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They Dreams, everything started from those strange scenes that have appeared one day from nowhere. were like a haze or a manifesting mist that conjured at times and disappeared at others. They were like a long lost wishes stirring up the buried desires, bit by bit they made a person want more without even thinking.

It was already dawn, it was breaking through the twilight and the storm of last night. Clearly, the ominous feelings started to fade with the thin threads of the rising light that aluminate the ground. The smell of the fresh air and wet soil filled the place, as little by little darkness was swept away to be replaced by the shining sun at the far away horizon. Announcing the awakening of a new day and the arrival of new chapter of life.

Fifty armed Humvees were divided into the front and the rear side of the main car of the alpha. The fleet took the rear road of the castle where straight bridge ran along a large lake, with a vast mountain ridge beyond that stretches up to the thick clouds overhead. As soon as they reached two columns holding two wolves at the top, the man that was driving the car announced

"We will be ready to jump in 3 second, Sir!" at that moment, even before he could finish his words, thunder like web appeared between those two pillars. The more you get nearer the more you can swear that the thunder God has descended. The fleet didn stop or slowed their pace, but in the contrary they accelerated until all cars passed the teleportation gate.

Xavier set calmly in the back row of the vehicle. His eyes were closed most of the time, opening them occasionally to glance at the scenery outside. During this past year his comatose heart went back to work. For reasons unknown all his instincts lead him to look for her; that women and that tree. His team knew only to search for the described place without mentioning her at all. All of them probably thought that the tree was a sacred one by now, and that was the best outcome for him because the last thing he wanted was for rumors to spread and plans to be prepared behind his back.

Nevertheless, all his man experienced already the depth of his obsession, and how far he could go to find them. He wasn driven by rationality, in the opposite, all his moves were taken based on his urges and instincts. Every time he remembered those dreams, his heart bit faster and his breath shortened. Like starving man he kept looking for a well to wind off his thirst, and perhaps because of this rising hopefulness and the start of a new day his heart and mind drifted to his forgotten wishes.

Two man set in the front seats. One who drove, and another one who set calmly keeping his focus for any possible danger. They both radiated strength and power but the one at the left was more unique. Based only on his aura and color of uniform you can conclude the high rank he have been enjoying. He wasn much of a talker, but from time to time he will gaze through the rear view mirror into his lords figure.

"Sighing!", he wished if he can understand what is going inside his mind. Thinking about it carefully he, admitted that he never understood his master despite the long years as his right wing. The man was absolutely unbreakable. He was tougher than the walls of hell. But who can blame him, for a cursed man, living for thousands of years, it is the least expected; to become as hard as he is now.

Kingdome of Aralia, the center of the word as the ancient language described. The strongest existence for thousands of years, only because of one man. The same composed man laying behind in the back seat. The Alpha of the alphas, master of all monsters. In world where all kind of creatures resided, he was the one that ruled over them all, uniting and creating the supreme region. He was the strongest man he has ever known to exist. Not only physically, but also mentally as he can swear that no one can reach his level of thinking.

This world in truth had a distinctive hierarchy. The kingdom is ruled by wolves as the most dominate race and it is divided into separate packs determined on the bases of the numbers of residents and its power; financially speaking or martial. For each pack they have alphas; the decision making heads. Under them are betas; the second on commend. Thirdly there are deltas; third on commend. The rules of this world were simple the more powerful your blood line, the higher you can rise over the ladder. The purer your powers are the stronger your dominance is.

And as a result, alphas rules are absolute over their packs members as it is something instinctive to obey them. In a way, you can think of packs are like as small countries or territories were the more powerful you are the more you can dominate. However, over them there is the royal pack, or the alphas king territories. In which he reigns over every creature this land contains.

Legends says that he and his wolf are linked to the land from all sides; north, south, east and west. Showing that his abilities are ones that only belongs to Gods. Some would say that he is half werewolves and half witcher. Others believe that he was a fallen God that descended on the land to unite the races. Every story said more and added less, but all of them agreed that the man was cursed.

A cursed hero, to live for eternity. An eternal, without a mate. A lonely soul, forever to stay soulless, and only to see dark. For werewolves, life were only for them to find their mate, their other half the women or man that will complete them forever. But he was cursed, cursed to stay only one and never two until the very end.

Stories said that he went insane, because his wolf couldn take it. Becoming the rogue that needed to be hunted and killed. However the same stories also said that no one who dared or were powerful enough to dream, were able to accomplish the mission. They all ended up dying, torn to shred and bones crushed to dust.

He was the cursed hero, blessed by God descendent of heavens, yet he will forever stay alone in a world were love were determined by fate.


"We will reach our destination in ten, Sir" the driving man announced.

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