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The War with the Beast Tide

The monsters soon reached five hundred meters in front of the defense line.

At this moment, the various weapons on the defensive walls began to roar.

Countless bullets and shells were like a metal torrent that swept out.

At the same time, all sorts of missiles were fired from the base, bombarding the beast tide.

This was also what made Zhou Mingrui exclaim in shock.

This world clearly had the advantage of having summoned spirits and a strong physique, but their thermal weapons were as developed as in his previous world.

The only thing they lacked was nuclear and some special weapons.

However, these weapons could only cause minimal damage to the thick-skinned monsters.

Fortunately, some of the low-tier monsters were still killed.

Most importantly, these low-level monsters were just cannon fodders doomed to die.

Soon, a large number of monsters with thick skin and flesh or hard biological shells took the lead.

Even heavy artillery could not force them to retreat and only caused some scratches.

Zhou Mingrui could not help but sigh.

If these monsters had come to earth with modern technology, it would probably be impossible to withstand the attacks of these monsters unless they launched nuclear weapons.

Under cover of the huge monsters in front, a large number of monsters began to cross the metal torrent defense line and arrived in front of the city wall.

However, before they could attack, they were covered in a sticky liquid.

It was spat out by a toad-like summoned spirit on the city wall.

The next moment, the monsters that were covered with mucus suddenly let out a shrill roar.

White smoke began to rise from where the mucus touched, and the strong corrosive had completely destroyed their scales.

Immediately after, the metal torrent locked and eliminated them.

This scene did not only happen here.

A large number of summoned spirits with long-range attack abilities also made a move.

With the help of the various strength from the summoned spirits, the metal torrent once again caused damage to the monster army.

It wasnt just here, but all the summoned spirits at the defense line started attacking as well.

For a moment, the advance of the monster army was stopped.

However, it only stopped for a moment.

Soon, more powerful monsters appeared, and some of the more agile ones dodged the bullets and rushed to the defense line.

Under the ambush of all kinds of firearms and traps, the monsters had only lost a small portion of their forces, and most of them were just cannon fodders.

Some of the more agile monsters used their speed advantage to charge past the firearms defense line.

A mantis-like monster relied on its speed and ability to fly for a short period of time to charge directly at the defensive lines city wall.

With a strike of its sickle, it blew up a machine gun turret.

How could the Summoners allow this to happen The next second, three Summoners rushed forward and began to besiege the monster.

However, after killing this monster, more monsters rushed up the defensive line.

At this time, the Summoners led their summoned spirits to fight.

[ The monsters that are charging at us now are all between stage three and stage six.

This is the best chance for us to level up! ] Yan Wuyue looked at Zhou Mingrui, who was beside her.

Zhou Mingrui nodded.

He had long taken off his cloak, revealing a full-body bone armor that glowed with a metallic luster.

Nether Flame Bone Blade had already taken shape in his hand, and it was still burning with a trace of phantom flame.

[ Dont be flustered when you end their lives later.

] Zhou Mingrui shouted in a teasing tone as he charged into the Horde of monsters.

The ghost flames on his Nether Flame Bone Blade immediately turned brighter.

These stage three and stage four monsters were no match for him.

After absorbing the stone tablet in the alternate spatial secret realm, Zhou Mingrui did not even need to use any skills.

Instead, his attributes alone were enough to defeat these monsters.

The Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand slashed everywhere, and the monsters around were severely injured and killed by Yan Wuyue, who was following them.

Under the relentless assault, Zhou Mingrui immediately activated [ Phantom Prison ].

Immediately, any monster that was covered by Phantom Prison would emit a faint ghost fire, and they could not extinguish it immediately, no matter how hard they tried.

The 10% increase in all his attributes made Zhou Mingrui even more fierce.

However, more importantly, the constant absorption of energy made him dare to use the various strength he had in mind.

For example, Zhou Mingrui suddenly raised his hand and grabbed at the six monsters in front of him.

Immediately, the constant spinning of energy produced a massive suction force that immediately took the six monsters in front of him.

Although it was only a simple absorption function, it increased Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyues killing efficiency by several times.

“Is that Snow Leopard from Spector Special Forces”

“Doesnt the registration form show that her combat power is less than 130 She shouldnt even reach D rank, right ”

“Her performance has completely reached C rank defense combat standard, and her combat power is at least 400.

Who recorded this information Did they even use their brains”

The two lieutenants in the rear were shocked when they saw this scene and immediately began to ridicule those in charge of conscriptions ability.

“Wait, Xiao.

Many soldiers and recruited Summoners are more powerful than whats recorded on their files, right Isnt this normal”


We dont usually show all we got, but this is beast tide.

I dont think anyone would try to hide their power, so its normal if they are stronger now.”

“Lets wait and see.

If it doesnt work out, we can directly promote her military rank and have her change her battle line.

We cant waste our combat power recklessly,” the other officers who had just arrived also agreed.

The monsters would also attack with explosive force.

They had their own strategy in the human defense line, and every force had its own use.

For example, the soldiers and Summoners at the front line were basically level 4 or 5 soldiers and Summoners, while the captain officers around level 5 were to help support the formation.

Only when the front line could not hold on would they be the main force.

Moreover, there were even higher lieutenants and colonels in level 6.

Similarly, more fighters at a higher level were behind them, so the army wouldnt waste any strength.

However, what they did not know was that Zhou Mingrui didnt feel like losing his energy at all.

On the contrary, it began to pass the bar and kept pushing.

He had no choice but to use other skills.

[ Summoning of the Dead ]!

With Zhou Mingrui at the center, the dead monsters within a radius of several hundred meters suddenly began to emit icy-blue flames.

Following that, they began to stand up while trembling.

Under the shocked gazes of the soldiers and Summoners, they immediately turned around and attacked their companions.

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