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[Whats wrong Is there something wrong with this fog]

Hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui immediately became alert.

He began to look around, but he didnt find anything.

[The problem is this fog.] Yan Wuyue said with a serious face.

This made Zhou Mingruis heart skip a beat.

After all, Yan Wuyue had never shown such an expression when she was besieged by the Stone Mantises.

[Is this fog poisonous] Zhou Mingrui thought of the first possibility.

[No, this fog is actually its “domain”.] Yan Wuyue said after taking a deep breath.

[Domain Who is it] Zhou Mingrui could sense the seriousness in Yan Wuyues words.

[A monster that only lives in this white fog.

Its extremely powerful in the fog, and no one knows what it really looks like.]

Yan Wuyues voice was full of fear.

[Because those who have seen its appearance have already died in the fog.]

Zhou Mingrui was a little stunned when he heard that.

What was this

[Lets go.

Well go around this place.

Dont provoke it.] Yan Wuyue immediately made a decision.

Zhou Mingrui did not retort.

After hearing those words, he felt apprehensive as well.

Hence, the two of them immediately chose to take a detour and take another route.

However, the fog that was slowly spreading suddenly increased its speed of spreading toward the two of them as if it had heard their conversation.

[The thing inside has noticed us.

Lets go!] Yan Wuyue immediately urged Zhou Mingrui, and the two of them quickly prepared to leave.

However, the fog seemed to know what they were thinking, and it spread even faster.

[Theres no other way.

We have to rush out.

Its better to attract the attention of the other monsters around than to be dragged into the fog!] Yan Wuyue said worriedly.

But this time, there was no response.

Yan Wuyue immediately turned to look at Zhou Mingrui, who was standing next to her and found him standing still.

[Whats wrong with you Hurry up and leave!] Yan Wuyue quickly pushed Zhou Mingrui away and urged him.

[No, I feel that theres something in the fog thats summoning me!] Zhou Mingrui said with a serious expression.

[Summoning you How is that possible There should only be that kind of monster in the fog!] Yan Wuyue was also puzzled, but the fog was approaching.

She could only grab Zhou Mingruis arm and walk away.

[You go first, I want to go in!]

Zhou Mingrui said firmly, [That feeling is too strong.

Dont worry.

If I die, at most, youll summon me again.

However, Ive never experienced such a feeling before.

I have to go in and take a look!]

Yan Wuyues expression changed rapidly.

Seeing Zhou Mingruis determined look, she could only say, [Alright, you must be careful!]

With that said, Zhou Mingrui immediately let go and left.

Having experienced a great calamity in her previous life, she did not have the so-called benevolence of a woman.

After all, if Zhou Mingrui died, she could still summon him again.

But if she died, everything would be gone.

Seeing Zhou Mingrui walk into the white fog with determination, Yan Wuyue felt as if something had stabbed her in the heart.

It was a piercing pain.

After the white fog devoured Zhou Mingrui, it suddenly stopped spreading.

It seemed to be digesting him.

Yan Wuyue also stopped in her tracks.

As she looked at the white fog, she could feel the spiritual connection between her and Zhou Mingrui.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui, who had walked into the white fog, saw a vast expanse of white in front of him.

He could not tell which direction he was heading in, but he could only rely on that intense feeling to continue advancing.

Suddenly, the white fog to his right began to surge.

Zhou Mingrui raised his right hand and gently spread it open before jolting it.

The white fog in that area suddenly stopped and retreated, revealing a figure within.

It was a creature covered in long white fur, with a body as small as a monkeys but with sharp claws on its four limbs.

After leaving the white fog, the white monkeys face, which was half-covered in hair, showed a startled look, followed by an extremely frightened expression.

After leaving the white fog, it was like a fish out of water.

It fell to the ground and began to struggle violently.

Zhou Mingrui walked closer to take a look.

The white monkey immediately let out a sharp cry and waved its claws wildly, but it could not do anything else.

[So this is the monster in the white fog that they were talking about.] Zhou Mingrui finally understood a little.

These white monkeys were like fishes in the water.

They could move freely in the white fog, and their strength would increase greatly.

However, once they were out of the white fog, they were like dead fishes and could only struggle helplessly.

[Interesting.] Zhou Mingrui raised his foot and stepped on the white monkeys body.

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

The white monkey was squeaking under this foot, but it didnt have any strength to resist.

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