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Chapter 3: The Real Daughter

“What does our Hanhan need to explain”

At this moment, a gloomy and displeased voice sounded.

Chen Hais tall and dignified figure appeared at the entrance of the hall. He had just rushed back when he saw this scene. His expression was gloomy.

“My Hanhan is the real daughter of the Chen Family and the Yu Family. Who do you think you are How dare an outsider with the surname Qin be arrogant with Hanhan!”

Chen Hai walked to Yu Hans side step by step. After berating Qin Yu, his gaze landed on Yu Hans swollen face.

Instantly, his already unhappy expression became even more furious. Chen Hais temper was already fiery. As the person in charge of an entertainment company, he was already very commanding. He could even form three football teams with celebrities who had cried from scolding, let alone now that someone was bullying his beloved niece.

“Who hit her Come out now! Are you tired of living!” Chen Hais anger made everyone present tremble. The atmosphere immediately became oppressive.

Yu Han looked at her eldest uncle, who stood up for her, and her heart warmed.

She was used to the life of an orphan. No matter how powerful she was, she never had any kinship or warmth. No one cared about her or loved her. Now, she was being protected like a treasure by the Chen Family. This feeling made her feel both touched and guilty.

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Qin Yu didnt dare to move. Her face was pale as she quickly planned what to do next.

Another voice came from the door. It was clear and cold. “Who else could it be Of course its Qin Yu, who calls herself Hanhans younger sister!”

Chen Tians appearance attracted another wave of attention.

Compared to Chen Hai, his appearance was more feminine, but he did not look effeminate at all. Instead, he gave off a refined and handsome feeling. His exquisite gold-framed eyes added a scholarly aura to him. Just by looking at his appearance, one really could not tell that he was the famous Wall Streets Midas!

On the way here, he had seen the video of Yu Han and Qin Yu. He was furious!

Everyone was in an uproar and looked at Qin Yu with disdain.

Everyone in the circle knew about what happened to the Yu Family, but they did not pay much attention to it. Qin Hong and Qin Yu did not have a high status in the circle, so they wanted to get close to the Chen Family and become socialites!

The Yu Family was still not as powerful as the Chen Family.

“No, I didnt. Sister, why dont you explain Are you trying to frame me on purpose!” In a moment of desperation, Qin Yu grabbed Yu Hans arm and shook it hard. Her tone was furious. “How can you treat me like this!”

Yu Han staggered from the shaking. Chen Hais heart ached when he saw this. He went forward and pushed Qin Yu away with a wave of his hand. He said angrily, “Watch your hands!”

Then, he instructed the servants of the Chen Family, “What are you waiting for Cant you all see that Missys shoes dont fit Bring the chair over!”

The servants immediately brought over an expensive mahogany chair. Chen Hai helped Yu Han sit down gently.

It was obvious that he doted on her to the extreme.

Yu Han wiped her tears aggrievedly. The corners of her eyes were red as she mumbled aggrievedly, “Uncle, Auntie Qin chose my clothes and shoes for me. She said that they fit my temperament...”

When Chen Hai and Chen Tian heard that, they were so angry that they almost laughed!

What a way to fit her temperament. Why didnt she dress her biological daughter like a vampire then

However, the two of them were secretly happy because this was the first time Yu Han had complained to them. Moreover, she called Qin Hong as Auntie Qin and not Mama Qin.

Their little darling seemed to have sobered up a lot. How could they not be happy

Chen Hongs face was also filled with joy at the side. His turbid eyes flickered with a glint, and he did not hide his joy at all.

A man sat at the back of the crowd. His handsome face did not have much emotion. His dark eyes that were like the night sky swept across the farce that was happening here indifferently. He did not have the desire to watch a good show. Instead, a hint of impatience flashed across his face from time to time.

His temperament was noble and cold. Every move he made had an indescribable aura that made people inexplicably not dare to approach him.

“Brother Jun, please help!”

On the other end of the cell phone, his manager, Lin Zi, was begging bitterly. His throat was about to smoke just to beg Ji Jun to appear on a variety show and lead the newbies.

“Whats his name” Ji Jun finally spoke, his voice low and cold.

“Li Wei. His name is Li Wei. Didnt he just star a school drama not long ago Hes the male lead. The response is quite good and hes quite popular! Ill send you his information first,” Lin Zi hurriedly replied.

If Ji Jun, the popular Best Actor, could guide Li Wei, Li Wei would most likely become very famous.

Lin Zi hung up the phone. He sent Li Weis information to Ji Jun, waiting expectantly for an answer.



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