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Chapter 9: Crushed

Yu Han already owed the Chen Family too much, and she was too ashamed to ask Chen Hai and Chen Tian to pay for her.

Chen Hai immediately said, “Alright, you can arrange the house yourself. When the time is right, Ill arrange for you to enter Stars Entertainment.”

Chen Hai would give Yu Han the best resources and would not let her be bullied in his own company.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han did not reject him. She already had this plan.

It was not because she wanted to rely on Chen Hai, but because she wanted to become the top actress of Stars Entertainment and become Chen Hais strongest right-hand woman. It was written in the book that Stars Entertainment encountered a lot of trouble later on and ultimately did not survive. However, with her around, things were going to be different!

“Okay!” Yu Han readily accepted Chen Hais suggestion.

Yu Hans footsteps were very light when she left the Chen Family.

She felt like she had been reborn.

She looked at this unfamiliar world and revealed a confident smile. The challenge had begun!

Her cell phone suddenly rang.

After the call went through, Ning Jings clear and bright voice came through with excitement. “Little Hanhan, come to me quickly. Youre about to become famous!”

“Im going to become famous overnight” Yu Han asked in surprise.

In the book, Chen Hong had just died. In her panic, Yu Han did not receive this call at all.

“Thats right. Theres a female star in our production team whos acting like a big shot. The director wants to replace her in a fit of anger. I think youre especially suitable for that role. Come over quickly!”

Yu Han counted with her fingers and her eyes lit up.

The movie that Ning Jing was filming now was the popular “The Splendor of the Republic of China”!

A large group of newcomers had become popular after starring in it!

“Send me the location immediately!” Yu Han immediately asked for the address and took a taxi to the set.

Ning Jing was already waiting when she arrived at the set.

“Little Hanhan, that woman hasnt left yet. Work hard and annoy the hell out of her,” Ning Jing said in a low voice.

The two of them walked into the event location. All the staff members looked unhappy and stole glances at a particular person from time to time.

Yu Han immediately saw Fang Qing.

Fang Qing crossed her legs and sat there with a dark expression. A thin assistant held a large sun umbrella beside her. The assistants small arms looked like they were about to give away. They kept trembling.

“Are you trying to kill me!”

Fang Qing suddenly kicked the assistants leg and cursed fiercely.

The assistant knelt on the ground, her face pale from the pain.

Yu Hans eyes were dark as she stared at Fang Qing.

She remembered that in the book, when something happened to the Yu Family, Fang Qing took every opportunity to bully the original owner of the body. There was once when she deliberately slapped the bodys original owner again and again, making her face swell!

Why was Fang Qing so against Yu Han It was because she liked Li Wei!

Yu Han had a very deep impression of Fang Qing. When she was reading the book back then, she had thought that if she met this b*tch, she would definitely torture her to death.

“The friend youre talking about is her” Director Fu was filled with anger from Fang Qings words. He only wanted someone to replace Fang Qing immediately.

When he saw Ning Jing, he held back his anger and asked.

His eyes lit up after taking a casual glance at Yu Han.

The role that Yu Han wanted to audition for was not the main lead, but a role that had only appeared a few times. In that chaotic and tumultuous era, she symbolized independence and freedom. She was a close friend of the male and female leads, and her entire person was full of light. It could be said that she was the guide for the male and female leads when they were brave enough to pursue their goals. Later, she sacrificed herself for freedom.

Such a woman was like a ray of light.

Although Fang Qing was beautiful, she did not have such a dazzling temperament. She barely reached the standard. It was just that someone was supporting her behind the scenes.

Now that Yu Han was here, she instantly caught everyones attention!

She was young, but there was a calm confidence in her eyes that exceeded her age. Her temperament was outstanding. She was the woman in the drama who was described to be “as refined as an orchid and as proud as a plum blossom”.


Director Fu could not help but clap and sigh.

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Putting aside her acting skills, just from her looks alone, Yu Han had completely crushed Fang Qing!

Fang Qing also saw Yu Han. Her eyes were immediately filled with jealousy. She was actually prettier than her

“Hehe, Director, look carefully. How dare you try on such a newbie” Her tone was filled with sarcasm as she looked at Yu Han from the corner of her eyes.

Ning Jing rolled her eyes in disdain. “So what if shes new Newbies dont act like big shots. She wont be as ignorant as some people!”

Ning Jing was famous in the industry for being daring. She came from a good family and being a director was just a hobby to her. She could take on ten C-list celebrities like Fang Qing alone.

Fang Qing gritted her teeth and replied with a sneer, “Alright, lets see how capable she is!”

Did she really think that filming was so simple that any stray cat or dog could do it



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