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She fiddled with the cloth, thinking that a layer of the fabric as a school bag would make it too soft.

It would be best to use a sling pad as a backing so that the school bag would be more rigid.

However, the soles of the robes must be kept as the family was only given a small share.

It wasn’t enough to make two pairs of shoes, and yet, their family still had many children who needed their own pair of shoes.


After thinking about it, Lin Lan felt that they were missing a lot of things, so she had to think of a way to obtain them.


Han Qingsong saw how hard she was fiddling the fabric and said, “Why don’t you take a two-foot cloth ticket and go to the Supply and Marketing Cooperative to buy a school bag”


Lin Lan sighed.

Once upon a time, she threw away so many clothes, bags and shoes.

Now, she couldn’t even bear to give up the slightest bit of cloth.


“When you go to work in the commune, would you have more cloth tickets and cotton tickets than ordinary commune members”


Lin Lan was not short of money now because what she lacked were the tickets.


Han Qingsong thought for a while, “At the very least, I would definitely get more than ordinary members.

I’ll go back and ask them when the tickets are going to be distributed.”


He wanted to get more cloth tickets home so that Lin Lan could buy her own shoes.

He didn’t want her to wear flimsy shoes like other women of the village.


For some reason, he couldn’t imagine Lin Lan carrying the soles of her shoes like other women, taking them wherever they went.


One of them sewed a quilt and the other sewed a school bag.

At this time, Han Qingyun came by as he shouted from outside and entered the yard.


Lin Lan hurriedly greeted him and said with a smile, “Qingyun is here.”


Han Qingyun smiled brightly, “Sister-in-law, where is my third brother”


“Here I am.”


Han Qingyun entered the house and was stunned when he saw Han Qingsong sewing the quilt.

No matter how lazy or incompetent the men in the village were, they didn’t do their wife’s work.

The cooking, laundry, sewing and mending were all women’s work; how could it be possible for a man to do such a thing


He looked at Lin Lan in surprise.


In order to hide her embarrassment, Lin Lan smiled, “I-I pricked my finger, so he’s helping me mend the rough ends.


Han Qingsong glanced at Han Qingyun, “Is something wrong”


Han Qingyun smiled and said, “Third brother, I’ll learn to sew a quilt with you.”


Knowing that he was joking, Han Qingsong did not smile as he lowered his head to sew the quilt.


Lin Lan said, “If you have something to do, just say it.”


Han Qingyun leaned over to look at the quilt that Han Qingsong sewed, “It’s just that Yu Wuzi that’s annoying me, running over to my house and putting on a crying fit.

They know that the third brother is the newly appointed Director of the Public Security Bureau, but they’re claiming that he doesn’t want to give them mercy and came over to my house to ask for help from my father.

My father was too lazy to pay attention to them, so he scolded them and told them to stop.

My father told me to tell you too, that if you need to work, just go to work and don’t bother about these kinds of nonsense.

If anyone dares to bother you,  you can just ask them to find my father.

He will know how to deal with them… Oh, third brother, your sewing is really good.

It isn’t worse than my mother’s sewing.”


Lin Lan was instantly healed.

You see, it wasn’t her that sewed badly, it was Han Qingsong’s level that was too high.


Ha ha.


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