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Chapter 29: What is a Friend


Next day.


I was feeling a little awkward today, the day after having a hardcore time with the two.


This was because their daughters, Rino and Yuna, go to the same school as me.


And Rino is in the same class as me.




As I sighed, Rino looked back at me.




The moment her eyes met mine, she suddenly twitched and looked forward…


Clearly aware of me…


“Oh God… Uchida-san, you’ve been conscious of me lately… could it be that you have feelings for me”


“No, for all intents and purposes, she was looking at me, you know Are your eyes just decoration”


And the guys sitting behind me started arguing.




I rested on my chin and waited for the bell to ring.



During lunch break.


I was in the class, chatting with Yuto while eating lunch together.


“Yuto, you’re helping out at work again today”


“Haha… I get paid for my part-time work, so I don’t feel bad, but things have been so hectic lately.”


“I’m free today.

Do you want me to help you I’m good at heavy lifting.”


“It’s fine! Anyways, I have a feeling that something good is going to happen to Kenichi today.”


“Good thing”



Kenichi has always had a hard time.

So I’m sure something good will happen soon.”




Yuto’s fortune telling tends to be crazy accurate.


I wonder what’s going to happen today.


I ate my meal with a flutter of anticipation.


And the next thing I knew, it was now after school.


As planned, Yuto left school first to help his father with his work.


“Good thing, huh.”


I wonder if it’s related to Ayane-san and Natsuko-san.

Yesterday was seriously already too good to be true, but now there’s more


With that in mind, I too took off my jacket and changed my shoes before leaving the entrance.




“Hey, you.”






Suddenly two girls tugged on my hands.


What’s there to hide about It’s Rino and Yuna.


The two girls brought me to the less popular spot at the vending machine then released my hands and gave me a serious look.






“W-what is it”


The two of them soon began to fidget.

But then, as if determined, Rino opens her mouth.


“I love you, Kenichi!”




I couldn’t believe my ears.

And that’s as it should be.

Because, from that Rino’s mouth…


“Hey! Rino! Why did you say it first Ahh, mou! I love Kenichi, too!”


“Yuna too…”


I was taken aback when I suddenly received a confession from the two Madonnas at school.


As I was flabbergasted, they started to explain.


“I knew I should have told you exactly how I felt from the beginning… I’m sorry I hid it from you until now…”


Rino said, her magenta eyes moistening.

And Yuna followed.


“I should have approached Kenichi earlier, too, instead of being weirdly stubborn… Actually, I’ve been in love with you ever since the day you saved me… but instead I said terrible things…”


Yuna had a languid expression on her face like a sinner after committing a mortal sin.


“Ah, no, I’ve already forgotten about it long ago, so don’t look so sad.”


I hurriedly said a few words of encouragement to the girls who were feeling down.



Rino was,


“But Kenichi-kun, you’re still going to continue to have an impure relationship with our mothers, right”



Her sharp words hurt like gouging out my heart.


Rino continues.


“That’s why, I’ve decided to be your s*x friend too.

So don’t sleep with my mother anymore.”


Yuna, not to be outdone, followed Rino’s lead.


“Me too! I can make Kenichi happier than my mother ever could! I’ll be yours too! In exchange, you’re not allowed to have s*x with my mom anymore!”




This is truly a siege.


If it turns out that I did something naughty with these two, Ayane-san and Natsuko-san will shackle me and my son’s life will be over.


But I can’t ignore their feelings.

Give them an answer.


Tell them.



“Ayane-san and Natsuko-san told me.

I can only have s*x with one of you.

And they also said that I should definitely marry the person with whom I have s*x.

So I can’t have that kind of relationship with you guys.”


“Wha!” x2


They were both upset.




If you dabble in the subject, it will come out in the wind someday.

Therefore, it is the right thing to tell things as they are.


Taking that step, I looked at them.


And suddenly.


Yuna’s appearance became strange.


“Kenichi… why don’t you just… Marry me”




“If you marry me, everything will be alright, right”


As I was perplexed, Rino suddenly snapped out of it and opened her mouth to Yuna.


“Yuna! What are you talking about! I was the first…”


“But, Rino, you dumped Kenichi before, right”


“! Yuna… saying that again…”


Rino replied, but then started to look at my face, perhaps feeling awkward.

Seeing her like that, Yuna said in a triumphant and confident tone.


“It was you, not I who dumped Kenchi~ so even if you flip it around now, it doesn’t convey how you feel at all.

They call people like you deceivers.”


“… Yuna.”


Rino’s face contorted in despair as Yuna mentioned that.


“Kenichi♫ Let’s go! I’ll show you the real me.”


“Huh, Yuna! Don’t pull on me! Hey!”


No matter how much I resisted, Yuna grabbed my arm firmly without altering her complexion and left here.


[Rino’s side]




She was feeling pain in her chest as she watched their backs as they left.


Even though she was holding back her huge, bombastic marshmallows, this pain doesn’t seem to go away.


And her eyes.


Were long since faded.


The gaze that seems to be overflowing with something black and dusky was still capturing the two who left.


In a single day, Rino and Yuna’s friendship collapsed.





It’s a very realistic, very antsy story.


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