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Chapter 23: Theres No Harm Without Comparison

Yu Han went to her closet. Chen Tian had prepared the clothes for her in advance, and he was very considerate.

Every piece was expensive and suited her style very well.

She quickly chose a sky-blue dress with slightly princess-style bubble sleeves. It was just right and not exaggerated. Then, she tied a simple high ponytail and put on a pair of white shoes.

She was brimming with youth!

She was only 18 years old. There was no need for her to pretend to be mature.

This was her first time on a variety show, and it was also her first time officially showing her face. It was even earlier than “The Splendor of the Republic of China”, so she had to show her true self to the audience.

Lang Yu was stunned to see Yu Han after she went downstairs.

The sky-blue dress made her skin look very fair, as if it could glow. In addition, she was very beautiful and charming, making ones heart race.

Lang Yu drove Yu Han to the recording location.

The production team were already live-streaming when they entered.

Lang Yu could not follow her in anymore. He could only help Yu Han when the shows filming was paused. Hence, Yu Han had to carry her luggage herself.

“The Artists Refrigerator” was a food and lifestyle program with four permanent hosts and four guest stars.

The filming location of the program was rotated at the homes of the four permanent hosts.

Todays filming was at the house of a veteran artiste, Jiang Zhen. His house was in a classic Chinese style, and his courtyard was filled with flowers and plants. It looked very relaxing.

“Youre actually the first to arrive, little girl”

Jiang Zhen walked out in a white short-sleeved shirt and gray cropped pants, fanning himself.

“Hello, Teacher Jiang.” Yu Han immediately greeted him politely.

Jiang Zhen had been in the industry for 30 years and was already 50 years old. He had a son and a daughter. His daughter was about the same age as Yu Han, so he felt a sense of familiarity when he saw Yu Han.

Seeing that Yu Han was dressed appropriately and freshly, he felt even more satisfied.

At this moment, two more people walked out, chatting and laughing. One was the current Heavenly Queen of the music industry, Jiang Li, and the other was the great actor, Li Jin.

Both of them had powerful influence in the circle and their statuses were high.

Li Jin smiled at Yu Han. “Are you Yu Han Let me help you carry your luggage.”

He walked to Yu Hans side and helped her carry her luggage. At the same time, he reminded her softly, “This is a live-stream recording.”

Yu Han had actually noticed the cameras a long time ago. They were all flashing and recording, but Li Jins kindness still made her feel a little grateful. She nodded. “Thank you, Teacher Li.”

Just as they were about to enter, a piercing horn sounded behind them.

It was only six oclock. Before they came, Yu Han had told Lang Yu not to honk because it would disturb the other people living nearby.

A high-end seven-seater van slowly stopped and the door opened.

A pair of eight-centimeter high heels landed on the cobblestone path.

Because the cobblestones were a little uneven, the high heels obviously lost their balance and staggered.

Jiang Zhen was displeased when he saw this.

This person seemed to be here to walk the red carpet and not to participate in a lifestyle program.

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Who knew what she was pretending to be!

“Why are there cobblestones Seriously, I almost fell!” Fang Qing held onto the car door. The smile on her face that she had prepared earlier had stiffened as she muttered angrily.

Her complaints were recorded.

This pair of shoes was high-end custom-made. She had spent a lot of money just to show off today.

After all, Ji Jun and Li Wei were around!

It would not be worth it if it was broken by the rough cobblestones.

Fang Qings heart ached for her high heels. She actually raised one foot and ordered the new assistant in the car, “See if my shoes are broken!”

Immediately, the live-stream exploded.

[F*ck, its so disgusting. I cant stand her acting anymore. I vomited...]

[Fang Qing still has the cheek to come out]

[She seems to be from the red-light district... She looks very slutty!]

[Shes wearing such high heels. Looks like she doesnt plan to do anything. Shes just going to sit there and give orders, right]

[Tsk tsk, theres no harm without comparison. Look at Yu Han, she looks so much like me in my youth!]

While Fang Qings heart ached for the high heels, Li Jin kept helping Yu Han carry her luggage. It made her a little embarrassed. “Teacher Li, Ill do it myself!”

Jiang Li, who was at the side, immediately teased, “Its fine. Let him carry it. Let the men do this kind of physical work.”

Jiang Li and Li Jin had some scandals before. This familiar tone made Yu Hans gossipy soul burn furiously. She nodded. “Yes, yes!”



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