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“Why are you talking to your mother this way Did you instigate the third brother to ignore the fourth brother” The youngest aunt didn’t intervene before.

Now that everyone’s gone, she wanted to show her skills.


Lin Lan snorted, “You mean me If I have the final say, even you would have to be caught,” Who is afraid of who


The youngest Han was so angry that her face turned pale, “Y-you… hmph!” She stomped her feet, “Third brother, look at her.”


Lin Lan said angrily, “Do whatever you all need to do, I still have to sew a quilt.”


She took a piece of rag and waved it around to chase the youngest aunt Han, “If you talk nonsense again, I’ll beat you up.”


The youngest aunt Han was so angry that she wanted to fight her, but she didn’t dare to.

The fear of Lin Lan chasing and wanting to slash her with an axe was deeply etched in her mind.

She dreamt numerous times of LIn Lan slashing her successfully with the axe.


Seeing that Lin Lan was going to beat her and her third brother didn’t seem to care, she stomped her feet in anger and ran away, leaving the old lady to cry by herself.


Seeing Old Lady Han crying, Han Qingsong thought for a while, “Mother, the fourth child behaved badly in the county town, which attracted the desire of revenge from others.

It’s not a bad thing to send him to work now.

Otherwise, he will stay in the county town and cause a big disaster sooner or later.”


The things he had identified, and his decision to abide by the principles, would never be easily changed.


Old Lady Han’s crying was not easy to deal with.


If Old Lady Han was crying here, she would not leave.


If Han Qingsong didn’t bring back the fourth child, she intended to cry to death here.


Lin Lan was afraid that it would be difficult for Han Qingsong to do it, so she said, “It’s not early, you should go to work,” She motioned Han Qingsong to hide so that the old lady couldn’t do anything even if she was in their home.


As soon as he left she could take Old Lady Han away.


Who would have thought that Han Qingsong didn’t know or didn’t appreciate the hidden meaning, “The Public Security Bureau is fine.”


Lin Lan, “…”


She said, “Oh, I still have work to do, so I’ll sew the quilt first.

You can do whatever you want.”


Cry if you are willing to cry; if you can cry for hours, I’ll consider that impressive.


She felt that she had learned how to sew a quilt, so she went up to the kang and imitated Han Qingsong.

She was holding the quilt with her left hand and pinching a needle with her right hand.


She thought that she would definitely be able to do it with ease like Han Qingsong!


One stitch down…it didn’t penetrate through and it was too straight.

She had to stab it in diagonally and then stab it…and it was crooked again.

The stitches were so ugly…


…This is really embarrassing.


The old lady Han stopped crying and looked at Lin Lan’s posture of sewing the quilt.

She made a loud snort and turned to look at Han Qingsong, thinking that her son must be angry.


As a result, she saw that his son was not angry, but his expression softened.

Old Lady Han was suddenly angry and sour as she scolded, “What a clumsy wife!”


Lin Lan, “…”


Han Qingsong didn’t care about the old lady’s ridicule, but worried that Lin Lan would poke her finger again, so he quickly took the needle from her hand.

Holding Lin Lan’s shoulder with his big hand to signal her to move away, he said, “I’ll do it.”


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