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Chapter 25: Ahh…




Same time.


[Rino’s Side]


Rino was hanging out with Minami Kirishima and Megumi Yanagisawa, after she received tickets to a famous amusement park from her mother, Ayane.

She appreciates it but…


… She wasn’t happy.


Even though it has only been less than an hour since they arrived at the amusement park, Rino was already sighing constantly, looking dejected. 


The two, who could not have been unaware of this, nodded to each other and spoke to Rino.


“Rino, can I talk to you for a second”






They both looked at Rino with concern.


With that said, the three of them came to a cafe in the amusement park.


“So, what happened yesterday Explain it in detail.”


“That’s right.

Rino, you’ve been looking awful all day.”



We were all looking forward to this amusement park, but…”


Rino lowered her head apologetically.


“You don’t have to apologize!”



We’re friends!”


Minami, the girl with slanted eyes, waved her hands in the air, and Megumi, who had a soft and gentle look, gave a thumbs-up with all her might.


Rino looked at these two and thought,


“I’m glad I became friends with these two.”


So Rino told them the whole story of what happened yesterday.


“Rino’s at fault.”


“I think it’s Rino-chan’s fault.”




“That’s right.

Because Rino has been simpering all along, right”


“That kind of ambiguity is the most important thing to avoid in a relationship.”




Rino sighed and looked somber after being rebuked by the two.


She herself had already noticed it.


Her own self-centered feeling wherein she wants Kenichi to approach her himself.


Then, Megumi, who seemed to be a soft-spoken person, opened her mouth.






“Rino-chan, are you okay with Hiragi-san and Kudo-san having a relationship and doing lots of lovey-dovey, naughty things”


“N-no, I’d hate that!”


“And, do you want Kenichi-kun to not make girlfriends, not be nice to other girls, and just stay with you”




The warm-hearted Megumi said something that caught Rino by surprise.


“I want to go out with Kenichi.

Even if Kenichi doesn’t have that intention, I’ll appeal to him… I’ve been really stupid until now.”


Minami responds to Rino’s frustration by making a clenched fist with a smile on her face.


“That’s right! Well, Rino’s always been on the receiving end of appeals because you’re too beautiful, but you should stop giving a damn about a woman’s pride if it’s for the man you love.”


“You’re right… I get it! I’ll never lose to you, Hiragi-san!”


“Yes! That’s the spirit!”


“Go for it! Rino-chan!”




And at that moment.


Suddenly the power went out.


“This is an announcement from XX Amusement Park.

There is a problem with the power supply.

There is no time frame for restoration and tickets will be refunded…”


“Oh no… and I was going to play a lot today…”


Rino said regretfully.


The three of them had no choice but to leave the amusement park.


“Minami, Megumi, I’m sorry.

Because of me, we couldn’t…”



It’s fine.”


“Never mind, it’s just a power outage.”


And as the two of them looked at Rino with a slight smirk on their faces.


Suddenly, they both received a phone call.


As it turns out, they both had family members call and they had urgent business to attend to.


So Minami and Megumi hurriedly headed home.

And Rino was left alone.


“I had planned to play until night today…”


Saying so, she sighed ruefully.


Then, yesterday’s events naturally came to mind.


“My master, don’t hate this lowly, arrogant female slave…”


Rino wiggled her upper body and exhaled hotly.


“Mou, I will accept any punishment for being an annoyance to you, Kenichi-sama… anything!”


The color of Rino’s eyes has long since faded.


“This slave who has no sense of humility must spend the rest of her life serving by Kenichi-sama’s side…”


Surrounding men stared at Rino with admiration, but never approached her.


“I should go home then.”



[Uchida Residence]


After parting with them, Rino went straight home.


Rino was now at the front door.


Then she heard a strange voice.




It was her mother’s voice.


She breathed a sigh of relief, unlocked the door and went inside.




She then heard her own mother’s lecherous voice.


A voice as a single female that had never been heard before.


Her mother is a woman, and there’s nothing wrong with having that kind of relationship with a man.





I never thought you would put something bad in your tea, you are such a pervert!”


“Kenichi-kun… I want… Kenichi-kyun.

I can’t live without Kenichi-kyun anymore…”


“That’s an adorable thing to say.

Well, then, I’ll make you even cuter.”


Rino frowned at the conversation coming from her mother’s room.




Rino got goosebumps…


— No way.


The name of the man her mother is desperately screaming for, and a familiar voice.


— No, it can’t be.


With that in mind, Rino managed to move her trembling legs and moved to her mother’s room.


After she put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door…


“!!!!!!!!!” x2


There was a naked man and woman, connected and exposing their disheveled faces.


“Mom… Kenichi-kun…”


When Rino said that, the two of them twitched their bodies for a moment and looked in the direction of the door.


“Rino!” x2






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