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It was safe to say that after they had seen Flora so easily vanish before all of their eyes, they were more than worried about what was going to happen to them.

These werent normal beasts, these werent vampires or subclasses, but creatures from another world that they had never faced before and had no idea how to face.

“I wanted to test out the sword for a bit to see what it could do and how it would work, but right now the safe option would be to go all out.” Fex said, as he threw it over with a couple of flasks to Lucas, who managed to catch them mid air.

It was blood, human blood, that Fex had prepared.

At the end of the day he was a normal vampire so human blood was always good to have to heal wounds, and in this case it would come in handy to use the weapon, but with the amount of enemies they were facing he thought it would be better in other hands.

“I didnt sit around doing nothing, I practised so I could help in this time and moment!” Fex said, as a faint white energy could be seen surrounding his whole body, and just like the others who were dedicated followers of Quinn, Fex started to change form.

When envisioning how to get stronger, there was only one thing that Fex could think of, and that was a way to use his string ability as much as possible and his simple mind could only think of one way to achieve that.

From his ribs, two arms burst out of his body on each side, giving him a total of six hands.

They didnt look like normal hands though, as they were a little smaller.

However they would do the job.

The creature in front of them moved forward with a heavy step, and started to spring its tentacles towards the group.

As that happened, Fex summoned strings from each of his fingers, and started to wrap it around the countless number of tentacles.

“I cant use blood aura like before, but my brother has given me something far more valuable.

Who would have thought that at this age, I would be at my strongest!” Fex said, as he leapt up, attaching his string in waves from all his hands around the tentacles, pulling them and intertwining them around the beast, tying it up.

More and more string was being used, and as they crossed paths they were ripping into the creature, starting to cause it to bleed a little as it pierced the skin.

At the same time, these strands were going through the strange eyes that were on the beast, which caused it to wriggle about in pain.

“My string isnt enough to finish it off, so its going to be up to you young one.” Fex said, looking at Lucas while pulling as hard as he could to tighten the string around the creature.

“Me” Lucas thought.

It was clear that he was the weakest one here, the only reason he had come was because he was meant to be a guide.

The only thing that he had practised was his silent and fast footsteps, but actually using these skills in battle certainly wasnt his forte.

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“You have something amazing in your hand! Pour the blood over the blade and just swing.

That sword has amazing capabilities, Im sure whatever comes out of it will do well!” Fex explained.

The strange creature he had tangled up started to open its plant-like head, and with it, was strangely absorbing the string, it was disintegrating, but Fex was able to quickly make some more and wrapped in certain ways so he could attempt to keep its mouth closed.

How long this would last for, he was unsure of himself.

Seeing this, Lucas listened to his senior.

He had to, otherwise it would be his fault that they all died.

He had said it himself before, there was a chance that this whole situation would turn bad for everyone.

Taking blood out of the flask he poured it on top of the sword, and it started to light up red as it drew energy from the blood.

“ARGHH!” Lucas screamed as he charged in at full speed.

It probably wasnt the best thing to do when attacking, but he needed to encourage himself and with the creature tied up, what could it do

That was until, from the side, the strange tooth-like creature, which was about the same size as a small god and clung to the side of the wall, jumped off at a fast speed coming right towards Lucas.

‘I wasnt so sure if these creatures were working together or not, but judging by the fact that they arent fighting against one another, it seems like its quite obvious now.

That thing was able to cut through my strings before as well, but honestly I know I sound confident but I dont know if I can take on more than one at a time.

Even with this new energy running through me its taking everything I have to hold this guy, and I still need Lucas to finish him off!

Lucas was so focused on the task in front of him, to stab the being that was tied up, that he was unaware of what was coming to his side.

Opening up, it spread its mouth wide and showed thousands of teeth ready to latch onto the vampire and kill him in one swoop.

Until, from the side, a large red fist came through, hitting the toothed creature to the side.

It bashed against the floor, and a small little red thing could be seen skidding across the floor.

“Ill take care of this one!” Minny shouted, as she sprinted, and picked up the toothed creature, throwing it up against a rock, and as she charged in fast after it, she started to swipe her hands wildly, one after the other.

One wasnt sure if the creature was dead or not, but one thing was clear, it didnt get a chance to attack.

Fex wasnt even sure if he would be able to put up with an attack against such a thing.

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‘I guess MInny wasnt lying when she said she was strong, and she is incredibly fast, faster than me.

With that done, it was all up to Lucas now, as he went for a swing with his sword to hit the beast.

As it did it sliced through the creature, cutting part of it off, but had done nothing else.

“Just keep swinging!” Fex shouted.

Suddenly, as Lucas swung again, he didnt know why, but his strike was faster unexpectedly.

He hit again, cutting another area of the creature, and his swings were becoming faster and faster and then after four hits, a large explosion had occurred.

Lucas was hit back by the explosion as well, and Lucas was seen letting go of the weapon, letting it fall onto the ground.

“Dont worry, I can take over from here!” Fex said, as he let go of one piece of string, and reattached it to the weapon, then swinging it from above, as hard and fast as he could, a large explosion went off, right on top of the creatures head.

Agent 4 had been watching everything so far that had occurred, and he couldnt believe his eyes.

‘How… How is this possible That creature gave that other thing so much trouble, these guys dont seem to be much stronger than that thing Agent 4 thought.

What Agent 4 failed to notice, the flesh man that was standing by the magic circle had noticed.

‘Two of them, they are using celestial energy.

That is why they are able to hurt us more so than others.

This certainly could be troublesome.

Immortui has yet to arrive as well.

‘These two are most likely dedicated followers.

Does all of this mean that the celestials have already noticed and know Immortuis plan If that is the case, then it means that I might have to get involved after all.

The flesh man unfolded his arms.

‘I will be ready to defend this with my life.


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