lin Yi took out the campus rulebook.

He hadn’t read the campus rulebook at all during the summer vacation.

Whenever he wanted to read it, his parents would make a ‘hai,hai,hai’ sound to stop him.

Even when Lin Yi locked himself in his room, his parents used their nails to made deep grooves down the face of his wooden door.

Now that his parents weren’t around, they can’t stop him.

Lin Yi wanted to know how many incomplete rules like 7-7 were left.

He had just turned a couple of pages when he suddenly felt something was wrong. 

Looking down, the originally hard concrete road had turned into gray mud and the soles of his shoes were gradually being covered with concrete.

He tried to move, but it was difficult to break free.

Screams rang around him.

The new student who was walking on this road with him ran desperately forward.

Lin Yi took a closer look and saw that it wasn’t the entire road that had turned into a swamp.

The road conditions a dozen meters of so away were fine.

The freshmen running and screaming couldn’t even bother with their suitcases and some of the fallen suitcases were quickly wrapped in gray mud and swallowed. 

There were some standing suitcases and those that stood on their rollers were swallowed a lot slower.

It seemed the rate of sinking was related to the size of the force bearing area.

Instead of running, Lin Yi stared at his feet, carefully observing the gray cement slowly covering his shoes.


The soles of the feet began to feel a sort of squeezing.

There was an uncomfortable coldness soaking in from his shoes.

However, he had absolutely no intention of breaking free.

Thinking of what the club president had about being caught into the Rule World once he violated the rules, he patiently waited for the cement to completely engulf him. 


“Hey! That one over there!”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Pa kjr atja rbmlji yeii rfclbg. 

“Vegf fcbeut, la’r sbe.” Hlc Itbe ogbkcfv ja tlw.

Olc Tl vlvc’a xcbk kts Hlc Itbe tjv remt j mjiw jcv mbcolvfca abcf.

Lf jrxfv tfrlajcais, “Vfclbg”

He was still holding the campus rulebook in one hand, the bank slip pressed between its pages.

Qin Zhou snatched the campus rulebook.

After flipping through a couple of pages, he stuffed it back into Lin Yi’s hand.

The bank slip landed lightly on the ground and was swallowed by the cement in an instant. 

Qin Zhou said quickly, “Seventh rule on the third page.”

While flipping through the rulebook, Lin Yi glanced at the bottom of Qin Zhou’s feet.

The road was obviously muddy but the road Qin Zhou was walking on was calm, there wasn’t any mud wrapping around his shoes.

A voice above his head.

“Read it!”

Lin Yi then narrowed his eyes and looked at the campus rules. 

Rule 7 on the third page was the campus code that someone had read last night: If, while walking along the paths within campus, you accidentally start sinking into the cement, please take off your shoes and leave there.

If the cement reaches your thighs, please immediately call the principal’s hotline and the infirmary.

It seemed that this social bull senior was asking him to save himself, but Lin Yi didn’t want to save himself.

It wasn’t just anytime that he’d be swept off by Rule Monster.

Lin Yi thought for a while and said, “But these shoes are limited edition.”

Qin Zhou: “…” 

Qin Zhou directed a strange look at Lin Yi, “Do you want to die like this”

“Shoes are life.” Lin Yi watched the cement slowly wrap around the upper part of his shoes.

The cement was now even acting like vines, wanting to wrap around his calves.

He whispered: “Senior, I’m beyond help.

Just leave me.”


“The infirmary is on its way.

Take off your shoes if you don’t want the infirmary to saw your feet off.” Qin Zhou shook his phone.

… Lin Yi: “Oh.” 

So that was why you were suppose to contact the infirmary.

Lin Yi didn’t want to have his feet cut off, so he had to take off his shoes.

With the support of two men, they brought him out of the gray swamp.

Just as his feet touched the normal road, Qin Zhou’s voice, his tone, indistinguishable whether it was of joy or anger, came from above his head, “How about we talk”

Lin Yi felt that a chat with this social bull senior wasn’t going to be anything good.

His voice as thin as a mosquito’s, he asked, “Can I refuse” 

“What do you think” Qin Zhou asked back.

