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Chapter 30: Making Things Difficult

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When Chun Tao saw Shen Miao, she quickly approached the carriage and said something to the people in it. Then, Shen Miao saw the curtain of the carriage being lifted.

Inside the first carriage, there were Shen Yue, Shen Qing, Ren Wanyun, and Chen Ruoqiu. When the four of them saw Shen Miao, they could not help but be stunned. Chen Ruoqius eyes flashed, but Ren Wanyun frowned. “Fifth Sister, why are you dressed so plainly”

“Thats right.” Shen Qing couldnt wait to say, “That outfit doesnt look good. I think youd better wear something bright. I still have a bright yellow dress in my room. Chun Tao, take Fifth Sister to change into that dress. Why arent you wearing any jewelry too People who dont know might think that the Generals Mansion is treating you badly.”

As a matter of fact, Shen Qing was jealous.

She was born with a pretty face and looked like a very well-behaved daughter of a rich family. However, what she cared about the most was that her skin was not very fair and was a little wheat-colored. Who did not want their skin to be snow-white She did not dare to say anything about Shen Yues fair skin, but Shen Miaos skin was fair too. Today, Shen Miao was wearing a green dress, making her skin look even whiter. This way, among the three daughters of the Shen family, Shen Qing would be the one with the dullest skin, so she was naturally unhappy.

Shen Yue carefully sized up Shen Miao. She saw that the hairpin Shen Miao was wearing was quite exquisite. Coupled with the lotus-green dress, Shen Miao actually looked very dignified, and she did not wear those gold and silver jewelry. Shen Yue smiled and said, “Fifth Sister, putting aside the clothes, you have to wear jewelry. After all, you are the face of our family. Grandma will be unhappy to see you dressed like this. Moreover, why do you have such a hairstyle You are still young, that hairpin doesnt fit you.”

Gu Yu was so angry that her face turned pale. However, as a servant, she could not go against them. She gritted her teeth in hatred, thinking to herself that the second and third branches of the Shen family were all up to no good.

After they finished speaking, they saw that Shen Miao did not say a word. She just smiled at them, thinking about something. Finally, Shen Qing felt a little uncomfortable under that gaze and shouted at the maid standing by the carriage, “Chun Tao, what are you waiting for Hurry up and take Fifth Sister to change her clothes.”

“No need.” Shen Miao interrupted her and put on a sad expression. “Theres a reason why I dressed up like this today. I like the jewelry Second Aunt gave me very much. Its not that I dont want to wear it.”

The few of them looked at each other, not knowing what Shen Miao meant. Gu Yu and Jingzhe also looked at each other in confusion.

“My father is now far away in the northwest, leading the soldiers in a bloody battle. The Xiongnu have not retreated, and the soldiers are dressed in heavy and cold armors. I am ashamed that I live in the capital surrounded by gold and silver jewelry and get to enjoy poems and flowers.” Shen Miao lowered her head and her voice slightly. “Last night, a Bodhisattva entered my dream and asked me to pray. I made up my mind that I wont wear luxury clothes or jewelry until my father returns.”

No one expected Shen Miao to suddenly say such a thing. She was usually so timid that she would have a hard time articulating herself, let alone say something so deep. Shen Yue and Shen Qing were both so shocked that they were speechless. Chen Ruoqiu rubbed her forehead and was deep in thought. On the other hand, Ren Wanyun looked a little embarrassed. If Shen Miao prayed for her father, shouldnt the rest of the Shen family do the same However, Ren Wanyun definitely wouldnt agree to her daughter going to the chrysanthemum banquet dressed like that. Ren Wanyun gritted her teeth and advised lovingly, “Even so, youre still a young lady. Why do you have to be so serious Its just a banquet. Relax…”

Shen Miao suddenly bowed to Ren Wanyun. “Second Aunt, please allow me to fulfill my filial piety.”


Shen Miao was standing at the entrance of the Shen familys mansion, and there were many passers-by coming back and forth. When Shen Miao bowed, the passers-by could not help but look at her curiously.

Ren Wanyun was put on the spot. How could she stop Shen Miao from fulfilling her filial wish

She was already in the wrong for not praying for his brother-in-law who was fighting in the battle, now of course, she couldnt stop Shen Miao from doing so.

Ren Wanyuns face turned pale. She did not expect Shen Miao to come up with that answer. What made her even more frustrated was that she could not refuse. Ren Wanyun quickly asked Chun Tao to help Shen Miao up and said, “Its good that you want to pray for your father. Of course Auntie wont stop you. Now, get on the carriage and lets head out together.”

Shen Qing was still a little unhappy, but she could not refute her mother. However, Shen Yue and her mother seemed to have noticed something, and when they looked at Shen Miao again, their gazes were different.

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“However,” Ren Wanyun smiled and said, “Our carriage is too full to accommodate another person. I asked the butler to prepare another one for you. Its spacious too. You can follow us in the second carriage. Well go in together later.”

Every year, Shen Miao would sit in the same carriage with them, but this year, they obviously did it on purpose.

Ren Wanyun also had her own thoughts. Shen Qing was at the age of marriage, but Shen Xins official position was higher than Shen Guis, so the families would first consider Shen Miao. Shen Miao was not smart, if she was left alone, shed probably make a fool of herself. By contrast, Shen Qing would look more generous and lady-like.

Therefore, she specially prepared two carriages. Since Chen Ruoqiu and her daughter had the same idea as her, she naturally wouldnt reject them.

“Alright, as you wish.” Shen Miao smiled.

Ren Wanyun was still a little surprised. She did not expect Shen Miao to agree so easily. Shen Miao had always been timid. Previously, she was always sticking to Shen Yue and Shen Qing, thinking that it would be too embarrassing to sit in an empty carriage. She did not expect that Shen Miao would agree without a moment of hesitation.

In this way, it seemed like all the things she prepared to say were unnecessary.

“If theres nothing else, I will get on the carriage.” She bowed to the four of them and got into her carriage.

The carriage was considered spacious, but it was not as exquisite as Ren Wanyuns.

Gu Yu said angrily, “Not only did they make Miss sit alone, but they even asked Miss to follow them. These people are definitely up to no good.”

Jingzhe looked at Shen Miao worriedly and sighed.

Shen Miao looked at the snacks in her hand and clenched them tightly while lost in a deep thought.

They wanted to distance themselves from the first branch and make Shen Miao a joke so that her father, Shen Xin, would be embarrassed.

However, in this life, Shen Miao would let them get what they wanted.



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