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Ralf’s Determination

After confirming Carlo’s death as he lay on the ground, I deactivated [Mad Warrior] first and foremost.

And then, I began deactivating all the other skills one by one as well.

As the all skills deactivated, I fell to my knees——and Ralf and Esta came running towards me.

Rendered unable to do anything after Carlo activated his three skills, both could only watch over me from a distance.

Since I had [Perception Enhancement] activated, I knew that Ralf was ready to rush in any moment if he saw that I was in a pinch—-

And Esta was also ready to activate her [Mana Rampage], a skill as dangerous as [Mad Warrior].

Due to [Mad Warrior]’s effects, these two also seemed like enemies to me but somewhere deep inside, I was calm knowing that these two would come rushing in if I was in genuine danger.

That’s why I was able to go all in on the fist fight.


“………..Both of you, thanks.

Thanks to you two being here, I was able to go all in and fight Carlo——kill Carlo with all of my might.”

“It should be me and Esta who should be thanking you! First Greath, and now this time as well, we ended up making you do everything again.”

“Exactly! Neither me nor Ralf did anything.

Once again, thank you for everything Chris-san.”



“It’s not something either of you have to apologize about.

I was the one who underestimated Carlo’s strength, and we fought together as three before he activated his skills.”

I’m not making this up.

The strength level of Carlo I assumed to fight was the one which hadn’t activated his skills.

And honestly, before he did use his skills, the three of us were fighting against him very well.

If I knew he was this strong, normally I would have recommended running away with just three months of training which was limited by our lack of money.

“……..Also, when we were punching it out, both of you were ready to support me right Thanks to that, I was able to give it my all unhesitatingly.”

“Just because we were ready for it, it doesn’t mean much if we didn’t actually do anything.”

“I agree.

After he activated his skills, my magic was basically useless.”

Carlo’s [Body Armour]

It was able to break my sword and pretty much nullified Esta’s magic.

I think it was even defending against my punching barrage.

It was probably a higher level version of my [Skin Strengthen.]

“Well, he also broke my sword, that’s just how strong he was.”

All three of stood over Carlo’s body and looked at him.

He really caused us a lot of problems, and took a lot from us.

We were able to make him pay for it all but, if I had gotten stronger much faster, perhaps this all could have been avoided.

And so I just felt miserable still.



“With this we should be able to report to the members of [Silver Winged Lion] again……..Chris, if you don’t mind I’d like to head to Norfast after this, is that okay”

“Of course.

I need to know where the rest of the [Silver Winged Lion] have been laid to rest, so let’s go there together.”

“I agree.

Let’s all go together.”

Once we’ve made a little bit of money again, we decided to head to Norfast together.



I hoped to get shown around the city by Alyazi-san as promised but, now that was never going to happen.

“Well then, let’s go back——is what I’d like to say but I need to carry this corpse to Carlisle forest first.

Do you two mind helping me”

“Of course………I don’t think I need to even ask but are you going to use Carlo’s body to grow a plant as well”


He’s just another Klaus’ underling and he still caused so much problems for us.

We need to get much, much stronger still.

I can’t avoid it just because I dislike it.”

“I guess I really can’t be slacking about if I want to keep up with you huh……….I feel like now’s not the time to say this, but I think I’m gonna focus on being a tank after all.”

With Carlo’s body on his shoulders, Ralf declared so.

I thought this was only a momentary thing until we fought Carlo but……..I had mixed feelings about this.

“What happened to becoming the greatest adventurer Did you give up on that”

“Fuh, of course not!! But the hardest metal is often also called the strongest right………Esta learned intermediate magic, and even Leon-san said that I had a talent for defence so I had been thinking about it.

The image of the “strongest adventurer’ in my head that is!”

“So you’ll be the Toughest adventurer then”


Whether it be Carlo, or Klaus, or even Chris——I’ll become capable of blocking everyone’s attacks, and never get hit by anyone……..As for damage, I’ll just bet it all on [Divine Strike] that I got from the [Heaven’s Blessing] for everything.”

“But haven’t you still not learned how to use it still”

“I’ll learn it, given time.

I can always practice attacking again later right No matter what, training my defence isn’t going to hurt me in any way is it”

Surprisingly logical, for Ralf.

Guess he really has been thinking about it.

I guess it wasn’t because of Carlo killing the [Silver Winged Lion] or him coming here in our pursuit——he must have been thinking about it even before that.

……..well if he hasn’t given up being ‘the strongest adventurer’ and has actually thought about this, I can only cheer him on.



“Very well.

Ralf will be the tank once again……..but still, first he says he doesn’t want to be tank, now he wants to be tank again, man, you sure are restless child.”

“Well sorry I guess! But, I did learn a lot from not acting as the tank as well.

[Failure comes with every challenge.

They who fear failure will never grow], was that right”


I too learned a lot from playing as the Tank as well so, wasn’t exactly a bad experience in any way.

I guess it was a good challenge after all.”

“Exactly! I’ll keep growing more and more!! And I will inherit Leon-san’s dream!”

Well, I don’t even know what Leon’s dream was, maybe it really was what Alyazi-san was teasing Leon about.

Become the strongest in the world, and the best adventurer ever.

………I feel like those two are basically the same thing but maybe he’s talking about something else I don’t know about.

While pondering such things, I followed these two as they carried Carlo’s body, and while my body felt tired and heavy, I kept it moving as we headed into the Carlisle forest.


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