Lin Yi struggled for a moment, “If I said I was actually mute, would senior believe me”

… Qin Zhou glanced at Lin Yi up and down and then waved his hand beside his ear.

“Take this mute away.”

Then, the two who lifted Lin Yi out of the gray swamp propped him up again.

Qin Zhou watched from the side.

Eyebrow raised, he said, “A mute shouldn’t be able to call for help, don’t you think Then there’s no need to seal his mouth with tape.” 

Lin Yi: “…”

Lin Yi was forced into a certain classroom and Qin Zhou, who had been walking behind him, turned on the classroom lights with a ‘smack’.

Just as stated in   Rule 7-7, all the windows were closed shut; there was even a paper strip seal on top of the window’s seam.

Immediately afterwards, there was the sound of the a chair scrapping against the floor.

Qin Zhou had pulled a chair over and sat down.

It seemed this wasn’t the first time they had to do this.

Even without Qin Zhou’s instructions, the two turned around and left, thoughtfully closing the door behind them. 

Qin Zhou propped his right leg over his left knee, his right elbow rested on his right leg, his head supported by his right hand.

First, he look at Lin Yi.

His eyes travelled down until they landed on Lin Yi’s socks stained with cement.

“Did you come here specifically to die”

Lin Yi knew that the social bull senior was pertaining to his intentional violation of the rules but he still sported a confused look on his face.


“Little junior, your acting skills are very poor.” Qin Zhou directly pierced through this sheet of paper and said, “You know the rules, right You know the rules but you’re rushing to violate them.

Let’s talk.

What’s your purpose here”

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

He found that Qin Zhou had been staring at him and he lowered his head to avoid the other’s gaze.

He said in a low voice, “I don’t know anything.

I’m just boy saddened by the college entrance examination.” 

“The things you prepared – kitchen knives, fruit knives, daggers, saws — you brought them to deal with the Monsters.

Of course, you can deny it then you’ll have to give me an explanation as to why you were carrying them.

Otherwise…” Qin Zhou put on a false smile.

“You can just wait to drop out of school, sad little boy.”

Lin Yi looked at him, obviously not believing he would be expelled from the school.


He actually didn’t know much about the Unnatural Engineering University, but the only thing he knew was that the students targeted by the university had no chance of escaping.

“You don’t beleive me” Qin Zhou shrugged, “Then you can give it a try.” 

Lin Yi expressed his determination to give it a try with silence.

After being silent for a while, he heard Qin Zhou say leisurely, “I’d better introduce myself.

Qin Zhou, president of the student union.”

Lin Yi: “…”

Well, f*ck.

Why didn’t you say so earlier

Although today was the freshman registration day, whether it was the teacher in charge of registration or the club presidents who explained the Rule World to him, they all agreed that the student union held great power. 

What if, just what if, the student union was powerful enough that they really could have him drop out And besides, he’d seen it, the grey cement was ineffective against the student council president.

Lin Yi tried to grab Qin Zhou’s shirt.

“Senior… How can there be a student who was ordered to drop out right after registering”

Qin Zhou slapped Lin Yi’s hand away.

“You’re going to be the first.”

“Aiya,” Lin Yi stared, “Senior, don’t do this.” 

“If you’re trying to act cute then stop it.

It won’t work.” Qin Zhou said fiercely, “Now, talk!”

Lin Yi stared at Qin Zhou for a while and found that Qin Zhou really didn’t seem like he was going to be persuaded by acting spoiled.

After taking a few more glances, Lin Yi guessed that the president of the student union might be that legendary ‘will yeild neither to persuasion nor to coercion’ type.

He was foeced to go with the half-truth and say, “I’m looking for someone…”

He had just finished speaking when he saw Qin Zhou raise his brows, and look at him with a ‘go on’ kind of look.

Lin Yi then changed his words, “I promise I won’t do bad things, and I won’t hurt anyone.”

This was probably a sincere statement.

Qin Zhou took out a pack of cigarettes, took one out and lit it.

“Once you’re admitted to this man-eating university, you can’t drop out.

The student union has no right.

Little junior, you don’t know this either” 

He deliberately stressed the word ‘either’.

Lin Yi: “…”

“So you don’t know yet.

