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Chapter 30: By Comparison

Li Wei held a small hoe and squatted in the field to weed.

The sun was beginning to rise and the temperature was rising. He felt sweat on his back.

“Lets not be idle. Ill sweep the floor. See if theres anything in the kitchen that needs to be prepared in advance.” Li Jin stood up to get the cleaning tools.

Upon hearing Li Jins words, Fang Qing was unhappy.

Actually, she didnt even want to enter the kitchen. She originally wanted to wait until it was time to cook lunch and watch from the side. At most, she would help taste the dishes and flatter them.

Ji Jun had already gotten up and went to the kitchen. Although he was cold and aloof, he would still do what he had to do.

“We have to cook fish today” Fang Qing saw the fish on the chopping board at a glance and revealed a disdainful expression. “What a fishy smell.”

“Fang Qing, go wash that fish. Ill cut it open later,” Li Jin shouted from the living room.

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Fang Qing frowned. She did not want to wash any fish. Li Jin did it on purpose, right How hateful!

She looked at Ji Jun, who was checking the ingredients in the fridge. She rolled her eyes and revealed a delicate look. Her voice was very gentle. “Brother Ji Jun, help me wash this fish. Im afraid Ill hurt my hand.”

After all, she was a woman. Ji Jun couldnt possibly not agree to this.

Ji Jun closed the fridge and turned to look at Fang Qing coldly.

This glance made Fang Qings heart turn cold.

Ji Juns eyes were filled with unconcealed impatience and coldness. It was like a knife that could make people die without a trace. Those who didnt know better would think that there was some irreconcilable conflict between him and Fang Qing.

“There are gloves over there,” Ji Jun replied coldly without any tender feelings for the fairer sex.

Fang Qing didnt dare to speak. She was completely frightened by Ji Juns gaze just now and had lingering fears. She had wanted to use this opportunity to create an illusion that she was familiar with Ji Jun so that she could ride on his popularity. It would be fine even if she was criticized.

She did not expect Ji Jun to look at her with such a gloomy gaze, as if she, Fang Qing, was trash.

[Is she here to participate in the show or to be an audience]

[Shes afraid of hurting her hand even when shes cleaning a fish. Where did this rich young lady come from]

[Wash if you want. If not, go join the dogs!]

[Fang Qing did it on purpose. She wanted Brother Ji Jun to feel sorry for her. Who does she think she is Shes drunk.]

[Why do I hate her so much I hate her more and more!]

The bullet screen was filled with s about Fang Qing.

When the director saw this scene, he silently pitied Fang Qing. What a brainless woman. Ji Jun was famous for not getting close to women. What was the use of her honey trap

Instead, it would offend Ji Juns fans. Fang Qings IQ was really too low.

On the other hand, Yu Han was happily picking beans. She liked Jiang Zhens courtyard too much. It had a country style and was extremely comfortable.

It was as if she had found the feeling she had when she was a hacker. She would feel much more relaxed whenever she went to the fields to pick vegetables.

As Li Wei did not know how to weed, he deliberately found a topic to chat with Yu Han so that everyones attention would not be on him.

“The sun is so bright. Do you want to rest first” Li Wei asked Yu Han warmly.

Yu Han shook her head. Under the straw hat was a face that was already fair and rosy. Her eyes were sparkling. “Its fine. Brother Li Wei is so considerate.”

[My daughter is amazing!!]

[Shes not delicate at all. Shes much better than someone. Shes even afraid of hurting her hand while cleaning fish. Tsk tsk.]

[I suddenly feel that my daughter and Li Wei seem to be quite compatible...]

[Dont spout nonsense. Our Brother Weiwei has no intention of dating at all. Can you not ride on his popularity]

[They dont match at all. Please respect yourself!]

Although Yu Han was smiling, there was a coldness in her eyes from time to time.

She had actually been observing Li Wei.

This scumbag was indeed good-looking and knew how to pretend. No wonder he could fool the innocent original host.

There was a small pond beside the vegetable garden. There were many pink lotus flowers and some fishes. It was about a meter deep. Yu Han had already made a plan.

Her eyes were like a venomous snake and a signal for an attack was released.

However, Li Wei did not know that at all. Instead, he was secretly delighted.

It seemed like he was overthinking. In fact, Yu Han was still infatuated with him as usual. She avoided him because she was afraid that others would see through it. One had to know that Li Wei had always asked Yu Han to hide their familiar relationship from the outside world.

Even if he agreed to be a couple with Yu Han in the future, he could not announce that. Otherwise, it would affect his future.



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