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Chapter 3362: Bestowing Imprints

Just like that, the seven that the Jade Heaven Ruler had chosen after careful selection all agreed to Jian Chens condition.

If they became rulers, then they would do Jian Chens bidding as long as they remained in the Wood Spirits World.

If they left the Wood Spirits World, that would no longer hold.

If they could not become rulers, then no matter how many resources they used up, they did not have to obey any order from Jian Chen.

“Peace Ruler, may I ask when you plan on letting us make the formal push to the realm of rulers” At this moment, an old man below asked eagerly.

His face was filled with anticipation and excitement.

He was the ancestor of a peak sect from the Grand Heaven Domain.

He was not a heavenly king, but he was still an influential figure in the Grand Heaven Domain.

“Right now!” Jian Chen said.

Afterwards, with a wave of his hand, the power of space immediately surged forth, enveloping the seven Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes in the hall.

Power of laws so strong that they could not resist descended upon the seven peak experts from various places.

In the next moment, their vision blurred; they had already left the Divine Palace of Peace, appearing in a remote mountain range several million kilometres away.

Jagged peaks stood within the mountain range, rising up from the ground and jutting into the sky precipitously.

Jian Chen scanned around before fixing his gaze on the largest mountain nearby.

Afterwards, with a gentle swing of his finger, a spatial blade shot out and immediately bisected the towering mountain, turning it into a platform three thousand metres across.

He hovered in the air, floating ten metres above the ground.

He gazed at the seven Primordial realm experts in the distance indifferently and said, “You will cultivate here until you become rulers.”

In the distance, the seven rulers exchanged glances before arriving in front of Jian Chen at the same time.

Their eyes burned with fervency and anticipation.

There was also a hint of curiosity.

They wondered how the Peace Ruler was going to turn them into rulers.

At this moment, a tremendous presence of life suddenly appeared with the aura of the ways.

It was very profound.

A total of twenty-one ancestral imprints hovered before Jian Chen, shining with dazzling light.

“Those are ancestral imprints.

T-there are actually so many of them.”

Gazing at the twenty-one ancestral imprints, the seven experts were all stunned.

They were all tongue-tied with their eyes wide open.

The Mayhemless Heavenly King and the Deadwood Heavenly King were left speechless too.

They were also filled with disbelief.

The sight before them had completely upheaved their imaginations.

Since when did ancestral imprints become so worthless that they appeared twenty-one at a time

“Three ancestral imprints each.

Not only will they increase your battle prowess, but theyll also be of some assistance when you comprehend the laws.” With a thought, the twenty-seven ancestral imprints were immediately split into seven portions, arriving before the seven of them.

“What are you waiting for Refine them!”

Gazing at the three ancestral imprints before each of them, the seven Primordial realm experts felt anything but calm.

Even the Mayhemless Heavenly King and Deadwood Heavenly King who already possessed ancestral imprints surged with emotion inside.

Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes were known as heavenly kings if they possessed an ancestral imprint.

Despite the passage of all these years, the entire Wood Spirits World only had nine heavenly kings, and they each only possessed one ancestral imprint.

Yet right now, the Peace Ruler had given them each three ancestral imprints so casually, so how could they remain calm

Three ancestral imprints was already far more than what the nine heavenly kings each possessed in the past.

“I will never forget the rulers kindness.

In the future, whether we become rulers or not, well never let you down.” After a moment of silence, the seven experts all bowed together before immediately refining the three ancestral imprints.

At that moment, the Wood Spirits World had gained another five heavenly kings!

Of course, just relying on ancestral imprints was not enough for them to reach Chaotic Prime.

After all, while the ancestral imprints assisted them with comprehension, this assistance was extremely limited.

Otherwise, the nine heavenly kings who had obtained their ancestral imprints so many years ago would not still be stuck at the Ninth Heavenly Layer.

Afterwards, Jian Chen opened the space in his soul and took out a few leaves of third grade God Tier Comprehension Tea.

“Xia Jianming, brew the tea!”

Jian Chen did not hold back in order to nurture seven Chaotic Primes as quickly as possible and enter the stone door.

Xia Jianming immediately took out a tea set and began brewing Comprehension Tea with the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid Jian Chen had provided.

As he brewed the tea, he looked at the seven experts with great envy.

“Xia Jianming, you dont need to be envious of them.

Youve followed me for so long, so I obviously wont mistreat you.

However, its not the time yet,” said Jian Chen.

“Youve already given me plenty, master.

I would never ask for more,” Xia Jianming immediately answered politely.

He did not dare to overstep the boundaries.

Very soon, the Comprehension Tea was made.

Then it was distributed evenly between the seven experts.

When they ingested the Comprehension Tea, they immediately began to shine brightly, rushing up into the air.

The laws manifested and enveloped the seven of them.

Immediately, the seven of them were all submerged in a state of comprehension.

At the same time, the Blood Slaughter Ruler sat on his throne with a sunken face in the Divine Hall of Scarlet Blood, listening to his subordinates report.

“Sir, the Peace Ruler has already begun strengthening the seven experts he chose, but because hes personally watching over them, our scouts cant get too close.

They only sensed the presence from the depths of the mountain grow stronger and stronger,” a high-ranking member responsible for gathering intel said politely.

“Sir, we can ignore this.

Its absolutely impossible for the Peace Ruler to nurture Chaotic Primes…” Another high-ranking member immediately said from below the throne, snorting in contempt towards Jian Chens attempt to nurture rulers.

“If the realm of Chaotic Primes could be reached that easily, the nine heavenly kings would not have been stuck at the Ninth Heavenly Layers for all these years.

The Peace Ruler is out of his mind.”

“Sir, we dont have to worry about the Peace region at all.

The Peace Ruler definitely wont succeed.”

Many high-ranking members of the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood gathered there, all voicing their opinions.

However, no matter what they said, the Blood Slaughter Rulers face remained as sunken as before, as he immediately thought of the seven ancestral imprints that the Jade Heaven Ruler had suddenly gained.

Thinking up to there, the Blood Slaughter Ruler became even more uneasy.

Suddenly, he stood up and said to the people below, “Watch over the Scarlet Blood Domain.

Ill personally go to the Peace region and investigate.”

As soon as he said that, the Blood Slaughter Ruler vanished.

He sped off, leaving the Scarlet Blood Domain in just a few flashes before concealing his presence and directly entering the Peace region.

Right when he entered the Peace region, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes in the mountain range where the seven experts carried out their breakthroughs.

He glanced in the direction of the Scarlet Blood Domain very casually as a streak of cold light flashed through his eyes.

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