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Chapter 24: A Happy And Funny Persona

Yu Han walked in front with a few people, chatting and laughing, while Fang Qing...

No one paid any attention to her.

This cobblestone road was personally paved by Jiang Zhen. Fang Qing despised it the moment she arrived. How could he like that

Jiang Li didnt like Fang Qing either because he had interacted with her in the past. He didnt have a good impression of her so he wasnt going to help Fang Qing carry her luggage.

Moreover, Jiang Zhen, Jiang Li, and Li Jin were all her seniors.

The moment Fang Qing got out of the car, she was concerned about her high heels. She complained that she had to walk a lot, but she did not even greet them. She was not polite at all.

“Little Yu, look, are the little tomatoes planted by Uncle good Ill pick a basket for you when you go back. Tomatoes are great for beauty!”

Jiang Zhen pointed at the little tomatoes in the corner of the courtyard. They were bright red and very beautiful.

Yu Han nodded obediently. “Okay, thank you, Teacher Jiang.”

“Aiya, you can just call me Uncle Jiang. What teacher And this, you call Sister Jiang and that Brother Li.” For some reason, Jiang Zhen liked Yu Han very much. This little girls words and actions were very appropriate.

As a senior in the industry, Jiang Zhens image had always been very good. He gave off the feeling of a big brother and was very dignified.

Seeing that he was going to give the little tomatoes to Yu Han, the bullet screen1 was filled with laughter again.

[Pfft, Uncle Jiang, I want beauty treatments too. I want to eat tomatoes too. Sob sob sob...]

[If I see a little fairy like Yu Han, Ill just give her my entire fortune...]

[Its good to be young. Yu Han is so beautiful and cute. Let Auntie kiss you!]

[I suddenly feel that its not unacceptable if my Prince Charming Ji really has an affair with Yu Han. Ahhh, Im crazy!]

Someone brought Yu Han and Ji Jun together again.

That was what Ji Juns fans hated most. Instantly, some dissatisfied s appeared.

[Please dont drag our Brother Ji into this. Thank you.]

[Brother Jun is beautiful alone. Stop thinking about him.]

[No matter how beautiful Yu Han is, shes still a newcomer. Is she compatible with our brother Dont be too obsessed.]

Yu Han could not see these s anyway.

She remembered that the original host had also participated in some variety shows, but she probably didnt have any variety show talents and couldnt make herself relax. She was always instigated by Qin Yu and Qin Hong to pretend to be fake, causing her to not only not attract fans, but also be scolded often.

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In fact, the original host should be proud. Like her mother, she had a kind of pride in her bones. She had a strong family background and was beautiful. Such a girl was born to be the center of attention.

Yu Han wouldnt repeat the same mistake. She wouldnt be like the original host, who played a bad game even when she had a good hand.

She wanted to be a new person and live a different life!

After entering, Yu Han was brought to the sofa by Jiang Li to sit down. Li Jin thoughtfully placed the luggage back into her room.

“Little Yu, try Uncle Jiangs tea. Its the best Longjing tea!” Jiang Zhen personally brewed a cup of tea for Yu Han.

Yu Han thanked him politely. “Thank you, Uncle Jiang.”

Then, she began to take things out of her backpack.

Everyone looked at her expectantly. Then, they saw her take out some snacks, bread, and so on. The fragrance wafted over.

Jiang Lis eyes lit up. “Little Yu, did you make them yourself”

It was a food variety show. Everyone had to show off their skills.

Yu Han smiled sweetly. “No, I bought it at the cake shop yesterday. The cake shops snacks are superb. I specially brought them here for everyone to try!”

The smile on Jiang Lis face froze. What

At this time, shouldnt she take advantage of the situation and say that she made it herself, then establish the image of a cooking expert

Why was Yu Han so honest...

Li Jin, who had just returned, also heard Yu Hans answer. As celebrities, everyone would more or less put on a disguise. Of course, they had to do things that were beneficial to them.

Yu Han did not seem to have any intention of pretending.

“Little Yu, you have to say that you made them yourself. Otherwise, how can you get praised” Li Jin smiled.

Yu Hans face was filled with shock. She was not shocked by the content of these words, but by how Li Jin dared to say it so directly.

Was everyone so honest

She stared at the camera and mustered up all her acting skills. “Haha, I was just joking with everyone. Actually, I made them... Is it still in time”

Her words almost made Jiang Zhen spit out a mouthful of tea.

Jiang Li and Li Jin could not help but burst out laughing.

Why was this little girl so funny Was she going to create a happy and funny persona



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