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Chapter 17: Ji Juns Little Girl

“She doesnt have a management company or manager now. I cant help her much. If someone can help her...” Director Fus words were very obvious. He just wanted Ji Jun to help.

It was really simple with Ji Juns influence!

How could Ji Jun not know what Director Fu meant He looked up. “She doesnt seem to need my help.”

“Ahem. Well, she must be too embarrassed to ask. Shes young and has just entered the industry. Also, its fate that she said shes your fan.” Director Fu looked sincere.

The corners of Ji Juns lips curled up slightly. He felt that it was rather good when he heard Yu Han say that she was his fan.

His phone was still vibrating non-stop. Lin Zi had sent him many messages urging him to go back. Normally, he would have been impatient, but he was in an exceptionally good mood today.

“Your production team can post a photo of Yu Han. Ill repost it.”

Ji Juns answer meant that he had agreed to help Yu Han.

Director Fu was overjoyed and immediately logged onto Weibo.

The source of this content is nov/el/b/in[./]net'

[@Fang Qing will also work hard today @YourGreenCollar @Fang Qings fan club, this is a photo of Yu Han and Fang Qings makeup. The production team will select whoever is more suitable for the role!]

Because Yu Han joined the production team at the last minute, the photos were also taken at the last minute without any photoshop refinement.

Meanwhile, Fang Qings makeup photo was very exquisite.

Even so, she was worlds apart from Yu Han!

They had the same hairstyle, the same makeup, and the same clothes, but they gave off a completely different feeling.

Fang Qings beauty was superficial, and there was an uncomfortable sharpness in her eyes that did not match the characters in the drama.

On the other hand, Yu Han was as elegant and generous as an orchid. Her eyes shone with a gentle light, and her oval-shaped face that was full of collagen was very tight. She had a temperament that made people unable to take their eyes off her.

Fang Qings fans, who were originally scolding Yu Han enthusiastically, immediately fell silent.

Some other people appeared and were stunned.

[Shes so beautiful. Shes simply a fairy!]

[I really didnt expect her to crush Fang Qing... I fell into a deep silence...]

[Im just a passerby. Im not either of their fans, but objectively speaking, Yu Han is indeed more suitable for the characters temperament. Dont scold me!]

[... I used to think that Fang Qing was quite pretty, but why does she look like a little hillbilly when compared to Yu Han She seems to be darker than Yu Han.]

With just one photo, Yu Han instantly gained a group of fans who liked good-looking celebrities.

On the other end, Fang Qing, who was about to put on makeup, also saw this Weibo post. Seeing that the passersby had all changed sides and agreed with Yu Han, she gritted her teeth in anger. “These blind people, dont they have good taste!”

After saying that, she threw her phone on the dressing table in frustration. She was about to explode.

At this moment, a man walked over and sat down at the side. He was wearing a gray casual outfit. He was slender and handsome. He glanced at the phone on the table. It was Yu Hans photo.

A faint smile appeared on her beautiful face, and the light in her eyes was fixed. It was unforgettable.

Li Weis expression froze when she saw Yu Han.

“Teacher Li Wei1, whats wrong” The makeup artist saw that Li Wei had stopped moving and asked softly with a red face.

Li Wei was really handsome. Her heart skipped a beat.

Li Wei smiled and shook his head. “Im fine.”


Ji Jun had yet to leave the set of “The Splendor of the Republic of China”. He saved the photo of Yu Han that Director Fu had posted and posted it on Weibo.

Ji Jun:

[The little girl I met when I was visiting the set is very talented in acting. She has a promising future. Good luck. @Yu Han @Director Fu Tian @The Splendor of the Republic of Chinas production team.]

The photo attached was Yu Hans makeup photo.

The next second, Weibo exploded.

With tens of millions of fans, Ji Juns Weibo account was practically only for show. Other than the necessary work publicity, his personal status was zero. Todays status was considered his first personal status.

Ji Juns post soared to the top of the trending searches and Fang Qing and Yu Hans popularity was suppressed.

In just a few minutes, the fans had already imagined a melodramatic love story between Ji Jun and Yu Han. The top big boss of the entertainment industry and his new sweet wife

Very quickly, the Weibo system went down. Whether they were Ji Juns fans or not, they all flooded Yu Hans Weibo and started to flood the screen, questioning her relationship with Ji Jun.

Ning Jing, who was about to post a Weibo post to support Yu Han, realized that her Weibo refresh had failed and her account had dropped. She was confused.



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