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Jinpi Potions

“Zhee haa…….zhe haaa……..p-please ch-check”

After eating the first 10, the number still rose.

So I returned again to the inn and came back after eating 5 of those——making this third assessment.

After every time, the colour of the priest’s face grew worse and worse I feel like.

I was a bit worried but on checking my stats,…….

my magic had increased by 1 again.

Alright, I’ve narrowed it down to just 5 with this.

I still have money so I could just finish the process and nail which exact plant it was but…….

I don’t think the priest would last any longer.

I want to research the Ongneer fruit today as well so let’s stop this here for now.

“thank you, really.

I’ll come back one more time in the afternoon so I’ll be relying on you again.”

“Zeehaaa……le-leave it to me.”


It’ll be the last one so take care till then.”

After saying that to the priest, I left the church.

It’d be a bit too harsh on him to start testing  Ongneers effect straight after so first, to find a way to consume Jinpi leaves, I headed to [Travelling Cat Store] instead.



With the sundried Jinpie leaves in tow, and making sure not to get stabbed by the spikes, I reached the store on the commercial street.

……..I felt reluctant to go inside just thinking about having to chat with Shantell.

Leaking a deep sigh, I pushed the door to the store.

The bell made the pleasant ringing sound as I entered and reacting to that, Shantell quickly showed up from inside.

“Welcome! Ah, well if it isn’t Chris-san!! Long time no see!!”

“it’s barely been a little more than a week.”

“No no, that’s such a long time though I was fretting over the fact that maybe my potions were bad!”

Oh man, she really is such a pain in the ass to talk to.

If I let myself get stuck in her pace, I’ll never get to the main point so I quickly cut the conversation and started asking question straight away.

“Do you know of a way to turn Jinpi leaves into a potion”

“……Hm Eh Ji-jinpi Umm…….I was just worried whether my potions were bad or not!!”

“They were fine—–Now, do you know how to turn Jinpi leaves into a potion or not.”

With a smile, I repeated my question to Shantell.

Perhaps she finally understood something, she put her hand on her cheek and started thinking.


When you say Jinpi you really mean that Jinpi leaves, right”


The very same super dangerous plant that lives in Carlisle forest that you warned me about.”

“So you want to make a poison potion”

“Half right, half wrong.

I don’t want to make a poisonous potion, I specifically want the Jinpi leaves to be turned into a potion.”

“………I get it now! I think its doable! I will need to do some trial and error but fundamentally speaking, the process should be the same as making any other poison potion!”

I guess she struggled to understand the nuance of what I asked but looks like she has finally understood it.

If she really can make it, I have to ask her no doubt.

Since it’ll be an order-made product, I was a bit worried on how much it’ll cost but…….considering how big of return I could get, it could very well be worth splashing money.

“So, I would like Shantell to handle the creation of said potion.

Will you do it”

“Of course, I can hardly refuse a request from a regular customer can I…….But the raw materials will cost a pretty penny.

Are you fine with that”

“I plan on paying regardless but roughly speaking, what kind of amount am I looking at”

“Ingredients and raw materials alone will cost at least 1 gold! It could be done cheaper but if you want a top quality product, it’ll cost that much!”

Yeah that’s what I expected.



I know nothing of the making process, but even then I could guess that making something from complete scratch was not going to be cheap.

“Then, overall including wages, would 2 gold be fine 1 for materials, and 1 for your work.

Not a bad offer no”

“Eh! I-I can’t take that much! 1 whole gold coin for just manufacturing cost is too much!!”

“Really Then how about 5 silver instead”

“………Eh…….5 silvers…….Ah, ah, that’s not nice.

I mean it’s technically sufficient but it’s not nice to see the offer get instantly halved! My bad! I’ll take the 5 silver though!”

“Well if you’re unhappy with that then you should just accept my original 1 gold coin offer.

If you play nice, it’s the other guy that’ll profit, never yourself.”

“………..Are you okay with that”

“Yeah sure.

I know I’m asking quite a lot of you.”

“Chris-san, really thank you so much! Well then, I’ll take you up on the offer for 2 gold coins as the final overall price!”

I handed over 2 gold coins as well the Jinpi leaves to Shantell.

“Ughh, so these are Jinpi leaves eh! I’m amazed you were able to safely gather them like this!”

“Well, I was careful……..yeah.

Anyway, how long will it take approximately”

“I should be able to make one in around a week I think!”

“Got it.

Then I’ll come visit in a week’s time……..Ah, also, next time I’ll bring my party members as well so keep that in mind.”

“Chris-san’s party members Got it! I look forward to meeting them!”

And so, after commissioning work from Shantell, I left the [travelling Cat Store].

Next, finally I can start on understanding the Ongneer fruit.

I wonder what kind of effects it will have.

My excitement knew no bounds.


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