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“What do you mean Hey, Im going to ask you today.

I dont believe it!”

Zhou Mingrui was someone who had transmigrated here.

He was still alive, so how could he be bullied by Yan Wuyue like this

“I didnt expect a summoned spirit like you to have the same so-called dignity as a human man,” Yan Wuyue sneered.

“Hurry up and tell me!” Zhou Mingrui pursed his lips.

“As I said before, your body is leaning towards energy.

Many secret skills that are useful to humans are actually useless to you.” Yan Wuyue said.

“I know, and then what You havent even gotten to the point!” Zhou Mingrui continued asking.

“And then” Yan Wuyue pursed her lips.

“The principle of this recovery secret skill is to use energy to stimulate the acupoints of the body.

This will allow all parts of the body, whether its the muscles or the internal organs, to relax at the fastest speed.”

“As for energy, while it allows the body to recover quickly, it also stimulates the bodys energy recovery and absorption.

Do you understand now”

Zhou Mingrui fell silent.

He felt his body.

Although he could now transform into a physical body, he could not fully simulate the so-called internal organs.

The internal organs of the human body might seem simple, but they were actually a very precise super machine.

They were so precise that even the microscopic level of cells was amazing.

At Zhou Mingruis current level, it was basically impossible for him to achieve that.

“Whats wrong Youre not talking anymore” Yan Wuyue chuckled and closed her eyes to recover.

“I mean, is there a secret skill that I can use” Zhou Mingrui suddenly asked.

He was really unwilling to give up just because of this secret skill!

“Didnt I already give you one” Yan Wuyue didnt even move.

“I want combat-type or recovery-type secret skill.

The secret skill I have now is not of that type.” Zhou Mingrui said gloomily.

“After all, your body structure is different from ours.

I really cant find a secret skill thats suitable for you.” Yan Wuyue said calmly.

“No, is there a secret skill that can activate energy” Zhou Mingrui asked after some thought.

“You dont say.

There is one.

To be exact, its not a secret skill,” Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

“What do you mean Tell me.” Zhou Mingrui immediately perked up his ears.

“This is a special secret skill that can cause the energy in other life forms to go berserk through a special technique.” Yan Wuyue said.

“What A secret skill that can cause the energy in other peoples bodies to go berserk Youre telling me that this is a secret skill that can increase my combat strength”

Zhou Mingrui asked with an odd expression, “Dont tell me you want me to cause the energy in my body to go berserk so that I can increase my strength”

“I didnt say 100%, but you can try to study it.

I think theres still hope.” Yan Wuyue said.

“Yan Wuyue, I dont want to swear.” Zhou Mingruis eyebrows twitched as though he was trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Then do you want it or not” Yan Wuyue didnt seem to mind Zhou Mingruis tone.

“Yes, why wouldnt I Ive already been angered by you.

If I dont want it, wouldnt I become a resentful person” Zhou Mingrui said angrily.

Soon, Yan Wuyue taught Zhou Mingrui the secret skill.

After learning the secret skill, Zhou Mingrui fell into deep thought.

However, ten seconds later, he suddenly stood up.

Suddenly, a stream of phantom energy gathered on his raised palm, and then his eyes glowed with a bright light.

At the same time, the phantom energy in his hand bloomed like a flower bud, directly releasing a dazzling flame.

An invisible fluctuation was immediately emitted, and the entire flame began to fluctuate violently.

Yan Wuyue, who was resting at the side, opened her eyes and cast her gaze at Zhou Mingrui.

The flames in Zhou Mingruis palm began to become more and more unstable as the chaotic fluctuations became more and more intense.

Even the flames were completely distorted.

If one didnt know, they would think that it was going to explode.

However, no matter how the flames flickered, they still maintained their stability.

“Stop trying.

Its basically impossible for you to master it in your current state.

You can practice in the future.” Yan Wuyue finally persuaded him.

Zhou Mingrui did not stop after hearing that.

Instead, he continued with his experiment.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the soul flames in his hand were still twisting and distorting.

It could not be stabilized nor could it explode.

In the end, Zhou Mingrui gave up.

“Try it out when you have time.

Otherwise, youre going to destroy the entire Phantom Prison.” Yan Wuyue spoke again.

Finally, Zhou Mingrui sat down on the ground and began to think about the details of the operation.

About ten minutes later, Yan Wuyue finally stood up.

“Alright, Ive basically recovered.

Prepare to open the Phantom Prison for the next battle.”

Zhou Mingrui also stood up and walked to Yan Wuyues side.

After the two of them chose their positions, they re-entered their battle stances.

The Goblin King and the Spectral Hell Warhorse were summoned once again, ready to fight at any moment.

However, when the Phantom Prison was unlocked, the two of them were surprised to find that the Stone Mantises that should have appeared in the outside world had disappeared.

The two of them didnt let down their guard and continued to observe carefully.

However, when they realized that the Stone Mantises had really left, they couldnt help but wonder.

However, since the Stone Mantises were gone, the two of them left the place as soon as possible, in case something happened and caused those guys to surround them again.

[Why did those guys suddenly disappear]

Along the way, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue carefully observed and remained alert to their surroundings.

However, they could not find any key to the Stone Mantisess departure.

[Forget it.

Ill just take it that theyre afraid.] Yan Wuyue tried to persuade him.

[Yeah, Im just afraid that it might… ] Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to speak, Yan Wuyue cut him off.

[We should be careful for now.

We might encounter other monsters next.

Dont think about other things here.]

Hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui nodded in agreement.

He knew what Yan Wuyue was worried about, so he did not have any complaints.

Then, Zhou Mingrui stopped thinking about the Stone Mantises.

Instead, he focused his attention on the upcoming exploration.

The terrain in front was still rocky, but the more they walked, the more obvious the strangeness of the terrain became.

For example, there was a very tall mountain that they had never seen before.

The next moment, Zhou Mingrui felt a faint mist begin to spread in front of him.

[Its foggy] Zhou Mingrui said after observing the road ahead.

[No, theres something wrong with this mist!] Yan Wuyue reminded him.

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