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The Mate Of The Alpha King Chapter 9: Who are You?

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Everything started in a matter of second. The only thing tangible were the flying objects and the screams that kept only on going on and on non-stop. Chairs were soaring left and right down and upside, hitting walls and hitting grounds. Or even worse they may even hit people on their faces or their backs.

With the loud going music, people will think it was one hell of party inside. And indeed it was one hell of a night. Xaviers instinct were the only engine that operated his body. His mind and thoughts were shut down the moment that scent entered his nostrils. It was like a spell, a witchcraft that made him redundant, losing all sort of rationality and logic. He was half shifting now, all his nails were long and his eyes become redder than a bloodied knife. Black veins spread into his face and body while his teeth transformed bit by bit into incisors and canines. He wasn a human, but he wasn a monster too. He was in a state in between; where his form changed back and forth, fighting a dominance war amid his wolf and himself.

He followed the thin rope of smell like a hungry zombie, starving and famished to taste some of that delicious feast. Without thinking twice he jumped into the crowed ignoring their horrified looks. He disregarded the desperate calls of his general Jace, who kept asking what was wrong.

All his guards tensed and were seemed to be ready for a battle. Whereas he, pushed and pulled his way toward what was driving him crazy.

Jace immediately understood that something must have happened, or something that his alphas heightened senses felt. He instantly took control of ordering the rest of the men and start the protection formation. His first priority was to control the place and close any possible threat.

He howled with all his might calling for his wolf within to command the people and end the screaming. "Nobody moves" he called scanning the room saving a visual photo of his surroundings.

Everybody tensed as they were pushed and were obliged to stop. They bowed their heads in fear as their body shook in fear trembling when women barely stopped themselves from sobbing.

Xaviers mind couldn care for what was happening, he kept going as he went outside. The wind blew in the area plying a secret song. The trees swung simultaneously dancing over the tune happily enjoying the rhyme. Fate was cooking something, not overlooking to give him one of their presents before continuing their festivity. At that specific moment, the hypnotizing smell it him again, hitting its target with full speed. Nailing his aching heart with million power volt.

Those seconds cannot be described, as the feelings inside of his heart went above the balance of fifteen in Richter scale. Being destroyed under the waves of one of a century earthquake. Unthinkably he resisted, his legs fighting the dreadful feelings. Shocked to end up standing in front of a man.

Yes a man a forty years old man, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was walking obliviously holding a ten years old girl between his arms until he came face to face with the alpha of alphas half shifted and barely able to control himself.

The situation was unreasonable, uncontrollable, and bizarre. The man stood there eyeing Xavier up and down until he started to feel the escaping aura of one hell of a monster he only than knew that he was definitely beyond his league.

The feelings of uncomfortableness weren one sided part. In fact, Xavier stood there blown to the core as he kept looking at the girl and the standing man over and over again. Uncontrollably he started sniffing the air again to make sure of the source of the scent, and indeed it was from him and not the girl.

His mind dropped and his mind sank in an endless confusion. Cursing himself non-stop, repeating one sentence in that short moments "what is happening for the sake of the Moon God"

To be honest Xavier never was a religion man. He never cared about Gods or church or the temple. He always kept to himself totally convinced that he was cursed kind. A creature that dominate and revenged to heaven and earth. Yet today, he almost felt himself kneeling begging for mercy. Calling the Gods and the creature to keep him insane for this devious test.

Had he died and now he was being judged for all his misdeed. Or had he fallen into a trap alluded inside of an illusion. His mind went on through million possibility trying to figure out this outcome. Form the choke he even couldn sense the horde of people behind him that they also wore questioning signs.

The packs leader was the most lost one between all people. He didn even know what he needed to do. He followed the royal general blindly to find himself looking at a man he never saw in his life sniffing another man that it seems to be a member of his pack.

It was an awkward situation. All parts were uncomfortable, as they kept exchanging looks. Even the people from inside the hall could hold their curiosity as they clenched against the windows fighting for a place to look.

"Is he his mate?" one man held the courage to express his question.

People were puzzled "that can be he has a mate, look carefully he is a doctor Trever" another one explained pointing at Trever outside.

"Omg thats true he even have kids so what happened." Came a voice from behind making their questions worse.

Their alpha took a step and said "hi, who are you?" looking at Xavier with confusion, not able to remember where he saw him before.

Xavier took a look back growling at everyone, shutting the loud whispers. Commanding in one go "close this pack down, no one in or out hold everyone for interrogation" especially this man that quickly held him between his nails adding "any resistance, kill them"

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