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Chapter 264


His strong and resolute eye were full of inextricable tenderness.

He smiled lightly and said.

“A few years ago, I once made a confession to you.

But I can see that you didn’t take that confession to heart at that time.

Now, I put the most important thing my mother gave me in your hands for you to believe me.”

Shi Ning spread out her palm, even if there was no sunlight the diamond on the necklace was still more dazzling than the stars in the sky.

“This necklace is really beautiful.

I heard that this necklace was inherited from your mother’s family for generations, and it was also worn by the British princess in the last century.

Later, spread to China through auction.”

“Such a good necklace, you must give it to a girl worthy of your love.”

“But that person, it can’t be me.”

After she finished, she returned the necklace to him.

“Why not you You deserve my love and I only love you.” He said with deep gaze.

“But I don’t love you.”

She didn’t want to hurt him, but if she didn’t refuse decisively, she was afraid that she would bring more harm to the other party in the future.

Nan Xiao tightened the palm that was holding the necklace into a fist as he lowered his hand.

“If you don’t love me, who do you love”

“Lin Suno or Jin Sihan, or that Wan Yue Or is it a new guy who you’ve met at your school.”

The first name made her feel guilty and made Shi Ning dropped her eyes slightly.

“You are right.

I have someone I like, but we aren’t together yet.

If I get together with him, I will tell you all in the future.”


He heard his heart breaking into pieces.

Seeing her shy look was telling him she was not lying to him, and that she really has someone she likes.

“It seems that we happened to bump into someone.” Nan Xiao suddenly said softly.

“Who is it” Hearing what he said, Shi Ning was about to look back.

Before her head could turn, she was already pulled into Nan Xiao’s embrace.

Shi Ning instinctively wanted to struggle but Nan Xiao’s hand covered the back of her head and held her in her arms.

He lowered his head and said in her ear.

“You can’t even give me a goodbye hug and refusing me so cruelly”

“You really……” Shi Ning struggled in his arms, helpless.

She just praised him for becoming mature, so how could he still be so domineering.

Nan Xiao’s eyes fell in front of him, his vision was always good.

Even several meters away, he could still see the expression on Lin Suno’s face.

It was the first time that he had seen Lin Suno’s mood completely collapse.

Who could Shi Ning like

She has only been in school for a month or two, and it was impossible for her to fall in love with others so quickly.

Jin Sihan, he knew that Shi Ning only regarded him as her younger brother.

After excluding them one by one, there was only one answer left.

He had a hunch.

The person she likes was Lin Suno.

In the end, he was a step too late.

But it doesn’t matter.

It’s not the end.

Nan Xiao’s vision collides with Lin Suno in the air.

His gaze was fierce and possessive, while Lin Suno gaze was cold and repressed, like an ice river in the middle of winter

Nan Xiao didn’t let go until Lin Suno left.

Shi Ning punched him on the shoulder and said.

“Even if it’s a goodbye hug, you can’t hold it for so long.”

She was so angry that she was taken advantage of so much for nothing.

“I could hug you longer if I wasn’t thinking of you.” Nan Xiao said.

Shi Ning: “I take back what I said before.

It’s not decent to wear this military uniform on you at all, it has given a rogue vibe instead.”

“That’s just good for you.”

Sure enough, after knowing the other party’s intentions, it feels a bit awkward to be friends again.

It just feels different.

Not to mention that Nan Xiao has just confessed to her seriously.

“Well, if you’re going to give up anyway, I won’t argue with you this time.” Shi Ning said with a straight face.

“Who said I would give up” His thin lips were slightly hooked, and his dark eyes were half closed.

Shi Ning: “Isn’t that the hug before was for saying goodbye”

She was hugged by him, but he didn’t admit giving up

Nan Xiao: “That’s because I’m here temporarily today, and I have to go back tomorrow morning.

This farewell is simply about leaving your city.”

When he said this just now, his tone was so mournful as if there was an overwhelming sadness surrounding him.

He hugged her for a long time just because he was leaving the city

She thought that Nan Xiao had thought about it thoroughly and decided to give up on her.

“I find you shameless.” She said to Nan Xiao, she could hear her teeth grinding when she said this.


He put his hand in his military trousers pocket.

Suddenly, he bent down and put his head in front of Shi Ning.

His obsidian eyes meet hers.

“Shining, listen carefully.”

“I, will never give up.”

The last few words, he said with extreme force, every word seemed to fall into her heart.


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