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Day off

The next day.

Yesterday, I was able to complete a designated quest safely in the end and made about 5 silver coins for the day.

And, after the early morning incident, no one tried to pick a fight with me for the rest of the day at least and I was able to see the day off peacefully.

“Chris, you plan on taking a holiday today no”

“yeah, I need to organize and make records for the various plants that I have gathered.

You two are gonna take a request as usual”

“Of course! I need to rise to silver asap, and with you busy with things like this, me and Esta need to make up enough money to cover yours as well!”

“That’ll be a great help.

Keep working hard towards that Silver rank.”

“Damn right I will!”

After seeing Ralf and Esta off, I started planning for the day.

There are various things I must do today—–firstly, ability assessment, then recording info on the plants, then do some research on what effect Ongneer fruit has had, find a way to eat Jinpi leaves, and then eat as many ability increasing plants as I can that I have collected up to now.

I need to do all this within a single day so I need to be efficient and fast.

…….but, no matter how you think about it, I need to start with ability assessment.


By the way, during my week long stay in the forest, I had eaten at least one of every one of the 20 different poisonous plants that I had gathered in Carlisle forest.

I had been regularly eating Reizen grass, Lizaf fruits and Genpei mushrooms as well so I wouldn’t know if one of them increased any of strength, stamina or endurance but, if any of them increased my agility or magic, I’ll know instantly.

If I find an increase in Magic or agility, I’ll instantly move to recording the data fist and if not…..well, I can just skip that part for today.

I mean I would love to find other plants that could also raise strength, stamina or endurance but since I already know certain ones that exist nearby in the forest, I don’t need to go out of my way to find separate ones and it was pretty low on my priority list.

There is the problem of money as well so , until I have enough free time and excess money, I’ll leave finding out alternatives for later.

Having more or less decided where to start the day, I quickly made my way to the church.

Passing by the various guilds on the guild street, beside a small pond and a sole Olive tree stood the slightly old looking church.

It had quite a different feel to the grand and divine church in Realzard, but a cozy and warm looking place like this wasn’t half bad either.

……..my only cause for concern was whether they even did ability assessment here or not.

The church in Realzard was gloriously massive so of course they had that service there but here in Oxter, there is a chance they just don’t do it.

If that was the case, I really might have to consider moving again from here and I mean that seriously.

There’s also the situation with Greath and the corrupt guild—–or so I was already making convincing arguments for myself in case of an off chance situation, as I opened the door to the church.

The interior was as plain as its exterior appearance.


Unlike the church in Realzard that was constantly crowded and also had enough places to sit, here there were only 3 smallish wooden bench on each side, that’s all.

And there were no visitors, only an old man, about the same age as my dad—–a man that looked like he was down on his luck, was standing on the platform.

………I guess even churches are treated differently depending on what town or city they are in.

Well certainly, back in that grand old church it felt like you could really get a blessing from god but its hardly believable here.

Though I must say, I prefer this empty deserted place a lot more.

“Oh Do you some business here”

“I wanted to get an ability assessment done Do you guys provide that service”

“——Ability assessment you say! Now that’s a rare ask.

I haven’t done one in years but it should be fine.”

Yeah no, I’m worried but at least they do it here.

Led by the priest, I entered an inner room.

I guess the assessment being done in a small separate room is the same across every church.

“Now then, as fees I will need one gold coin if you don’t mind.”


Here, the coin and my card.”

“Yes, thank you.

Well then, allow me to begin.”

Saying that, the priest put his hand on the crystal and began to groan.

The priest in Realzard ended it in a flash but judging by this priest’s look…….perhaps this assessment process perhaps a more laborious task that it originally seemed to me.

That handsome priest must have been a really capable one.

“Haaa Haaa…….i-it’s o-over, please check.”

“Thanks for the help.”

I took the card an instantly checked it and saw the changes in the numbers.

………I was a bit worried because of the priest’s straining look but looks like he completed the job well in the end.

And so–



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 14( 49)

Strength: 9( 36)

Stamina: 9( 44)

Magic: 2( 2)

Agility: 7

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None




Looks like within the new set of plants, there is one that can raise my magic power.

I was hoping to find one that raised agility first if I was being honest but beggars can’t be choosers.

I should instead be happy that I have found one that can raise my magic as well.

Also……in the two weeks since leaving Realzard, all my base stats have also risen by 1 across the board.

It was insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I was still happy to see my own actual self grow as well.

I assume my hunting of the goblin nest in the Carlisle forest probable helped with that.

“…….fuu, h-how was it It properly showed up right”

“Yeah, it came out properly.

I will probably come a couple more times today so I’ll be depending on you again.”

“EH! A couple more times!! And today! Y-you really will have an assessment done that many times!”

“yeah that was the plan but, would it be impossible”

“…….Uh, no, I’ll do it.

No really, please let me do it.”

“Good, then I’ll be back in a while.”

The priests expression changed to one that had made his resolve.

Maybe it’s really hard for him to do so multiple times during a day.

From what I can tell, he’s the only priest in this entire church so maybe I was overworking him

……But though, his face seemed to imply he was fully ready to do it, not to mention I’m paying in full for it so as long as he doesn’t outright refuse, it should be fine.

Anyway, having found a plant that increases my magic, I switched to classifying the plants and discerning which one it was.

Returning to the inn, I ate half of the new set of plants and went back to the church.


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