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Chapter 18: Ji Juns Dirty FanFictions

After Yu Han showered and changed into her own clothes, she returned to the event location.

Ning Jing jogged to her side and urged excitedly, “Hurry up and go on Weibo to take a look!”

“Whats wrong” Yu Han was shocked by Ning Jings excitement.

“Weibo was paralyzed earlier. It just recovered. Youll know when you see it!” Ning Jing was like a paparazzo, her eyes shining with gossip.

Could it be that her issue with Fang Qing had caused Weibo to be paralyzed

That was impossible. She was just a newcomer, and Fang Qing was not a big-name celebrity. How could they have such influence

Puzzled, Yu Han checked Weibo. Her private messages had exploded. Her Weibo fan count had already reached 250,000, and it was still increasing.

The trending topic on Weibo was: Ji Juns relationship may be exposed!

She clicked on it. Good lord, it was her photo!

Yu Han felt someone hit her head with a frying pan, making a buzzing sound.

She clicked on the s.

[Are you kidding me Dont tell me that Yu Han is really my idols sweetheart!]

[Ive fallen out of love. Friends who had lost a huge sum in stocks, please make way. Let me jump first, okay Boohoo...]

[Prince Charming, clarify... I cant accept this!!]

[Ahhh... How can my husband like another little vixen I dont even want to eat the cheese stick I just ordered.]

[Love and care from a mommy fan. The child has grown up, so he has to marry a wife.]

Ji Jun debuted at the age of 14 and was slightly older than a child star. However, his adorable appearance at that time still accumulated a lot of fans for him. The mommy fans1 were also veteran fans who had watched him grow up step by step.

Later on, he gained countless fans who liked him for his good looks, girlfriend fans, and among them, the girlfriend fans hated seeing him in love the most!

Because if he fell in love, his girlfriends and fans would all fall out of love!

Fortunately, Ji Juns fans were more cultured. They were more elegant than Fang Qings fans even when they were defaming people. They did not use dirty words when scolding people, but the words were still hurtful.

Yu Han checked her Weibo again. The insulting s from Fang Qings fans had already been wiped out by Ji Juns fans.

[Its impossible for my husband to like you. Give up!]

[You are a pretty girl. Dont attract any haters.]

[Does the sugar daddy behind you know our Brother Ji Is he just leading a newbie]

[I agree with the person above. He should be leading a newbie. Everyone, calm down. There was no gossip about our brother and Yu Han at all in the past. It should be just a collaboration.]

[Calm down. Well talk about it when the matter is clear.]

Because Yu Han was someone Ji Jun was protecting, even if these fans were unwilling, they still chose to stand on Ji Juns side on the surface.

Whenever Fang Qings fans came up to scold Yu Han, Ji Juns fans would retaliate.

For a moment, Yu Han had the illusion that Ji Juns fans were her fans.

Yu Han put down her hand and her gaze landed on Ji Jun. Things had already developed to this stage, yet he was actually resting with his eyes closed. It was as if he did not know how much trouble his interference had caused.

His side profile was already very exquisite. At this moment, his head was slightly tilted back against the back of the chair. His high nose bridge was very perfect, and the eyelashes on his tightly shut eyes were thick and long, like a small fan. His thin lips were a faint pink and very lustrous.

Especially when his chin reached his collarbone, his Adams apple that was raised had a fatal sexiness. Yu Han inexplicably thought of some inappropriate scenes.

For example, what would happen if she bit it

Ji Jun was famous for being cold and aloof. Usually, he gave off a feeling that it was difficult to get close to him. Even so, his physical condition was too good. There were always some fans who could not help but write some lewd short essays or fan fictions. They were all the kind that were a little dirty.

The original host had unintentionally read dirty novels about Ji Jun in the past. She didnt feel very good after reading them.

Now that those memories were directly transferred to Yu Han, why did she feel so clear and stimulated

What was she thinking!

Didnt she want to keep a distance from Ji Jun Did she want to drown in the fans saliva

Yu Han came back to her senses and wanted to slap herself. Lust was a knife above the head!

She thought about it and decided to upload the recording herself. She couldnt let Director Fu and the rest bear all the pressure.

[@Fang Qing will also work hard today @Fang Qings fan club, It is here. The truth you want!]

The audio was uploaded, and soon, her and Fang Qings voices came from inside.

Fang Qings aggressive “Get out” was already showing signs of something amiss!

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

“Yu Han, how dare you snatch the role from me” Fang Qings aggressive voice was full of arrogance.



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