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I ended up not sleeping well last night. Staying up most of the night restless. Fearing my speech wasn good enough for Lily. I knew shed love anything I wrote but I want it to be something she will forever treasure.

I was to change into my pastel blue satin PJs for the pictures this morning. It was so silly when Lily insisted that no one sleep in them. They were for pictures and needed to look good. She could be quite the extremest when it came to the details of her wedding. I smile gathering some items we might need for the day.

I leave my room just after eight and when I get to the bridal suite, the door flies open. Wayne stood there looking just as tired as I feel. His eyes scanned over me. As did mine over him. He was in his sweats and a Marine logo shirt. I smile at him softly as my heart ached. His stoic face, smiled slightly. I move to the side to let him pass and he does without one word spoken. I walk into the open door and Lily was sitting on a chair. Her hair in rollers, her white satin pajamas fitting her nicely. She stared down at a piece of paper. Her smile bright and a loving expression on her face. She hadn even noticed my arrival when Sammy walked in.

"Wedding day!" She exclaims cheerfully. A tray of coffee in her hands. Her satin, sage green pajamas going against her dark skin tone effortlessly. I grab a coffee when Lily jumps out of her chair. Waving the white piece of paper in the air.

"Luke is just so unbelievably amazing! He had Bear deliver me a hand written letter! Its adorable!"

"Bless his heart!" Sammy gushed. Stella and Heather walked into the room. The rest of the women not too long after. I was happy to see Ronny wasn with them. Lily tucked away her note in her makeup bag. It was so romantic. Such a cute gesture on Lukes part.

The makeup artists and hair dresser came around nine in the morning. The bridal suite was buzzing after that. We quickly took a picture in our color coordinated unslept in pajamas.

Lily was surprisingly calm. Excitement had her buzzing but she was calmer than I had anticipated her to be. Beth was crying most of the morning, all happy tears for her beautiful daughter.

"Girl, ya got some amazing bone structure." Olivia the make up artist said as she patted my face with a blender brush.

"Thank you." I say softly. She smiles patting my face roughly then gently in her own rhythm.

Once my makeup and hair was done. We waited for Lily to finish. She was last so shed be fresh and ready to walk down the aisle. I slipped on my dress before looking in the mirror. My hair was pinned back in beautiful curls. My heavy makeup flawless. Lily gave us each matching silver necklaces and bracelets to match.

We all wore some type of satin dress. Sammys and others had blush pink, pastel blue and the same color of sage green as me. We all blended together beautifully.

By the time pictures came around I was a few mimosas in. We took strictly the bridal and family pictures. Keeping the bride and groom away from each other. Sammys little boy was adorable and so was Mae. Liam was being escorted around by Lukes mom, Jodie. Making me wonder where his parents were. He was seriously adorable as well.

The kids ran around as we took the pictures. Lily looked stunning and I knew when Luke saw her walk down the aisle his heart would stop. It was getting closer to that time. My anxious feelings numb slightly by the alcohol.

When it was twenty minutes to the wedding we got onto our assigned golf carts and headed toward the beach. Lily, Sammy, and I rode together. The men coming into view. Well all of them except Luke. My eyes gravitate to Wayne almost immediately. He looked like a dream in his light grey suit and sage green tie. He stood with Darren in all his glory. I looked down when he looked in our direction. It should be illegal for him to look so good.

The men whooped and hollered as the golf cart stopped. Darren and Timmy engulfed their sister into a hug. I swear this experience was right out of a hallmark movie. It is such a sweet moment for the siblings. Darren smacked Sammys butt.

"Daddy! Is mama bein naughty again?" Mae asked curiously. It was cute and most of us snickered at them. Liam was running around with Will.

"Now no gettin dirty until after we

e done." Lukes Mama announced to the boys. Beth and Mike were embracing their daughter. The usher Seth came to get the parents. Beth and Lukes parents hugged Lily before following him. Ronny came into my view as he took pictures with Stella and Heather. His eyes stayed away from mine, his lips in a thin frown.

I felt Waynes eyes on me the moment he seen us coming. I stand awkwardly with him. Lily was right behind us with Mike on her arm. It was enduring listening to Mike adore his beautiful daughter. Telling her how beautiful she truly was, that she deserves the best. Making the sting of not having a father around a little deeper.

I couldn believe it was finally wedding time. I felt a small tug on my dress. I turn looking down. Liams small hand had a handful of my dress. I turn crouching down.

"Whats up buddy?" I ask him.

"Do you know where my daddy is?"

"No Im sorry." I tell him.

"Ur daddy will be here soon Liam but Granny and Papaw are waiting for you once ur all done here. Okay?" Lily said to him softly.

"Okay!" He said excitingly. I stand hearing the music start. I grab Lilys hand we smile at each other. I squeezed her hand softly in mine. I turn back facing front. Sammy looked back smiling at Lily and I.

