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More and more people began to gather here to watch the battle between Zhou Mingrui and Chen Yunjia.

Almost all of them had the same expression.

Who was Chen Yunjia It wasnt just the third-year students.

Other than the freshmen, everyone in the academy knew her.

It wasnt that Chen Yunjia was very strong, but it was because of her unyielding and fight-to-the-death crazy energy.

She had already been noticed when she was in her first year, and when she was in her second year she found someone to be an eyesore that even the fourth-year seniors had no choice but to give in.

In addition to Sun Lili and Chang Yao, these three female students with special personalities hanging out together made them even more famous.

In the field, after several minutes of continuous fist-swinging, even Zhou Mingrui was beginning to show signs of damage.

The bone armor on his body had long been shattered.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not use his energy to reforge it.

This was because the bone armor was not of much use.

It was better to use the energy to attack.

Due to the frequent use of energy compression, the energy that had never been lacking in the past was showing signs of lacking in supply.

On the other hand, Chen Yunjias breathing was already in disorder.

After all, Chen Yunjia was not Zhou Mingrui.

In terms of physical strength and energy, she was definitely incomparable.

Moreover, she was almost at her limit.

The exhaustion of stamina when one was at their limits was no laughing matter.

Zhou Mingrui naturally noticed this.

Very quickly, after another two minutes, the ghost fire in Zhou Mingruis eyes suddenly exploded.

A punch that exceeded his strength landed on Chen Yunjias abdomen.

For Chen Yunjia, who had been stretched to her limit, the punch was like the last straw that broke the camels back.

It directly broke the limit of her physical strength.

With one punch, Chen Yunjia was sent flying backward, creating a ditch on the edge of the sunken pit.

Zhou Mingrui caught up to her in a flash and landed a punch on Chen Yunjias flying body, stopping her in her tracks.

When she landed on the ground, a large cloud of dust rose from the impact.

At the end of the battle, Chen Yunjia also lost consciousness, and her body returned to its normal size from its original huge form.

He didnt throw the third punch, because the outcome had already been decided.

Moreover, there were students and teachers around, so he couldnt chase after her.

Zhou Mingrui looked at Chen Yunjias tattered clothes.

He frowned slightly and took off his robe, which was a little torn but was still considered complete, and draped it over Chen Yunjias body.

After all, the previous battle was just a battle, and there was no great enmity between them.

There was no need to do anything out of line.

Bending down, Zhou Mingrui carried Chen Yunjia in his arms.

When the surrounding teachers and students saw this scene, they all raised their hands and applauded.

While it was impressive to have powerful combat techniques, it was even rarer to have noble combat virtues.

When he arrived in front of Chang Yao, Zhou Mingrui placed Chen Yunjia on top of her.

“I dont know, and I dont want to ask who sent you, but I can tell you that youd better throw away this thought in the future, or I cant guarantee that Ill be so gentle next time.”

With that said, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue immediately left, leaving behind Chang Yao, who had an ugly expression on her face, and two unconscious companions.

Seeing that Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue had left the scene, everyone dispersed.

After all, there were people in the academy who started fighting over a disagreement.

Under circumstances where there were no major problems, they would quit while they were ahead.

After leaving the field that was the center of attention of everyone, they walked back to their dormitory.

[Whats wrong You dont look too happy.] Yan Wuyue said.

[Yeah, I just dont like the Zhao family.] Zhou Mingrui was direct.

[Why Just because they sent three girls to fight you, youre so protective of them] Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

[No, if the Zhao family has the ability, they should come to us themselves.

Why did they send these people] Zhou Mingrui snorted.

[As expected, youre really protective of the fairer sex.

Then go back.

I think you and that muscular woman are quite a good match.] Yan Wuyue covered her mouth and laughed.

[Yan Wuyue, you cant just say that.] Zhou Mingrui glared at Yan Wuyue.

[You have to think about it.

This is the Heavenly Saint Academy.

Its impossible for the Zhao family to directly send people to attack us.

Its normal to use the students of the academy to attack us.] Yan Wuyue explained.

[Of course, I know what youre saying, so I dont have the right to do anything to them, and Im not going overboard.] Zhou Mingrui said helplessly.

[Next, help me send a message to the Zhao family.

If they dare to use such means again, I dont mind causing new trouble for the Zhao family in the future.]

As Zhou Mingrui spoke, his eyes turned fierce.

[Ill let them know that provoking me is a very unwise choice.]

Yan Wuyue smiled and said, [What You wont hate them if they dont cause you trouble]

[Of course not.] Zhou Mingrui scoffed.

[Ill find them sooner or later to settle this score with them.]

[By the way, hows Chang Yaos strength] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

[Shes very strong, but she didnt use her full strength either, so we didnt use our trump cards.

Instead, we roughly figured out each others strengths.] Yan Wuyue answered.

[Theyre all third-year students.

In many ways, their combat methods and combat power far exceed those of the previous freshmen.] Zhou Mingrui said as he stroked his chin.

[Thats only natural.

Otherwise, whats the point of the academy] Yan Wuyue continued, [You still have a lot to learn.

The basic things taught in the academy are very practical.]

[I know.

Thats something that can only be obtained with danger.] Zhou Mingrui nodded, indicating that he understood.

Before their conversation ended, they arrived at the door of their dormitory.

“I heard that youve been surrounded by third-year students”

At this moment, Zhao Anqis voice was heard.

Following that, a beautiful figure pounced into Zhou Mingruis arms, along with her fragrant scent that made ones blood boil.

“Thats right.” Zhou Mingrui straightened Zhao Anqis body and pushed her twenty centimeters away.

“It seems like you two didnt suffer any losses.

You two have probably won, right Whos your opponent” Zhao Anqi asked again.

“Chang Yao and the other two.” Yan Wuyue replied.

“Chang Yao, from that famous third-year trio One of them is a brawny girl as strong as a bull, and the other is a short little girl” Zhao Anqi asked immediately.

“Thats right; its them.” Yan Wuyue nodded.

“Why, do you know them”

Zhao Anqi immediately shook her head.

“I am a freshman like you.

How could I possibly know those three fellows Its just that they are too famous in the academy.”

“Theyre basically inseparable.

If anyone dares to speak ill of them behind their back, theyll chase after them and beat them up until they apologize.”

“I almost ran into them back then.

Fortunately, I saw that those three fellows werent normal, so I held back.”

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