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Chapter 13: My Prince Charming

The next scene began. It was a crying scene in the rain. The artificial rain was ready, and Yu Han was kneeling in the rain, gathering her emotions.

This scene was about the death of the father of the character in the drama. Her father died of illness because of unfair treatment. From then on, only she and her younger brother were left in the world.

The rain poured down, and the pedestrians on the road were in a hurry. The young girl knelt at the door of the house and looked at the empty house. Tears and rain blurred her vision. She kept sobbing and muttering to her father.

“Dad, Dad, how could you leave me and my brother...”

Yu Han had been an orphan since she was young and did not have parents. It was a little difficult for her to get herself into the character, but her rich experience as an extra provided her with strong support. In the past, she liked to act as a maid from a rich family. Then, she would ponder over their acting characteristics as she stood at the side and watched the female leads emotions.

Whether it was the embellishment of her emotions or the sorrow in her voice, she portrayed them vividly!

A child actor ran over from afar and knelt beside Yu Han. He was the younger brother in the drama. She instinctively hugged him and used her body as an umbrella to shield him from the rain.

This small detail was not in the script. Yu Hans actions were completely instinctive, but they gained Director Fus praises!

“Look, this is her natural talent. Her actions completely show how protective an older sister is of her younger brother. It also shows her characters gentle and strong personality from the details!”

Director Fu said excitedly.

Ji Jun watched quietly from the side. His standard had always been high, but this time, he had to admit that Yu Han had indeed performed very well.

Although her acting techniques were greater than her emotions, she was already considered excellent for a newcomer.

After the scene, Yu Hans entire body was wet and she was in a sorry state. Ning Jing immediately went forward and wrapped her up in a large towel when Director Fu shouted “CUT”.

“Little Hanhan, youre awesome. Go take a hot shower! Dont catch a cold!” Ning Jing looked happy.

Yu Han sneezed and felt a chill run down her spine.

“Alright.” She nodded and shifted her gaze, only to meet Ji Juns gaze again.

At that moment, Ji Jun actually smiled at Yu Han as if he was greeting her.

Yu Han was a little confused. Didnt the book say that Ji Jun didnt like the bodys original host at all He hated her kind of empty vessels who relied on her family background to get resources in the entertainment industry.

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Not only that, Ji Jun also rejected the original owner because the two of them were engaged when they were young.

After all, he did not want to marry a woman he did not like.

That was why he agreed so easily later when the host proposed to cancel the engagement.

Why didnt he follow the plot Yu Han recalled the few times she met Ji Jun after she transmigrated. Not only did she not feel the so-called disgust and alienation, she even felt that Ji Jun seemed to be paying attention to her.

Could it be the so-called butterfly effect From the moment she transmigrated into the book, everything had unknowingly changed...

Yu Han analyzed the situation in her heart as she followed the crew to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she passed by Ji Jun, he suddenly stood up and said coldly, “Miss Yu.”

“Ah” Yu Han came back to her senses and looked up at Ji Jun in confusion.

This person was indeed a beauty with no blind spots!

Even when she looked up at him from an unflattering angle, he still looked charming and handsome.

“We just met at the birthday banquet. Dont you remember me” Ji Jun asked deliberately.

Yu Han instantly put on an official smile. “Of course I remember. Youre my Prince Charming!”

Prince Charming again. Ji Jun felt an inexplicable urge to laugh. Why was she treating her Prince Charming in such a perfunctory way

Director Fu watched this scene from the side and was secretly shocked. Yu Han dared to offend Fang Qing directly earlier and she seemed to know Ji Jun too. It seemed like she had a powerful background.

With her background, connections, and talent, she would definitely be a popular artist in the entertainment industry in the future!

What kind of person was hiding behind this smiling face

Ji Jun was curious about this, so he couldnt help but want to provoke her and see when she would reveal her true colors.

“You did well just now. Keep up the good work.” Ji Juns slender and well-proportioned hand gently landed on Yu Hans wet head, patting it like he was petting a kitten.

“...” Yu Han.

In the book, when Ji Jun first saw the original hosts acting skills, his expression was extremely dark. He belittled the original host with just a few words.

But at this moment, he was actually praising her!

At this moment, someone said weakly, “Director Fu, Assistant Director Ning, look at Weibo... Miss Yu has been put up on it by Fang Qing.”



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