Your rubbish blades have zero effect on Monsters.” This was the reason for the “either”.

Then Qin Zhou said, “You dare come here seeking death when you don’t even know anything.”

Lin Yi was stunned.

He really hadn’t known what Qin Zhou had just said. 

“Easy to deceive but quite disobedient.” Qin Zhou gave a not very good evaluation right to his face.

But Lin Yi didn’t care.

“Our old Lin Family really is quite easy to deceive.”


Not only did he not care, he even added, “I have this distant cousin who looks very cold but is the kind to believe those ‘I’ve lost my wallet, I haven’t eaten for three days.

I’m begging for a kind person to transfer 50 yuan to me so that I can eat.

Once I find my wallet, I’ll definitely pay you back.

Alipay account number 135XXXXXX’ text messages.”

Lin Yi said while paying attention to Qin Zhou’s expression, “Those who are easy to deceive are all kind-hearted people.

Senior, can a kind-hearted junior join the student union” 

“You want to join the student union” Qin Zhou said, “Let’s hear your application for membership.”

Lin Yi said honestly: “I want to go to Rule World, but I don’t really want to die in it.

And so, I hope to work together with the brothers in the student union.”

“Ah, that’s a pity.” Qin Zhou said, “A kind-hearted person is usually a hindrance in the Rule World and the student union doesn’t need such a person.”

Lin Yi: “Actually, I was the one who wrote this text message and sent it to my cousin.” 

Qin Zhou: “…”

“I used the 50 yuan to eat a small hamburger.” Lin Yi smiled shyly, “Can someone like me join the student union”

This kind of thing, selling out a brother for glory; deceiving even one’s brother, obviously wasn’t a good thing.

However, Qin Zhou put out his cigarette, stood up, and went to the back of the classroom.

This classroom has been remodeled.

This wasn’t a classroom for students to attend classes, but a conference room vacated for student union meetings.

Lin Yi saw Qin Zhou go behind a desk and rifle through it.

He then came back with a form.

His face suddenly froze. 

With a ‘smack’, Qin Zhou slapped the form onto the table.

“Recently, Monster 7-7 has been appearing frequently and people have been disappearing every night.

The student union’s patrol team, oh, the death squad, the death squad is fighting desperately against 7-7.” Qin Zhou said, “If you insist on dying, then come and sign up.

Lin Yi looked down and saw part of the form from the space between Qin Zhou’s fingers: August 29th Student Union ***

Because it was blocked by Qin Zhou’s hand, he only saw the date and the words ‘student union’. 

Qin Zhou moved his hand away and tapped his finger on the form, “After signing here, you’ll go on patrol with the death squad tonight.

If you’re lucky, you might run into this rule.”

Lin Yi didn’t say a word.

“Now you’re scared” Seeing that Lin Yi hadn’t moved even after a long time, Qin Zhou looked up.

“So you still dare to join the student union You dare make a fuss about entering the Rule World You have no idea how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is.”

Lin Yi wanted to say something, but held back. 

He stared behind Qin Zhou then shook his head.

“You’re not afraid” Okay, you won’t cry until you see the coffin, huh” Qin Zhou pushed the form toward Lin Yi again but this time he cover it with his hand.

The heading of the form was fully revealed— August 29, Student Union Patrol Sign Up Sheet.


No one has signed up yet.

It seemed they hadn’t yet discussed the patrol team for the 29th.

Lin Yi didn’t sign.

Instead, he picked up the campus rulebook and looked at Rule 7-7. 

“If you’re afraid, just say it.” Qin Zhou said impatiently, “In the future, don’t go f*cking courting death and don’t come to me making a fuss about joining the student union.”

“That’s, that’s not it…Senior…”

Lin Yi finally said, “Senior, do you remember Rule 7-7”

Qin Zhou lost his patience.

“If you have to fart, let it out.” 

“Then I won’t be polite.” Lin Yi pointed his finger behind Qin Zhou.

When Qin Zhou turned his head, the originally sealed window was now open.

Rule 7-7: All windows on campus are sealed, when an open window appears (to be added)

Qin Zhou: “…” 

The author has something to say: Cousin: I f*cking thank you.


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