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Heart Softening

Luo Jinan didnt notice he looked at Su Binglan without breaking eye contact. Luo Jinan revealed a curious and complicated expression as he didnt even realize that he smiled faintly.

Luo Jinan was stunning as he stood there. An incomparable charm filled his entire body. Luo Jinan felt that Su Binglans toying had made him smile, and his heart softened.

Su Fengmao felt light-headed listening to his daughters coquetry. “All right, whatever you say, daughter.”

Of course, Su Binglan wouldnt let Su Fengmao go home on his own. She and Luo Jinan sent Su Fengmao back to the house before leaving for the mountain.

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As they walked up the back of the mountain, Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinan and said, “Y-You dont have to accompany me to the back of the mountain. You can wait for me here, and then we can go home together once I come out of the mountain. Dont worry. I wont tell my father about this.”

Su Binglan felt that Luo Jinan was weak and needed a good rest. She didnt want him to tire himself out. However, there werent any roads near the mountain as tall plants covered the land.

If Luo Jinan accidentally fell, Su Binglan would have to take responsibility for her husband, getting distracted from collecting supplies. She felt it was better if Luo Jinan waited for her nearby so they could go home together when she came out of the mountain.

“Ahem! Hack!”

Luo Jinan put his hand to his lips and coughed. Then he said with a clear tone, “Im fine. Father-in-law told me to accompany you up the mountain.”

Su Binglan then used a stick to push the tall grass aside as she looked back at Luo Jinan. She thought even a slight breeze could blow him away. “Why didnt I know how obedient you are toward my father”

Luo Jinan said in a low voice, “I just promised Father-in-law I would take care of you. You do know hes just worried about you, right”

Su Binglan said helplessly, “Im not a child. Ill be fine.”

Su Binglan had a lot of things to look for and didnt want Luo Jinan to discover her secret. Luo Jinan would find out Su Binglans secrets if he followed her to the back of the mountain.

Luo Jinan insisted, “Ill stay with you.”

Su Binglan stomped her feet anxiously and said, “Honestly, theres no need.”

Luo Jinan looked at Su Binglan profoundly as his gaze was somewhat mesmerizing. Strangely, it caused Su Binglan to quiet down as she felt much calmer. She felt Luo Jinans expression was charming.

Seeing as Su Binglan had quieted down, Luo Jinan gently said, “You just mentioned you wouldnt go west if I told you to go east.”

“Huh” Su Binglan was surprised to hear that.

Did I say that just now

Su Binglan pondered, and sure enough, she did say that. She met Luo Jinans eyes and said guiltily, “I-I only said that to please my father.”

“I know, but a gentleman never goes back on his word, and I would never disobey your father.” Luo Jinan would always keep his word. Otherwise, he wouldnt have made a promise.

Su Binglan became speechless when she heard Luo Jinans words.

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans body from head to toe and said, “Can you live up to your promise with your body in such a condition”

Luo Jinans eyes darkened. “Are you doubting my abilities”

“Huh” Su Binglan was stunned. She felt something was wrong with what Luo Jinan had just said, but she couldnt put her finger on it.

Luo Jinan was weak, but Su Binglan didnt know his true identity. She looked at Luo Jinan and met his soul-sucking eyes. It was as if Luo Jinan wanted to swallow Su Binglan whole.



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