I felt that same nudge next to me. I look up at Wayne. His deep blue eyes stared down at me. I couldn help but smile up at him. It wasn even close to time for us to walk down the aisle. I couldn resist though. The way he made my heartache for him was pitiful. I wrap my arm around his arm like I had yesterday. A smile graced his face.

Every few minutes wed take steps forward. Until it was finally our turn. I tighten my grip around Waynes arm.

"I ain gonna let ya fall." He said quietly enough for only me to hear.

"Please, and thank you." I say to him softly.

When we step out of the small tent that hid Lily. I almost gasp at how many people were here. It was unbelievable. Hundreds of people watch as Wayne and I make our way down the aisle. Anxiety bubbled inside me while hundreds of pairs of eyes watch us descend down the aisle.

For the first time in ten months I seen her. Miranda sat in the back. Smiling at me knowingly. My grasp on Waynes arm loosens slightly, I felt him look down at me. I straighten myself and continue on down the sandy beach. Luke looked great in his suit just like the rest. I had to admit though Wayne blew them all out of the water.

Wayne and I parted ways at the end of the aisle. Liam, Will and Mae came down the aisle next. Mae throwing flowers all the way down, smiling as she went. Both boys looking serious. Mae went to her mama next to me. The boys went to sit with their grandparents.

Lilys song came on and everyone stood. Luke straighten himself out. When Lily came out of the tent. I watch at Lukes face turns into one of amazement. I swear I see tears in his eyes as he smiles. When Lily was half way down the aisle Luke takes two long steps forward as if he couldn wait any longer. Wayne and I shared eye contact more times than I can count. He stared at me while I stared at him.

"Who is to give this woman away to Lucas Richardson?" The officiant asked.

"Her Mama, Daddy and brothers." Mike announced. Mike hugged his daughter firmly before wiping his tears. Lily laughed at her father through her tears. He gently kissed her forehead. He looked at Luke, a small smile on his face. They shook hands before Luke reached for Lily pulling her up to the alter.

The wedding went quickly after that. The officiant talked about love and forever. It was beautiful and many people became teary eyed. Lily put Lukes silver ring on his finger and Luke did to Lily. Before you knew it the man announced.

"I have the pleasure to introduce for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Richardson! You may now kiss the bride!"

Luke grabbed Lily and smacked his lips to hers. Everyone stood cheering and clapping for the couple. Lily and Luke ran down the aisle hand in hand. Huge smiles plastered on their faces. My heart grew in my chest for them.

"The wedding party will be taking pictures and will meet you all in the reception hall after happy hour! Thank you!" The officiant announced to the crowd before Wayne and I joined once more. We walk down the aisle. Arm in arm, his other hand laid on top of mine. I look up at him. The small gesture making my heart flip.

When we got down the aisle I let go of Wayne and hugged Lily tightly. I was so unbelievably happy for her. I hugged Luke next.

"Damn who knew a bride could look so damn sexy!" Sarah hollered out. Lily hugged her. It was true she look not only stunning but sexy as hell.

The next hour was filled with picture taking. I stood with Wayne for most of the pictures. During the funny bridal picture he even scooped me up in his arms. I was caught off guard, I gasped. He smile down at me. Lily looked over at us curiously. Yeah, me too girl. I have no idea whats happening here.

The beautiful reception hall looked amazing. The DJ announced the bride and groom before we all took our seats. We were served first and when it came to speeches Wayne went before I.

"I ain to good at this kinda thing." He announced. "But, um I just wanna say that I remember the night Luke had seen Lily after she came back from college. We were at Luckys and I gave him so much ** bout chasin after her." The crowd snickered a little. "But today Im happy for my best friend and he couldn have found a better woman." He said looking at Luke than me. "Don go messin it up." I swallowed hard. My heart twist uncomfortably like it had all weekend. Everyone clapped for him. Wayne walked over to me and I stood. He handed me the microphone. I smooth out my dress, smile at him then the crowd.

"Hello! Im Bailey. So I may not have been here at the beginning of Lu-ly." I look back at Lily. She smiles at me rolling her eyes. "But I have seen the love this man gives this woman. She is so very lucky. I have seen the grace, kindness and love Lily has given Luke." This next part of the speech hurt my heart a small amount. I look away from the crowd and at Lily.

"When Lily and I went to the wedding expo last year. I told her that she and Luke were perfect. She told me if Id been here from the beginning of their love story I wouldn think so. But I believe that every love story. All the good ones anyway are never perfect. Their is always an obstacle, always heartache but the success of the couple makes it worth so much more. So, beautiful cousin of mine Im here to tell you, you and your man are perfect. Perfect for each other. The love you two have is so moving. The genuine, raw love you share is empowering all of us single men and ladies to believe one day it could be possible for us! So thank you. Thank you for giving us all relationship goals."

Everyone cheered for me and Lily stood coming over and hugging me tightly, tears in her eyes. Wayne watched us from his seat. A pained look on his face. I wonder what he was thinking.

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