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"Hey Emie. Whats popping?", Piper asked.

"What happened to you? Your eyes look swollen", Avery who is more sensitive than Piper asked me.

"Oh. My eyes? Nothing is wrong with them. I think i must be tired from watching that Celebrity Couple movie overnight...", i replied, putting on a fake smile.

"Oh. I am really lagging behind in the movie due to going around with mum to get kitchen ingredients...", Avery said.

"Hold on. Hold on. Kitchen ingredients? Like food ingredients?", i asked, utterly stunned.

"Yeah. Mum says she wants to teach me to cook myself for no reason", Avery replied and Piper asked this time.

She was just as stunned as i was.

"So, why did she not ask a maid to go get it for you rather than passing through such stress?".

"A lot has really happened for the past wo days. I mean, we saw each other two days ago. I slept at your place at Tuesday and today is Thursday and all this has happened?", i asked with disbelieve.

"Tell me about it. The moment you both left, i asked our Korean chef to prepare me a hangover soup, you know, as a lover of Korean dishes and he did. He did prepare the soup only for my mum to drag me out of the house after saying i needed to learn to cook stuffs myself...", Avery explained and a sigh escaped my mouth.

"Is chef Kim Min Jook complaining? Like did he complain?", Piper asked.

"Nah. He didn but mum said i need to learn from him since he cooks special dishes for me only so i needed to the market myself, get the ingredients and cook just in case the chef travels", Avery concluded with a pout.

"Oh. This is hilarious....", i added and roared with laughter.

"So, you have not told us whats popping yet Em...", Piper said curiously with a wink.

"Well, guess what girls...", i said with excitement.

"What?", Piper drawled.

"You know i hate guessing Emily. Please, don bush around the bush. Not tonight at least", i heard Avery said and i rolled my eyes while Piper giggled.

"Don spoil the fun Avery", i replied as all the energy in me went down the drain.

"I still have to perfect my preparation of hang over soup with the chef tomorrow and mom wakes me up very early. I feel like shes punishing me for something i can just pin point", Avery said with a yawn again.

"Alright. I will talk to your mum tomorrow to spare you sometime with me or i come over to your place to drag you out of the kitchen because....", i said and stopped to see their reaction.

As expected, Piper asked curiously, "....because what bitch?!!!"

".....told you already, no time to joke around babe", Avery said dryly.

"I want you to help me choose the new model of car to get...!!!", i said and shouted with excitment and saw Averys sleepy eyes open widely as Piper also screamed aloud.

"Oh my gosh. My babys getting a new car....", Piper exclaimed again but something else caught my eye.

The excited look on Averys face expires gradually as her brows furrowed together while her mouth twitched.

"Did you not just get your current car four, five months ago? Why do you want to change your car suddenly? Shouldn you wait for at least, seven more months before finally deciding to get rid of it?", Avery asked and i slapped my palm on my face.

"Urrghh.... You are making this seem more complicated than it actually is Avery. Whats wrong with you? Why ask me loads of questions just because i want to change my car? You are starting to sound like my dad, you know", i replied with frustrated.

"But shes right Em. But again, Avery, i don see anything wrong in Emily deciding to change her car. If she says she wants to, then so be it. I don think she owe us an explanation or do you Em?", Piper who clearly understands me asked.

"Nah". I replied shortly.

"Alright. No problem. If you both say so then", Avery said bluntly.

"Good. Now feed hs in babe", Piper said with a wink.



I woke up very early this morning with great mood. I decided to play Ariana grandes song titled seven rings and flow with it since it so match my mood.

"I want it, i got it...."

"I want it.... I got it..."

I sang the chorus along while searching for an outfit in my closet. Avery and Piper had decided to come over to my place rather than going over to Pipers place.

All i wanted was for.some girls time while we choose the perfect car for me before going to get it tomorrow.

Even though my father declined, i have received to get it and i would. I would in fact get the latest no matter how expensive it is.

Call me a disobedient bitch, a prodigal heiress but i don really care. You criticise me but still won stop me from getting it.

With joy in my heart, i had my bath and also decided for breakfast in bed. I am trying to avoid my dad any how i can do going for breakfast is a no no for me.

My younger sister, Kara is not also around since she went for bootcamp so its just i am my parents and of course the maid.

I had just had my breakfast and was about to call the kitchen for a maid to come pick up the dirty plates when i heard the sound of a car horn.

I knew it wasn my dad since the maid informed he did not have breakfast and has left so very early so i knew it was my friend.

Dad had been looking pale, getting thinner and some how looking ill for the past few months but he always claims to be fine whenever i ask him about his health.

He had always claimed it was due to the stress of traveling to the three different branches we are about to launch now in order to make sure things were perfect rather than relying on his employees.

I know dad will still be pissed off due to our conversation last night and that was why he left for the office so early this morning in other to avoid me during breakfast.

And i bet he didn inform mum of our little argument Last night since Ive not seen her come in for her usual sermon. Or is she also avoiding me?

Everything i is always okay with my parents until when i spend and they both go hay wire.

Could there be something else behind their reasons for asking not to spend too much?

Or am i not my parents child?

Now that i think of it, a lot is going on in my head right now because i am yet to understand the mystery behind cubbing my spending attitude.

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