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Blocking Disaster

“Ouch!” Granny Xu was caught off guard and fell on her butt. The flowing tea on the ground quickly soaked her dress and the broken porcelain shards stung her butt.

Granny Xu looked at Madam Gus shocked eyes in confusion.

“Enough!” Madam Gus heart was in a mess. Uneasiness, panic, apprehension, fear, and other emotions were mixed together. She vented her anger and berated, “Youre also someone with elders and children. Why dont you accumulate some virtue for the old and young in the family! Youre shouting to kill for no reason. Your hostility is too strong!”

“Youve killed so many lives. Why dont you shave your head and go to the nunnery to pray for the family!”

“Madam, please forgive me…” Granny Xu was dumbfounded, not knowing what she had said wrong.

Her legs gave way beneath her and she fell to her knees. Her knees were filthy with cat hair and ash, but she couldnt care less.

Granny Xu kowtowed repeatedly to Madam Gu. The smooth ground made her forehead swell, but Madam Gus heart was like iron and stone. Unmoved, she raised her voice and shouted, “Someone come!”

Granny Li and the maidservant, Bai Lu, heard the commotion and came over. She instructed firmly, “Granny Xu violated her master. She will be punished with 20 strokes of the cane as a warning to others.”

“When she receives her punishment, send her to the nunnery to reflect on herself!”

Granny Li and Bai Lu were shocked. Granny Xu was scared out of her wits and continued to kowtow. “Madam, I know my mistake.”

Her face was as pale as paper, and her body was trembling like a sieve. She was terrified.

Everyone in the Marquis Mansion had always stepped on the weak. In the past, when she was placed in an important position by the Empress Dowager, even her family benefited from it. Her eldest son and second son worked in the Marquis Mansion, and her three grandchildren who were more than ten years old followed the young masters as servants.

Now that she was hated by Madam, her descendants would probably be stepped on and never be able to rise again.

Madam Gu kept a straight face and remained unmoved.

The entire Benevolent Harmony Hall knew Madam Gus personality very well. She called over two burly old women who said politely to Granny Xu, “Sister Xu, please excuse me.”

The two old women were shocked. No one expected that Granny Xu, who had always been trusted by Madam Gu, would suddenly be hated. They hurriedly pulled Granny Xu up from the ground on both sides and roughly dragged her out.

“Madam, I…”

Granny Xu was still shouting, unwilling to give up. Someone stuffed a handkerchief into her mouth, leaving only a few moans.

Soon the hall was silent except for the curtain rustling in the air ahead.

Two more of the maids came in and cleared away the broken china and tea as quickly as they could.

“Send someone to the White Horse Temple to tell them that Ill go to there to offer incense tomorrow morning…” Madam Gu instructed. Her heart was still beating fast, echoing in her ears like a drum.

Unexpectedly, Bai Lu looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated. She carefully asked, “Madam, the Eldest Lady and the Third Lady are going to Prince Jings Manor to play polo tomorrow morning. The Third Lady just sent someone to pass a message that she wants to borrow your carriage…”

There were naturally carriages in the Marquis Mansion, but the carriages of Madam Gu and the Marquiss wife were the best. They were gorgeous and spacious, and were also dignified to bring to Prince Jings Manor. Gu Yunrong was raised by Madam Gu, so she naturally borrowed the carriage from her.

Play polo! Madam Gus pupils dilated as she subconsciously raised her hand to cover her forehead. The spot where the polo ball had hit her in her dream hurt again, as if she had been hit hard by a stick.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt there was an evil spirit lurking beside her.

She wanted to tell Gu Yunrong not to go to Prince Jings Manor, but she could not bring herself to say it.

Over the past few days, she had heard some news that even the Empress Dowager would arrive at Prince Jings Manor tomorrow!

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The Eldest Prince had just returned to the capital. The Empress Dowager, who had been staying in the palace for a long time, chose to leave the palace at this time. Perhaps she wanted to take the opportunity to visit the noble ladies in the capital to arrange a good marriage for Kang Wang.

This was a critical moment. No matter what, she could not be careless. Gu Yunrong had to go.

Madam Gu wanted to get the prayer beads on the coffee table, but she realized that her hands were trembling slightly. Her chaotic emotions could not calm down, and her heart seemed to be missing a hole.

Even she didnt know if she was panicking or afraid.

Ronger had had her fortunes told before. She would have a noble title and would even bring fortune to her family.

Ronger was a pearl, but even a pearl was afraid of being covered in dust… No, she had to find someone to block the evil spirit for Ronger, just in case.

As soon as this thought appeared, a name appeared in Madam Gus mind:

Gu Yanfei.

Whether it was the marriage between the Gu and Fang families or whether it was real or fake, Gu Yanfei had blocked the disaster for Ronger.

At the thought of this, Madam Gus eyes lit up and she finally calmed down a little.

Yes! Gu Yanfei was born to protect her Ronger!

The kitten in the treetop outside the window scratched its ears with its paws and leaped down.

When it went back, it took a different route and played along the way. Its tail was curled up in delight.

“Meow, meow…”

“Meow, meow, meow…”

The first thing the high-spirited cat did after entering the window was to show off to Gu Yanfei. Its long tail swung back and forth repeatedly.

It meowed excitedly, but Gu Yanfei said indifferently, “I dont understand!”

Qing Guang: “…”

It fell sideways, straight onto the alder chessboard at the corner of the desk.

Gu Yanfei could not help but laugh. She reached out and stroked its soft fur.

In the Bright Spirit Realm, although Qing Guang had yet to cultivate its human form, Gu Yanfei could communicate with her pet spirit beast through her divine sense.

But now, Qing Guang had turned into a kitten with no spiritual power or divine sense.

Gu Yanfei did not understand the cat language and did not care. She understood that Qing Guang had completed its mission and said with a smile, “Ill reward you with crispy dried fish tonight.”

The kitten was not satisfied. It reached out a paw and plucked the black pieces in the chess box beside it, making a clicking sound.

“My Lady, Xia Lian from the Third Ladys side wants to see you.” Juan Bi walked in through the curtain and reported, “She said shes delivering a message for the Third Lady.”

Juan Bi wrinkled her nose, not bothering to hide her dislike of Xia Lian.

It was done! Gu Yanfei made a gesture, and Juan Bi understood. After a while, she led a delicate-looking maidservant in.


Xia Lian followed Juan Bi like a shadow, her gaze unobtrusively sizing up the room. She pursed her lips slightly.

“Second Lady, the Third Lady asked me to pass on a message. She wants to invite you to play polo at Prince Jings Manor tomorrow.” Xia Lian bowed and her gaze finally landed on the kitten on the chessboard.

This chessboard was a high-quality tungsten wood chessboard. The chess pieces were top-grade cloud children. The white pieces were as white as jade, and the black pieces were dark green. The chessboard and chess pieces were all well maintained.

Xia Lian recognized it at a glance. This chessboard and chess pieces belonged to the Eldest Young Master. She heard that it was passed down from the previous Marquis to the current Marquis. Later on, the current Marquis gave it to the Eldest Young Master and did not even give it to his daughter. She did not expect it to be given to the Second Lady now.

The Eldest Young Master indeed favored the Second Lady!

As she thought about it, Xia Lian felt aggrieved for Gu Yunrong.

Her lady couldnt be any better, but the Eldest Young Master still did not acknowledge her as a sister. The love between siblings of more than ten years couldnt compare to the so-called bloodline. The Eldest Young Master was too ruthless!



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