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The tree they have found wasn magnificent as he has been seeing. Its aura wasn the same, the feeling she gave wasn the same too. True, it was a coast redwood one of the most gigantic tree species ever lived. However it simply wasn it.

As soon as he stepped into the periphery, his unsettled heart didn connect as the same as in his dreams. At that moment he knew automatically he failed again. Standing there hardened by the cold, he was able to hear the talking and whispers of the people around him, yet he couldn speak a word or react at all. His heart only felt pain, excruciating pain that words cannot describe.

Suddenly fourteen brown wolves emerged from the shadows within the forest, growling fearlessly at the man in front. Their teeth bared as they came closer to the ground ready for attack. Xaviers men stood still waiting for orders, watching the brown wolves spreading around them little by little closing wherever space it were between them.

"Who are you?" One of them shifted back and asked with an authoritative growl. "You have trespassed our packs land?"

A wolf can be identified by his aura that can prove that he was a part of a pack. And also the rules have demanded that each pack cannot enter without a clear announcement and an alphas access. In the case that happened the result was obvious: war. War was the end result between the two parties to determine the final winner. The stronger you were, the safer your land will be.

Even though they were reined by a kingdoms rules yet, their instincts dictated that this aspect of territories and ruling can only be determined by the power of blood. Don forget that they were monsters, half animals and an unhuman species that found pleasure in blood, something that made their societys hierarchy the most unclear and the most changeable one through history.

At first glance, this point may seem a reason for weakness, and failure. However, the truth it was a base for the thriving of their kind. Leading them to be the most powerful creatures this earth ever seen.

Based on this reasons, the group of man should be part of a pack, but who dared to trespass knowing the arsenal they had. In addition they had a unique and strong aura just by standing there doing nothing. They definitely weren rogues, yet who were they? What did they want? They wore uniforms except of one that didn bother to look at them. Weren they scared, this can lead to their death! He probed.

Xaviers second man took the initiative walking three steps showing some respect, at the end they were truly at wrong here.

"We are a special team that was sent by the royal pack, identify yourself"

His words came as bolt of lightning hitting them hard in their faces. "Royals! I be damned what are they doing here!"

Their questioning eyes and fearful looks was written all over their faces as they kept exchanging stares.

"The same man from earlier added; we are the guard borders team C3, we felt the presence of unauthorized people on our land so we came to check. We are deeply sorry we didn know that you were Royals. Our alpha will be here in a second, please show mercy for these ignorant people."

He showed extreme sincerity as he bowed in front of them expressing his deep regret.

"No there is no worry to call your alpha we will be on our way" he added, turning back to his team "be ready we leave at fiv.." but before he could finish his words he was interrupted by Xavier ordering them

"There is no hurry, we can check this place for further clues, you there lead the way lets head your pack mansion"

His words came a little bit strange as he never spent extra time for unnecessary thing. Yet he was willing to spend extra time in this place for the sake of that tree. Nevertheless, for Xavier he believed deep down that all the feelings he felt weren coming from nowhere. He can sense it that he was driven into this place. Knowing his wolfs powers he was sure that his instinct were never wrong and that he should follow his gut.

And like that all the men took their pace heading down towards the packs center were they will try to figure their way out. The guard took the lead showing them the road insuring that Royals were satisfied not knowing that the king of wolves were within the fleet.

They head down the path, following the small trek that was mostly covered by grass and growing trees. The path was shadowed by the growing brunches, covering the excruciating sun. Allowing for small portion of stubborn light, to escape through the tiny holes here and there.

The path was beautiful, full of natural charm. Presenting the will and presence of this earth. However what no one knew, was that this path was a road of fate. With every step they took the thread of fate grew more and more spreading through the heart of the ones blessed and cursed by the Gods.

The thin ropes of red fate twisted and rushed around those who were destined strengthening itself abound them linking and connecting as they were recently born. It was only a matter of time before, the story begin.

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