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Chapter 27: Something Emerging


The morning after tomorrow.

I feel as if I’m at death’s door.

The day before yesterday things were really bad between Rino and Ayane-san.

I thought Ayane-san was angry with me for lying about my age, but she surprisingly forgave me.

And Rino,  who saw her own mother show her the maturity of an adult,  decided not to take her anger out on me, but still continued to glare at Ayane-san and apply silent pressure.

I calmed them both down, but it was only a stopgap measure.

In the end, Rino kicked me out of the house, and I spent Sunday on edge, until now.

“Kenichi, you look like a zombie today.”

“Ah, ahh…”

Yuto looked at me with concern, but I remained silent and kept moving my legs.

Because I was feeling something dark behind me.



“Did you have fun on Saturday”


Seeing Rino’s eyes all dead, all I could do was to keep my mouth shut and my head down.



A different kind of dark atmosphere came over me.

“Yu, Yuna…”

Yuna, the blonde gal, glared at me.

What the h**l are you mad about…

“Ahaha… Kenichi, you’re a real young man, aren’t you Sorry to interrupt.

See you later.”

“Oh, hey!”

Yuto, you’re just running away because you don’t want to get involved!

I shot him a vindictive look, but he didn’t look at me anymore.

Yuna opened her mouth meaningfully to me as I was looking uncomfortable.

“You and my mom get along great, huh.”


Yuna said something thought-provoking, to which I reacted right away.

Rino, of all people, followed after.

“Hiragi-san What happened to your mother”

“None of your business.”

Yuna responded to Rino with a dismissive attitude.

Then Rino suddenly went over to Yuna and gave her an earful.


“!!! You, for real”

“H-Hiragi-san, can you spare some time for lunch I need to talk to you.”

“… Hmm.


The two of them exchanged a conversation which was a mystery and walked away from me at a quick pace.


[Rino & Yuna’s side]

As soon as they finished their morning classes, they then turned down their respective friends and then came to the backyard, which wasn’t really a popular place.

“So how do you know that my mama and Kenichi are in love”

“That’s it…”

“Answer me quickly.”

Yuna grew frustrated by Rino’s indecisive attitude.

“Kenichi-kun, he’s very much in love with my mother.”

“Wha What”

“Hot-hot passionate love… it’s really starting to make my insides boil.”

“… Are they really that close”

“They’ve even had s*x.”


Yuna widened her eyes in surprise.

But eventually, her expression gradually darkens and she then said,

“So, if he has messed with your mom, then my mama too…”

“There’s a strong possibility.”

“… that look on Mama’s face, she’s definitely doing it.”

Yuna looked up at the blue sky and her face contorted.

Silence falls for a while.

The sound of sparrows chirping, the sound of boys playing soccer on the field, and the sound of their breathing can be heard.

These two can’t hate Kenichi.

Because he protected their family, their one and only precious family.

Besides, their mother’s appearance is really only mid-twenties, no joke.

So there is a high probability that Kenichi probably fell in love with their mother without knowing anything.

A man whom they wanted to hate but cannot hate, 

Whenever they think of him, their hearts flutter, 

Or rather, thinking of the manliness of the man who saved their mother, made their whole body throb with excitement.

“Hey, Hiragi-san.”


“Do you still love Kenichi”

“What about you”

“I love him.

How about you, Hiragi-san”


Rino, who had always been vague about her feelings, now said clearly how she felt.

Seeing Rino’s imposing attitude, Yuna also,

“Of course I love him! I wouldn’t let my mama take him away from me!”

“That’s it!”



Until now, the two have been at odds.

As rivals in love, the two were trying to kick each other down.

But a huge and powerful enemy appeared in front of them.

“You see.”

“What is it”

“If we don’t do something, we’re going to lose.”

“… I agree.

My mom is so beautiful, and she’s so… much more attractive as a woman than I am…”

“My mama is very strong, not only that, she’s also… honestly more attractive than I am.

I’m not sure why she hasn’t aged in spite of her age!”

With that said, they both despaired.


“Hiragi-san! It’s too early to give up!”


“Because we’re young! And no matter how you look at it, me and Hiragi-san’s mother doing something like that with Kenichi is… still wrong!”


Hearing Rino’s words, Yuna’s eyes moistened as if she was a little moved.


“That’s right! We’re young! No matter how attractive those two are, they’re still just old ladies!I mean, what are they doing that they don’t deserve their age That’s why we’ve to teach Kenichi how good the spiffy JK can be, then we’re all set!”


“Call me Yuna.”

“Yu, Yuna.”

“Ri… Rino.”


Thus a friendship sprouted between the two.


It’s not a good idea to fight, folks.


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