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A Lively Auction

“73000 going once!”

“73000 going thrice!”

“Congratulations to the honorable mister of seat number 28 for obtaining this item, which is also the highest bid in todays auction.”

“Next, todays auction will also…”

In the auction hall, just as the auction was about to end, a figure suddenly walked out from behind the scenes and quickly rushed up to the auction stage.

His actions interrupted the auctioneers closing words, and he leaned over to the auctioneers ear to tell him what had happened.

The people who were about to get up and leave were also attracted by this sudden scene.

They all stopped and looked.

“Cough, cough! Dear guests, first of all, I would like to apologize and say that this auction is not over.”

“The reason is that Ive suddenly received a notice that an item thats more precious than the previous finale will be delivered here soon, so Ive decided to keep everyone here at the last minute to prevent you from missing out on such a good item.”

The auctioneers words immediately caused the people in the auction hall to start whispering to each other.

After all, it was the first time for many of them to encounter such a situation.

They felt that it was very interesting, so they decided not to leave.

“Im sure everyone is very curious as to what kind of auction item would give us the confidence to keep you here.

I wont waste any more time.

Please watch.”

The auctioneer pointed behind him.

One of the staff members had quickly carried a glass box onto the auction stage while he was speaking.

Under the spotlight, everyones eyes immediately focused on the glass box.

After a careful look, they found a ring lying quietly inside.

“Everyone, youre not seeing things.

This is a mage ring that was seized from the battlefield.”

When the auctioneer finished speaking, many people in the audience frowned.

Wasnt this thing from the selling area next door

“Dont be disappointed or doubtful.

This ring is indeed from the outdoor selling area next door, but if it was just an ordinary ring gambling, why would we bring it here”

“Everyone, this ring is a completely unsealed one.”

As soon as the auctioneer said this, the venue, which had already cooled down, suddenly became lively again.

However, even though the value of a completely unsealed ring was not low, it was not to the extent that it could surprise them.

Then, the auctioneer clapped his hands lightly, and three more glass boxes were brought up and placed neatly beside the ring.

This time, the auctioneer didnt leave the crowd hanging.

Instead, he ordered the three people to quickly remove the cloth covering the three boxes, revealing the items inside.

However, when most of the people present saw what was inside the box, they all looked disappointed.

Although the value of the three items was not low, they were not tempted by the fact that they could enter the VIP auction hall and leave after the finale.

However, some peoples expressions changed.

From the ring, the three items, and the auctioneers words, they had already guessed something.

“Im sure some of you have already guessed it.

Thats right.

These three items are the items I obtained from the ring.”

“According to the calculations of our actuary, the minimum value of these three items is definitely not less than 20000!”

“Im sure many of you still have doubts.

Why would the owner of the ring want to auction it” The auctioneer began to speak in a depressed tone.

“Thats because, after the owner of the ring saw the item in the ring, he said that he didnt deserve it!”

“Our Starry Sky Auction Houses staff can testify that the rings owner didnt take anything from the ring.”

“In other words, this ring is in a completely unsealed state, and nothing has been taken from it.

The original owner also mentioned that this ring will surprise you!”

The auctioneers three sentences completely ignited the flames that had already calmed down in the venue.

Everyone was boiling.

A completely unsealed ring, three pieces of equipment and materials worth a total of 20000 dollars, and a guarantee that he did not take any subsequent items.

With all these added together, the value of the ring was raised by several levels.

“Everyone, think about it.

The three items in here are already worth 20000 dollars.

How many valuable items are there in the storage space”

The auctioneer had already voiced out many peoples thoughts, and they couldnt help but nod slightly after hearing it.

“Even though no one other than the original owner knows whats inside the ring.”

“But have you all thought about it The lowest value is 20000 dollars, so how bad can it be”

“If you dont even have this bit of courage, then I think you can get up and go home to wash up and sleep.”

“With all the above characteristics, the auction house has decided to set the starting price of this ring at 100,000 dollars!”

“I hereby announce the official start of the auction!”

The auctioneer continued to liven up the atmosphere, and with the last strike of the gavel, the base price of the ring was announced.

However, no one in the audience felt that the price was too high.

On the contrary, they felt that it was quite fair.




Just as the auctioneer finished speaking, someone immediately raised his sign and bid.

“What are you thinking Youre raising the price like a pauper.

155,000 dollars!” At this moment, a well-dressed middle-aged man snorted.

“157,000.” A big-bellied boss, who looked like a successful person at first glance, shouted.

“160,000.” A white hand as smooth as a jade lotus root raised up, and the graceful and noble lady made a bid.

It was just that as soon as it started, the surrounding people began to bid continuously, even crazier than when they were fighting for the final auction item.

In just a few minutes, the price had soared from 120,000 dollars to 160,000 dollars, and it was still rising.

Seeing the lively atmosphere, Zhou Mingrui chuckled and said, “Not bad, keep going.”

Yan Wuyue covered her face helplessly.

She could not bear to see Zhou Mingruis face.

It made her want to beat him up.

“Alright, dont be like this.

Im embarrassed for you.

Yan Wuyue said as she grabbed Zhou Mingruis clothes.

“Whats there to be embarrassed about” Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.

“Forget it, forget it.

But arent you afraid that the person who bought it will find you later” Yan Wuyue said, a little worried.

It would be fine if it was an ordinary person, but a rich man who could pay such a high price must have an extraordinary background.

Once he found out that he had been cheated, he would be furious, and even the Yan family behind her might not be able to bear the consequences.

“Do you think that with their background, if they find out that Ive been lying to them, theyll try to take revenge on me” Zhou Mingrui asked as he leaned back in his soft chair.

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