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Chapter 8: Moving Out

After hanging up, Ji Jun returned to the hall.

At this moment, it was already time for everyone to present their birthday congratulations to Old Mr. Chen. He prepared to leave first after presenting the birthday gift.

Chen Hai stopped him.

“Youre leaving so soon” Chen Hai wanted to keep Ji Jun for a while longer. After all, Yu Han liked him and definitely wanted to interact more with him.

“Yes.” Ji Jun nodded.

“Didnt you say that you were looking for my father for something” Chen Hai was puzzled.

Ji Juns phone rang again.

This time, it was his mother, Li Lan. As soon as the call connected, her extremely agitated voice came from the phone. “Ji Jun, if you dare to go to the Chen Family and ask to break off the engagement, Ill cut ties with you. Dont bother to come back!!”

Her high-pitched voice made Ji Jun move his phone away slightly.

He glanced at Chen Hai. Chen Hai probably did not hear his mother clearly.

“Well talk when we get back,” Ji Jun replied calmly and hung up on Li Lan. He smiled apologetically at Chen Hai. “I have something on at home. Ill go back first.”

Chen Hai sighed helplessly. “Alright, Ill bring my Hanhan to eat with you next time.”

Ji Jun smiled without saying anything. That little girl probably didnt want to eat with him at all. It was just wishful thinking on the part of her uncle, Chen Hai.

Just as Ji Jun left, Chen Hais phone rang. After he picked it up, his expression changed and he hurriedly went up to the second floor.

“Was she called in” Chen Hai looked at Chen Tian, who was guarding the door, and asked worriedly.

“Yes, she just entered. I wonder what the old man will say. If she goes overboard...” Chen Tian frowned.

Chen Hais expression turned serious as the two brothers waited quietly at the door.

In the room.

Yu Han looked at Chen Hongs stern face and felt inexplicably nervous.

“Do you really want to enter the entertainment industry” Chen Hongs aged eyes stared intently at Yu Han.

He really hoped that Yu Han would listen to him and become a painting artist. This girl was very talented in painting and would definitely have great achievements in the future.

Yu Han took a deep breath and sincerely expressed her wishes. “Yes, Grandpa, please grant me my wish!”

“You!” After Chen Hong got a definite answer, he was so angry that his beard was about to explode. He looked at the stubborn Yu Han and seemed to see his daughter in her.

Yu Han clenched her fists and looked at Chen Hong worriedly.

Although she had already changed the outcome of Chen Hongs death at the birthday banquet, she could not guarantee that Chen Hong would continue to be healthy. Therefore, she had to pay attention to his health at all times.

Chen Hong didnt expect Qin Yu to be telling the truth. He expected better from her. “Is what Qin Yu said about you liking that Li Wei true”

“Its not true!” Yu Han answered without thinking. At the mention of Li Wei, there was only disgust in her eyes.

Why would she like a phoenix man who relied on women to climb up the ranks!

In the original book, Yu Hans tragic ending was all encouraged by that bastard Li Wei.

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Chen Hong was stunned, but he did not ask further. From Yu Hans expression, he knew that his granddaughter was not lying.

He was relieved, but disappointed.

“You can leave now. You can do whatever you want in the future, but I wont agree to it, let alone support you.” Chen Hong waved his hand and turned his head away from Yu Han.

Yu Hans heart ached. Looking at the old man in front of her, she felt a little guilty.

However, she also wanted to fulfill the original hosts wish and become a movie queen.

She would definitely become the pride of the Chen Family in the future!

“Grandpa, I wont let you down. Take care of yourself.” Yu Han said solemnly and left.

Outside the door was Chen Hai and Chen Tian, who were waiting anxiously.

As soon as Yu Han came out, Chen Tian asked, “Hanhan, did your grandfather scold you”

Yu Han smiled and shook her head.

However, her expression was clearly a little heavy.

Chen Hai patted his chest and said confidently, “Hanhan, dont worry. Big Uncle is very supportive of you being an actor. Every industry produces a top scholar!”

“Thank you, Uncles.” Yu Han felt warm inside.

“What are you thanking me for Your grandfather is a pedantic old man. He thinks that being an actor is a lowly job, but with Uncle around, who would dare to bully you” Chen Hai continued to comfort Yu Han.

Chen Tian was thinking about other things. Since Yu Han wanted to enter the entertainment industry, she had to focus on her career and not be led astray by Yu Sheng and Qin Hong.

He asked Yu Han, “Hanhan, Little Uncle will buy you a house. You can move out of the Yu Family, or you can stay here with your grandfather.”

Yu Han had the same plan. She had already fallen out with Qin Yu. If she went back, they would only cause a lot of trouble.

She also couldnt be bothered to live under the same roof as these maggots.

“Yes, thats what I thought too, but I will make arrangements for the house myself.” Yu Han nodded.



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