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Chapter 11: Poaching

“Miss Yu, your acting is really good. Youre very talented!”

“Thats right. I was really affected by you just now!”

“You have a bright future ahead of you. Youll definitely be famous in the future!”

The actors who were acting with Yu Han just now rushed forward and praised Yu Han.

They had suffered a lot when they acted with Fang Qing previously. It was worlds apart compared to Yu Han.

Yu Han humbly thanked them one by one.

Fang Qing watched this scene from the side and gritted her teeth in anger.

When Yu Han entered the dressing room backstage, Fang Qing followed her in. Fang Qings face was terrifyingly dark. She immediately told the makeup artist beside her to get out. “Get out!”

The makeup artist knew that Fang Qing was not to be trifled with, so she could only endure her anger and leave first.

“Yu Han, how dare you snatch the role from me” Fang Qing stood behind Yu Han and stared viciously at the two figures in the mirror.

Yu Han raised her eyebrows and lazily glanced at the distorted face in the mirror. She elegantly touched up her lipstick and said calmly, “What are you talking about, Sister Fang Qing I dont understand. Its not that you dont want to act, but the director asked me to do it”

Who could she blame when she didnt want to act

Fang Qing was at a loss for words, but she became even angrier. She reached out to pull Yu Hans hair.

Yu Han reacted quickly. She stood up and pushed the chair away, knocking Fang Qing away.

Fang Qing fell to the ground in disbelief!

She had a backer and a sugar daddy to support her, so she was famous for being unruly and unreasonable. Only she could hit others, no one else could hit her!

“Do you not want to stay in the industry anymore Do you believe that Ill ban you Even if I didnt want to act, it wont be your turn to take advantage of me!”

Fang Qing scolded without caring about her image.

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Yu Han looked down at Fang Qing coldly. “Really You can try.”

“Damn it, I must teach you a lesson today!” Fang Qing was so angry that she got up and raised her hand, wanting to hit Yu Han.

Yu Han grabbed her hand and pushed it back fiercely. Fang Qing was defeated again. She slammed into the makeup table. The things on the table fell to the ground.

The makeup artist rushed over with Director Fu. She was afraid that Fang Qing would cause trouble, so she went to “complain” to Director Fu.

As expected, there was a commotion at the door.

“Fang Qing, what are you doing!” Director Fu questioned Fang Qing the moment he entered.

Anyway, he knew Fang Qings character very well. She must have caused trouble first.

Moreover, there was no need to worry about Fang Qing anymore with Yu Han around.

“Director Fu, look at the person you found. She doesnt know how to respect her seniors at all. She has no manners!” Fang Qing held her aching waist and shouted at the director in exasperation.

Director Fu couldnt be bothered with this woman. Instead, he waved at Yu Han and said pleasantly, “Little Yu, lets go out and take a look at the highlights of the next few scenes.”

Yu Han knew that Director Fu was trying to help her out so that she wouldnt continue to confront Fang Qing. She nodded and left.

“Alright! Ill remember you two!”

Fang Qing almost vomited blood. She had completely become a despised street rat on set.

Ning Jing hurried over when she found out that something had happened here, afraid that Yu Han would be bullied. She didnt expect to see Yu Han and Director Fu walking out of the dressing room chatting and laughing as if nothing had happened.

Instead, Fang Qing, who came out later, actually needed her assistant, Lang Yu, to support her. She seemed to be slightly injured.

“Sister Fang Qing, lets go back first...” Lang Yu stammered, looking nervous.

It was obvious that he was often mistreated by Fang Qing, so he was very timid.

Fang Qing was very annoyed. She was furious when she heard Lang Yus voice. She kicked him again as if she was treating a dog, causing Lang Yu to fall to the ground.

“You good-for-nothing. You cant even do anything with your salary. I was bullied inside, but you didnt react at all. Youre just like a dead person. From today onwards, youre fired. Go back to the countryside and feed the pigs!”

Fang Qings insults were very loud, and everyone who heard them felt very uncomfortable.

Although Lang Yus body was in pain, he still begged humbly when he heard Fang Qings words, “Sister Fang Qing, I was wrong. Dont fire me. I will do my best in the future...”

Yu Han looked at the man who kept begging and felt very sympathetic.

Fang Qing did not end up well in the book. She was destined to suffer retribution with her lousy personality. In the end, this assistant, who was ordered around by her like a dog, stood on her side and protected her.

Fang Qing did not want such a loyal assistant, but Yu Han did!

“I happen to lack an assistant. Why dont you work for me” Yu Han extended an olive branch to Lang Yu.



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