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Their relationship was Zhuang Qi’s scheme.


Although the two were admitted to the same university, Zhuang Qi’s parents were still reluctant to pay tuition fees.

The university would take four years to complete, so how much money would it cost


Zhuang Qi’s parents were not happy that Zhuang Qi got into university.

Instead, they advised him not to go to university and to work after graduating high school.


Zhuang Qi argued that getting into university was hard for him, so how could he be happy if he didn’t go


But going to university was not like going to high school because the annual tuition fee was tens of thousands of yuan.

Yu Xiaotang could feed him and buy him school supplies, but the university tuition fee was not a small amount.

So Zhuang Qi thought Yu Xiaotang couldn’t support him.


He went to Yu Xiaotang and said he wanted to break up with her because he couldn’t afford to pay the university tuition.


She was reluctant and felt that her relationship with Zhuang Qi should not be broken off just because of this.


Zhuang Qi heard that Yu Xiaotang was unwilling to break up with him even if he could not attend university.

He did not show it on the surface, but he hated Yu Xiaotang for stabbing him in the heart once she made a statement.


Zhuang Qi insisted on breaking up but cited that he, a man, could not even go to a university.

If Yu Xiaotang had attended a university, she would meet a better person than him.


This was not a problem, provided that the person who said it was sincere.


The problem was that Zhuang Qi wasn’t sincere and was just paving the way for his ultimate goal.


He wanted Yu Xiaotang to give up her tuition to him.


The idea was bold, but Zhuang Qi wanted to try it.


He partially mentioned that he, a man, could not be without education.

If he wanted to marry Yu Xiaotang, her parents would disagree.

Unlike girls, even without education, it did not matter as long as they were beautiful.


Yu Xiaotang was a fool.

She took the initiative to say that she could give up her tuition to Zhuang Qi after listening to his words without him saying anything.


Yu Xiaotang was a stupid girl willing to give everything for her feelings.


She took the initiative to give up her university tuition to Zhuang Qi.

Zhuang Qi naturally disagreed on the surface and said righteously that it was Yu Xiaotang’s tuition fee.

How could he take it


Yu Xiaotang was touched again when she saw that Zhuang Qi was unwilling to take her tuition.

She insisted on giving it to Zhuang Qi.


Zhuang Qi also made a very touched look and said sincerely that he would marry Yu Xiaotang when he finished university, got a job, and earned money.


After getting Zhuang Qi’s promise, Yu Xiaotang smiled shyly with her head down.


When the university started, Yu Xiaotang took the tuition fee and went to the city where the university was located.

In this way, she secretly gave the tuition fee to Zhuang Qi.

At the same time, she threw the university admission letter into a trash can on the roadside.


Tuition and living expenses were given to Zhuang Q, leaving Yu Xiaotang with no money.

She had to find a job outside to not reveal to her parents that she didn’t go to university and didn’t dare to go home.


The job covered food and housing, and a portion of the salary was used for her expenses.

Most of it was scammed away by Zhuang Qi on the pretext of buying resources.


After four years of this kind of life, Zhuang Qi easily graduated.

Yu Xiaotang waited to only get a breakup and a card with all the money spent on Zhuang Qi in the past seven years.


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