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After killing Shanks and Benn Beckman, El can't stand it anymore and the wind wall surrounding him slowly disappears and he slowly descends to the ground with both of his hands resting on his knees while gasping for breath.

As someone born with a strong physique, especially after three years of training, this is the first time, he ever experienced the feeling of exhaustion.

Entering the special State for the first time, did he understands what was being cautious in his stamina usage as he did not expect that the special state would consume such a large amount of stamina.

If it was in his heyday, even if his special state can consume a large amount of stamina, he can still be willful for a while without taking it seriously.

But now, before his Devil fruit is awakened, he had been fighting for a long time with Shanks and Benn Beckman, the two pirate emperor-level people, and in the continuous explosion, he not only used all his armament haki but also his conqueror haki that's why his back was blown to pieces.

If it wasn't for Shanks and Benn Beckman being equally exhausted and seriously injured by the continuous explosion and he didn't break through his existing bottleneck, he would use the remaining meteor to solve them.

Luckily he breakthrough his bottleneck in the critical time after facing death, so from this moment on, El is as the world thinks.

In this era of great pirates, he and Kaido are the most powerful contenders for Strongest Man in the World and as long as any of them can defeat Whitebeard, then they will be the new title holder of the Strongest Man in the World.

Or wait until after Whitebeard died of old age, then the two of them will fight and the winner will be the title holder of the Strongest Man in the World in this era.

Counting those legends who are still at their peak, or are already old, and even some powerhouses who are not well-known like Koushirou.

When he is a few years older and his physique becomes much stronger and then after fully grasping the power of his devil fruit after being awakened, then he will definitely be on the list of the top three powerhouses in the world.

If he's lucky and he can complete that plan, then he will be the undisputed number one in the world and the strongest person in world history.

Even if he could not complete that plan, when all of his stat has entered the golden stage, he would still be the strongest person in world history.

That's why he said that the story of Shanks and Benn Beckman will surely be told to future generations, because of their cooperation, they let him skip traveling on bumpy roads for one or two years earlier than expected.

Looking at the group of news coo flying from far and quickly flying high above his head, El didn't stop them but let them carry a lot of news materials that will shock the world and return to the unknown location, where the mobile headquarters of the world Economic News is located.

Out of respect for his opponent, El did not insult the bodies of Shanks and Benn Beckman, nor will he allow others to insult their bodies.

So, he once again consumed the little stamina that he recover to control the grounds to liquefy and wrapped Shanks and Ben Beckman's bodies to form a two nameless small grave before using his ability once again to let it slowly sinks deep into the sea and be buried together with the corpse of his who were swept up somewhere unknown that he collected.

After doing this, El flew to the sky full of sweat to meet Carina and Violet, who are at least a thousand kilometers away from here.

The next day, a piece of news shocked the whole world as

the World Economic News and Mary Geoise collaborated again to release newspapers all over the world for free.

The headline of the news is not the annihilation of the Red-haired Pirates, the fifth emperor crew recognized by the world, nor is it the fall of Shanks, who is also recognized as the fifth emperor of the sea by the world.

Rather it is 'The first person in the era of the great pirates to exceed the 5 Billion belly, Lord of the Sky!'

A person with a bounty exceeding 5 Billion bellies already exists, not only that, in the last era when belly was still very valuable there were already pirates whose bounties exceeded 5 billion, and there were more than one,

among them was the Pirate King, Gol D.

Roger, his bounty is as high as 5,564,800,000 billion bellies.

There's also Whitebeard, Edward Newgate whose bounty is as high as 5,046,000,000 billion bellies.

With the death of Rock and Roger, as well as Shiki, whitebeard is currently the person with the highest bounty among the four pirate emperors while also recognized as the strongest pirate.

Even the bounty offered to Monkey D.

Dragon, known as World's Worst Criminal in History, is no match for Whitebeard.

After the death of Pirates King, Gol D.

Roger, the era of the Great Pirates officially kicked off.

To this day, the era of the great pirate has begun ongoing for more than ten years, and during this time, countless new stars shined and fell.

There are also countless new stars shining up to now, the light not only did not go out but turned into huge stars, but among these countless stars, none of them can break through the five billion mark.

Now, the first pirate in the era of the great pirate breakthrough the five billion mark, and his name is El, The Lord of the Sky.

["Lord of the Sky" El, a bounty of 5,023,000,000 Belly, regardless of life or death.]

On the headline of the news, there is no news content, only a bounty.

It's a teenager wearing a black robe with a silver-haired tied into a single ponytail while holding a black sword resting on his shoulder and his red eyes seemed to be surrounded by dark purple light while staring blankly ahead, with a grim look.


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