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Chapter 21: Actually, I Can Do Everything

“Who cares The manager I arranged for you is my friend. Do you know He Meng” Chen Tians tone was filled with love. “Ive already given her your number. She should pick you up later and go to the new house to take a look.”

Hearing the name He Meng, Yu Han was speechless.

The name He Meng had appeared in the books before. She was a top manager in the entertainment industry. She entered the industry immediately after graduating from university at the age of 23 and the artist under her management became the Best Actor of two prestigious awards within three years.

From then on, she started the legendary life of a top manager.

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She had made many celebrities famous!

He Meng was also Stars Entertainments trump card. She usually wouldnt need to take care of newbies. With her qualifications, she didnt need to take care of anyone else.

“I thought she didnt take care of newbies” Yu Han couldnt help but ask.

Chen Tian was a little proud. “Your Little Uncle naturally has his way. Just follow her well.”

After hanging up with Chen Tian, Yu Hans heart jumped with joy.

With a good manager, it would be twice the result with half the effort!

He Mengs call came quickly. A crisp female voice came from the other end. “Im He Meng. Youre Yu Han, right Give me your location. Ill pick you up now. See you in half an hour.”

Yu Han immediately sent her location.

Half an hour later, a seven-seater stopped in front of her. The window rolled down, revealing a delicate baby face. She looked really cute.

She was He Meng1. Just like her name, she was very cute.

However, her personality was famous for being capable. It did not match her appearance at all.

Yu Han did not waste any time and immediately got into the car.

“Youre going to appear inThe Artists Refrigerator tomorrow, and its Ji Jun whos taking you along. What do you think” He Meng was a very efficient person to begin with, so she didnt say anything unnecessary.

Yu Han answered straightforwardly, “To keep a distance from him, of course.”

“Furthermore, Fang Qing, who had a huge fight with you today, is also one of the guests. What do you think of that” He Meng narrowed her eyes.

Yu Han smirked. “I dont mind another trending topic!”

A smile appeared on He Mengs face. “What do you think of your future development Being an actor Being an idol Being a variety star”

Yu Han replied confidently, “Actually, I can do everything.”

The smile on He Mengs face deepened. She clapped her hands. “Good, youre confident!”

After this simple exchange, Yu Han felt that she and He Meng got along very well.

She liked managers who paid attention to efficiency and didnt waste words. They didnt need to flatter her or suck up to her. All they needed to do was find resources for her and get down to business.

Under He Mengs lead, Yu Han arrived at the place Chen Tian had arranged for her.

Golden Cloud Bay was a high-end property under Chen Tians name. Its property prices were very expensive, but it was very private. Many celebrities and celebrities had properties here, and some entrepreneurs who valued their privacy also settled down here.

As He Meng opened the door, she said to Yu Han, “Your uncle said that if you want to pay rent, he will cut ties with you!”

After entering, He Meng took out the tablet she carried with her and started working. Yu Han started to familiarize herself with the environment.

Artists were rather busy with work. Whether it was filming television dramas or participating in variety shows, they were very likely to go overseas and rarely stayed at home. Hence, the house that Chen Tian arranged was not big. It was about 200 square meters, but the renovation was very elegant and high-end. The floor they chose was also the best.

They could still see the seaside from the balcony. Under the brilliant sunlight, the golden beach and the blue sea were very beautiful.

After walking around for a while, Yu Han stopped in a room. There were many drawing tools inside.

This was an art studio!

Yu Han suddenly remembered that the hosts mother, Chen Meng, was an artist, and her grandfather, Chen Hong, was also a famous Chinese painting artist. Although she had chosen the entertainment industry, Little Uncle and the others still hoped that she would not give up on painting.

It could also be considered a spiritual connection with her mother.

Before Yu Han transmigrated, she had collected some famous paintings. She was not very talented in drawing, but she was very interested, so she learned it herself whenever she was free. Later on, she even drew quite well. Some of her paintings were even sold for a high price, but she had never revealed her identity.

Chen Mengs figure appeared in her mind.

In the hosts memory, her mother, Chen Meng, was elegant, graceful, and a little cold. She always liked to draw everything under the sun. Occasionally, she would smile at her young daughter. She was very gentle, but there was also some indescribable sadness on her.



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