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Chapter 26: The Desire To Survive

Jiang Zhen and the others were also stunned.

Who was Ji Jun He was a figure that stood at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. It was obvious how influential he was!

Him bringing Yu Han mille feuille crepe was like throwing a bomb!

“Haha, I remember now. You and Little Yu knew each other before. Youre still as nice to your friends as ever!” Jiang Zhen hurriedly helped her out.

He wasnt helping Ji Jun out of the situation. He was helping Yu Han.

If he did not find an appropriate reason, Yu Han would probably be killed by Ji Juns fans.

Ji Jun only smiled and did not deny it.

Fang Qing almost died of anger!

She did like Li Wei because she felt that he was within her reach. Li Wei was not a big shot and had more potential.

But in front of Ji Jun, everyone knew which one of them was more attractive.

That was Ji Jun, the dream lover of many women. Fang Qing was no exception. It was inevitable for her to fantasize.

Ji Juns fans were extremely powerful in the industry. In addition, Ji Jun was very cold and aloof. His family background was mysterious and powerful, so he could not be provoked. Fang Qing did not want to act rashly.

Many years ago, when Ji Jun was still a minor, some higher-ups of entertainment companies had designs on him and wanted to nurture him into their own money tree to control his fate.

In the end Those delusional people had disappeared without a trace in the industry.

Fang Qing glanced at Ji Jun and her heart raced. If she could catch the eye of a man like Ji Jun, she would even be willing to have a fling with him!

“Brother Ji Jun, I rushed here today and didnt have time to eat. I have gastric problems. Can you give me some” Fang Qing finally asked shamelessly.

That sweet voice didnt sound like she had gastric problems. It sounded like she was lovesick.

Li Wei frowned. Fang Qing was just trying to get close to him a moment ago. She would often contact him and deliberately tempt him. Now that she saw Ji Jun, she immediately leaned towards him

What a promiscuous woman!

Anger and indignation rose in Li Weis heart.

At this moment, Yu Han had already come down from upstairs. She immediately saw Ji Jun. After all, his height and appearance were really dazzling.

Ji Jun skipped over Fang Qings words and waved at Yu Han. “Come here.”

Although he was expressionless, his every move was like an idol drama, making people feel Yu Han inexplicably pampered.

Yu Han felt a chill on her back. She didnt want to be attacked by Ji Juns fans!

“Your Big Uncle was afraid that you would go hungry, so he brought you your favorite mille feuille crepe.” Ji Jun waved the bag in his hand.

His long and slender fingers were more suitable for playing the piano than carrying a bag of mille feuille crepes...

Such perfect hands, if he touched her body with them~

Oh no, Ji Juns dirty fan fiction appeared in Yu Hans mind again!

She was really impressed. She could still be lecherous at a time like this. The expression on her face was stiff because of her physical stiffness, and her tone was very polite. “Teacher Ji, Ive eaten. Thank you.”

Ji Juns expression instantly turned cold. “Oh, lets throw it away then.”

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“” Fang Qing stood at the side, her face was almost as long as a donkeys face. He would not give it to her when she wanted to eat. He would not give her Yu Hans leftovers. He would rather throw it away than to give it to her!

Yu Han was also full of question marks. Wasnt this answer inviting criticism for her

Ji Jun really wanted to kill her...

“Its such a waste to throw it away. Give it to me. Ill heat it up when Im hungry.” Yu Han squeezed out a dry smile.

Upon hearing her words, Ji Juns expression improved a little. He finally did not have that cold feeling anymore.

However, Yu Hans actions made Ji Jun frown again.

She bent over at him with Jiang Zhen and Jiang Li in between them, looking very humble, polite, and distant.

What does she mean Trying to stay away from him

Ji Jun sneered. This little girl really had the ability to anger him at all times.

Yu Han didnt think too much about it. She only thought that Ning Jing should be watching the live-stream too, right She should be able to understand why she dared to appear on the show with Ji Jun. Her overflowing desire to live was understandable.

[She, she... I like her!]

[Although Yu Han is young, she seems to know her limits.]

[Walking survival instincts. Im dying of laughter.]

[How can we, the girlfriend fans, criticize you with your good behavior]

[Beautiful, silly, and cute. I want to be Hanhans mommy fan!]

The bullet screen praised Yu Han to the skies.

She didnt expect herself to attract so many fans just because she didnt want to get too close to Ji Jun!



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