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The Mate Of The Alpha King chapter 7: The Welcoming Party

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They danced, enjoying the music rolling on the background, when others found pleasure at the amazing food displayed on the tables. The laughing and the talking of people spread everywhere inside the house creating a festive atmosphere all around the pack. Their excitement can be felt from miles away as they rushed to the main house fearing to miss this one of a century opportunity. Their anticipation written all over their faces, drawing an image of an unbreakable insisting, and full pledged enthusiasm. An image that was further imprinted when the guests entered the hall with full radiance.

When the royal guard descended from the stairs all obvious noises stopped and ceased to zero. No one was able to talk or speak a word. Even the music that went on and on all evening were turned off, pushing this dreadful feeling to replace the previous lovely one.

They came down the stairs like falling angels, taking their time with every following step. Their aura, their presence and all their glory can be swear to shine through their sculpture like bodies. They were wearing uniforms a formal one with golden designs covering their chests and arms. Along with badges identifying their rank from the higher up to the lower one. Their legs well fitted inside their white pants showing the bulges of well exercised muscles. As a result the uniform was one hell of an art work taking white and blue mixed with a hint of gold as the main theme spotlight. One by one they followed the red carpet entering the hall, executing a radiant smile, minimizing the scary smell that start to spread throughout the room.

Yes they were scary, even though they were handsome and breathtaking, showing the favoritism of God as a better species. Nonetheless their dangerous aspect can be hidden under those beautiful layers of skin and muscle. The fear they demanded from others can be stopped by those hypnotizing colors of their excruciating eyes. Simply it was something uncontrollable, something instinctive and never to be learned. A rule that says the more powerful you were, the dominated you will be and as a result all people that were present at that moment found themselves bowing in total surrender. Presenting their willing submission to those who were worthy enough to receive it. Even their Alpha that held the outmost authority through the years couldn fight the urge to lower himself and show respect. Rules are rules with no exceptions.

Looking at this manifestation of power people thought that this is the high rank of honor envying them for such luck, wishing if they too had a chance to be chosen as them. They coveted such glory yearned to have a portion of what they also received. But the reality was deeper that what was only showed. Because, the same rules demonstrated that, as much as you receive is the same as you will give.

Because people only saw the smiles and the proudness they held and not the droplet of fear they had flooding their backs like an overturned river. If you took further notes they weren enjoying their time as it was presented. In the opposite they held their breath due to those shooting red eyes that followed them from within the shadows.

Like a dark creature there and not there, present and absent. He followed the herd from behind, keeping to himself as much as possible. He kept himself hidden from all praying eyes monitoring the place with eagles senses. Like a hunter lurking from the darkness trekking his prey step by step until it is caught into his leaches.

His red, rubies like eyes searched and noted every possible detail. He smelled the air breathing the auras of the ones present and the ones closed by. His wolf deeply awakened with tail wagging thrilled for the hunt.

Hell yeah he was. His heart bitted in non-stop movement becoming worse and worse with each passing hour. His blood boiled like an erupted volcano calling for the Gods in the heaven above. He was barely holding himself to not jump from side to side like a Sunday boy happy for a family summer trip.

Feelings that cannot be described, no matter how it was written or drawn. Xaviers state was similar to small boy who got to taste chocolate for the first time, or a better comparison, he was similar to an eighteen years new man tasting women for the first time. Like a virgin discovering the hills and caves of fresh natural land for the first time on his life.

He went a long the crowed mixed within them, going unnoticed for the majority of the night. People went and came getting small talks from their honored guests happy enough that they had such glorious opportunity. Even some of them went out crying just because they couldn be one of their mate. The night went on and on mixed in opposite feelings and emotions. Going through excitement and disappointment. From happiness to sadness, from curious to enlightenment. Different states different cases different people.

Yet those red eyes kept lurking through the dark calculating and majoring. Hidden between those layers of states and modes. Unseen by many and only aloud by those who are dear. Time was flying faster than ever. His patience was even running wilder. It was nearly half the night that went by where all people shared the dinner on a lavishing tables. Throwing questions and throwing loving gazes

Admiring the spotlight of many while the most powerful of them all stayed calmly enjoying his food as well. It was only then that the sequence of boomeranging event were triggered

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