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“So, these so-called bizarre things that happened in the State House were simply because of the relationship problems between the students” Officer Ozawa was quite surprised.

He did not expect this result.

After all, it was difficult to explain everything that had happened.

“Ill take care of the things in the State House, so there is no need for everyone to worry about it,” said Tegami Fujikata.

“I apologize for making everyone concerned about my affairs,” said Kaede Takahashi.

“Miss Lingling, if you only resolved the personal grievances of these young people as a Seven-Star Hunter Master, then there is no need to hold this emergency meeting.” The Chief of the Towers was unhappy with Lingling.

From the perspective of the Chief of the Towers, these matters pale in comparison to Ki Kurokawas location.

Everyone had their ideas and was prepared to act in ways that were absurd due to the extremely stressful environment throughout the Twin Guardian Towers.

It would take too long to take action against them.

“If you want to know the whereabouts of Ki Kurokawa, you need to listen to me patiently because they are all related to the next thing Im going to say,” Lingling said.

“Cant you just tell us where Ki Kurokawa is” The Chief of the Towers was angry.

“Chief, please listen to Lingling.

Even if the matter is urgent, we can still spare some time.

Besides, the Twin Guardian Towers are on lockdown, so Ki Kurokawa cant escape,” said Katana Mochizuki.

Lingling ignored the impatient Chief of the Towers and continued, “Lets talk about the officer who committed suicide.

He used to be the guard of the East Guardian Towers.

He blamed himself for murdering Akematsu, who was framed and imprisoned.

Recently, he had the symptoms of a mental disorder as he said he could always see the ghosts of those who died.

He could not bear the guilt and torture, so he chose to commit suicide.”

The Chief of the Towers snorted coldly but did not interrupt Lingling this time.

Everyone knew what Lingling was talking about, and the death of Nagayamas uncle was not included among the strange incidents.

Ultimately, he was affected by his own guilt and the opinions of others.

Nobody was shocked when he decided to end his life.

“While were on the subject, we should bring up the Evil Gang thats hanging around the East Guardian Towers.

The East Guardian Towers security personnel formerly faced a serious danger from the Evil Gang, which had amassed a sizable number of inmates.

Did you give the order to assassinate every member of the Evil Gang, Chief” Lingling asked the Chief of the Towers.

The Chief of the Towers, Shigekyo, glanced at everyone present.

This matter was not a secret inside the Twin Guardian Towers, so he admitted without hesitation.

“Yes, I issued an order to kill all the members and let the prisoners serving their sentences have their souls extracted in advance.”

“Then have you thought about the problem” Lingling said.

“What problem”

“The people you ordered to kill were not members of the Evil Gang but those who did not join or were unwilling to join the Evil Gang,” said Lingling.

When Shigekyo learned it, his face transformed.

He violently slammed the table.


Katana Mochizuki, Tegami Fujikata, General Takuichi, Chihaya Mochizuki, and Officer Ozawa were all shocked.

“H-How is that possible At that time, we had gotten rid of the Evil Gang.

Although we did kill some innocent prisoners in the process, we got to curb the expansion of the Evil Gang.

It was inevitable.

Miss Lingling, maybe you are mistaken How could the chief, soldiers, and guards executing at that time carry out a completely different order” In an effort to lighten the mood, Officer Ozawa attempted a smile despite the heavy atmosphere.

“Since many innocent people were killed, it meant that you guys could not distinguish the members of the Evil Gang.

Was it possible that the Evil Gang was quite large in East Guardian Towers, but some people refused to obey them, such as the righteous Akematsu”

“After the Chief of the Towers realized this force was growing, the head of the Evil Gang wanted to get rid of the gang in advance.

Therefore, he put innocent prisoners and those who refused to join them on the list of members.

Then, he made good use of the chiefs order to kill them, so the gang had control of the entire East Guardian Towers.”

While speaking, Lingling paced, but her gaze was questioningly fixed on the Chief of the Towers.

The conference hall was silent.

They could only hear Linglings light footsteps and her terrifying inferences.

Shigekyo, the Chief of the Towers, began to breathe heavily.

“Nonsense! Nonsense! You are only a little girl.

You know nothing! Have you lived through that period Do you even know what happened inside Akematsu joined the Evil Gang out of resentment because he believed that he was falsely accused.

This was a fact at the time.

Why do you say that we wronged him Why should we accept this criticism” Shigekyo said angrily.

“Chief, you dont have to be so angry.

I think you were also misled by others about this matter.

At that time, you would never have thought that in addition to the prisoners being brainwashed by the Evil Gang, someone in your security team also might have joined the Evil Gang,” Lingling said to Shigekyo.

Hearing Linglings remarks, the irate chief was startled and sat stiffly back in his chair.

“Chief” Katana Mochizuki stared at the Chief of the Towers in horror.

Linglings recent statement was nothing more than a supposition, thus the Chief of the Towers was justified in reprimanding her.

After all, if Lingling was correct, the Chief of the Towers committed a grave sin that could not be atoned for.

Even if Linglings assumption was reasonable, everyone still did not quite believe it.

Even the Chief of the Towers scowled at her claims.

Katana Mochizuki and Tegami Fujikata realized that Linglings assumptions might be true since the Chief of the Towers looked so panicked!

Why else would the Chief of the Towers react in this way

Could it be that all the people killed at that time were not even members of the Evil Gang

The Evil Gang was in charge of the East Guardian Towers as a whole at that time.

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