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Im Not Even Afraid, so Whatre You Afraid Of

Shen Shaofeng looked at Sang Pengcheng in disbelief. He hadnt expected Sang Pengcheng to do such a thing.

Even Shen Hanyu was visibly shocked.

Sang Pengcheng passed the check to him. “If theres anything the Sang family can help with, you can come to me.”

“I dont want this check,” Shen Shaofeng said.

Even though the police had concluded the car accident, he still believed that the Sang family wasnt innocent.

Even though Sang Pengcheng had good intentions, he couldnt possibly take his money.

Sang Qianqian subconsciously looked at Shen Hanyu. His expression was indifferent, and it was evident that he had no intention of persuading his father.

However, Guo Muyang, who was next to him, smiled. “I dont understand what the Sang family is thinking. Back then, theyd tried so hard to get the Shen familys chip technology, and now theyre here to express their goodwill. Did they really think nothing happened The only witness is dead, but that doesnt mean we have no evidence.”

Sang Pengcheng frowned. “What witness What evidence”

Guo Muyang looked at Sang Qianqian meaningfully. “Shouldnt you ask yourself Youll use anything to achieve your goals, even your own daughter...”

Before the worduse could come out of his mouth, Shen Hanyu said in a deep voice, “Muyang!”

Guo Muyang shrugged his shoulders with anI wont tell you if Hanyu doesnt want me to expression.

Sang Pengcheng gave Shen Hanyu a deep look. “If you find evidence of the Sang family, you can report it to the police.”

“Of course,” Shen Hanyu replied.

“You need money right now, so you should just keep the check.” Sang Qianqian couldnt help but say.

Shen Hanyu said coldly, “I appreciate your kindness, but I dont need the check.”

The father and sons attitudes were the same.

Sang Pengcheng sighed and didnt insist.

He still had matters to attend to and had to return to the corporation. Sang Qianqian thought of the few words that Guo Muyang had said and couldnt help but feel worried.


Shen Hanyu and Guo Muyang had just stepped out of the hospital when they saw Sang Qianqian at the entrance.

“Whatre you still doing here” Guo Muyang was surprised.

“I want to ask you, what did you mean by that”

Guo Muyang smiled. “Sorry, I cant tell you.”

Sang Qianqian knew he wasnt willing to tell her because of Shen Hanyu.

“Shen Hanyu,”

Seeing that the two of them were about to get into the car, Sang Qianqian caught up with them. “Since youve found evidence related to the Sang family, why didnt you tell the police and let them reinvestigate”

She felt a little angry for some reason. “Ive never doubted that the Sang family can withstand an investigation. Im not even afraid, so whatre you afraid of Dont tell me that your so-called evidence is just groundless accusations and cant be established”

Shen Hanyu stopped in his tracks and turned around slowly. His dark eyes were like a misty abyss, and it was hard to see through them.

“I didnt hand over the evidence to the police because it wasnt enough to convict the real murderer.”

“Sang Qianqian,” Shen Hanyu said slowly. “Why dont you go back and check the transaction records in your Switzerland bank account before you decide whether the Sang family is innocent or not”

The transaction records hed found were under Sang Qianqians name.

Sang Qianqian was stunned. A Switzerland bank

Just as she was about to ask further, Shen Hanyu and Guo Muyang had already left without looking back.

When Sang Qianqian returned home, she rummaged through her belongings and found a Platinum card from a Switzerland bank.

It happened a month before her 18th birthday. Sang Pengcheng opened a Switzerland bank for when she flew to Europe. However, she threw it aside after she returned and never used it again.

Sang Qianqian logged into her account and checked the transaction records. Her expression changed slightly.

This card had transferred millions of yuan in two separate transactions in the past few months, and she didnt even recognize the receivers name!

She suddenly remembered something and hurried downstairs. “Uncle Zhong, come with me to the Han family.”

On the way there, Sang Qianqian gave Ju Wei a call. She sent him the receivers name, asking him to check the relevant information.

Ju Wei quickly returned the call. “Young Miss, this person is a repairman from the 4S shop who fell to his death a few days ago because he was drunk. Why are you investigating him”

“Which 4S shop”

“Its the 4S shop that Xia Zhixin used to go to when he was still alive,”

Sang Qianqian was stunned. Someone had used her card to transfer tens of millions of yuan to this maintenance worker. What was their intention

When they arrived at the Han family home, Han Tianyi was about to head out when he saw Sang Qianqian. “Qianqian Whyre you here”

When the Sang family was in trouble, Han Tianyi often called Sang Qianqian. He wanted to comfort her, but Sang Qianqian always said she was busy and didnt have time.

“Tianyi, let me ask you. A few months ago, we went to Europe together. You maxed out a few cards and even borrowed one of my supplementary Platinum cards. Where did you place that”

“You came to me just for that card”

Han Tianyi was a little disappointed. “Its in my room. Ill go get it.”

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A few days after they returned from Europe, Sang Qianqian transferred to another school. Unfortunately, Han Tianyi hadnt found a chance to return the card. In the end, he completely forgot about it.

“This card is mine. Other than you, who else knows” Sang Qianqians voice was a little rushed.

“My dad.”

Han Tianyi smiled. “I used your card, so shouldnt I pay you back Ive asked my dad to deposit twice the money I used inside.”

Sang Qianqians heart tightened. “Your father took this card before”

Han Tianyi nodded. “Yes. My dad asked the Finance Department to check my account and even asked for my password. Speaking of which, remember to change your password when you get back.”

Sang Qianqians heart sank.

Sang Qianqian thought about the witness that Guo Muyang had mentioned, then thought about the car accident and the strange death of the repairman.

She vaguely understood what Shen Hanyu meant and had a bad feeling about it.

“Young Miss, this matter is of great importance. However, I think its better to tell the Master first and let him decide.”

Uncle Zhong was afraid that Sang Qianqian would act rashly and confront Han Shangrong.

Sang Qianqian thought about it and agreed. This seemed to be the safest way.

However, when she arrived at the company, Han Shangrong was actually in Sang Pengchengs office, chatting and laughing!



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