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Delicious Night CHAPTER 10

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"It was just a chance encounter."

"You think Ill believe you?"

"Whatever, but Ive told the truth."

Without warning, Jonathan bit Emilys lips, even now he bit it until it left a slight wound and made Emily groan in pain.

"I don like lies. Why didn you tell me this afternoon?"

"Didn you give me time this afternoon?!"

"Dare to answer, huh?!"

Emily was petrified, she was speechless anymore. It was in vain that she covered it up. It turned out that she had nothing to hide from him. Now everything is clear, lest her aides were injured because they were punished by the man in front of her—she thought.

"Keep one thing in mind, Emily. I don like being lied to and betrayed. You are … mine, didn I explain?"

"Yes, Im sorry."

Its not enough to stop there. Jonathan summoned the aides who had accompanied him that afternoon, then several pious aides joined Jonathan.

"Beat them for not being able to take care of this stray cat," he ordered.

Without waiting for a long time, the aides were again beaten right in front of Emily, who was now hysterical at the scene of the violence.


However, no one would listen to him and he continued to beat the aides until blood was seen everywhere.

Emily cursed herself. If she could have heard what her aide said when she stopped her this afternoon, maybe they wouldn have been in trouble for it.

"Please Jo ... stop it, its all my fault." Her tears flowed profusely begging for the masters forgiveness, but Emily felt responsible for what happened to the aides.

"Why should I listen to you?"

"Please ... have mercy on them, I was in the wrong." Jonathan ignored him and instead enjoyed the moaning sounds of his aides who were now wincing in pain. "I promise I won act rashly again. I will follow all your orders."


"Yes I promise. Please… they could die and I will regret it for the rest of my life if that happens."

Jonathan raised his hand, the aides who were in charge of hitting immediately stopped. Now only the sound of Emilys sobs broke as she saw blood flowing from the bodies of her aides.

"This is also a lesson for you. If you ever let your pets run wild again, just prepare a will for your family."

Jonathan walked away, then followed by the aides, who gradually left the bloody place.

"Sorry," Emily whispered as the injured aide walked past her.

They did not answer but did not ignore it. They just walked away without a word. Now there was only Emily, staring at the blood that was still wet on the grass, the rancid smell even made her almost throw up the food she had just eaten earlier.

Her body trembled violently, imagining how surrendered Jonathans psychopath-like figure must have been. She broke into tears, thinking about the many things that would now change a lot.

She cried alone for a long time in the garden, until she finally decided to take off her jacket and enter the fountain.

Her hands tried to reach her cell phone, which turned out to have been previously damaged by Jonathan, hoping that at least his SIM card could still be saved.

But unfortunately, it turns out that the SIM card is no longer installed in his cell phone. She cried uncontrollably, now that there was no way to communicate with outsiders, especially Rosela.

Should she leave him to fate? Trying to sincerely forget about his rights that were taken away by her two brothers, and hoped that Jonathan would soon get bored and let him go.

He wanted to run away, but he didn know who else to ask for help. Everything has been taken from him, his pride and freedom are in Jonathans hands.

Emily got up, walked through the garden with wet and dirty clothes. She couldn think straight anymore. Maybe she should catch up with his mother if she could.

Immediately, the sky seemed to be spinning, then his body went limp and finally he collapsed under the night sky and on top of the blood that had started to dry.

Jonathan ran without him noticing, trying to revive his woman. "You stupid! Get up, hurry up!"

But unfortunately, Emily didn budge, her body was too weak and her soul was shaken violently.


Jonathan looked at Emily, who was still lying weak. Her body has a high fever, even though she has been treated by her personal doctor and best friend—Frederick, Emily still hasn woken up.

"She really is still alive, right?"

"Don worry, sir. It looks like Miss just had a violent shock to the point of having a fever like last night. Its best if we let Miss rest."

"Are you sure youve treated it properly?"

"Of course, sir."

"If he doesn wake up too, Ill make calculations with you," he threatened.

The doctor only smiled, he knew very well the nature and psychiatric disorders that Jonathan experienced, so it was not new to receive threats like that every time he treated him.

"Miss will be fine. If Master wants, I will stay up all night until Miss wakes up—"

"No way! Just let you go to your room."

"Yes sir."

The doctor walked away, leaving Jonathan, who was still focused on watching Emily on his bed.

He repeatedly tried to check Emilys heartbeat and pulse, to make sure she was still alive. He didn realize that from behind the door Doctor Faisal was watching him with a faint smile, then actually went to his room.

"Hey wake up," he ordered, but of course Emily didn budge.

His eyes caught the blood that had dried from Emilys lips, he stroked it gently and suddenly realized that he had damaged his own just because he was annoyed.

This was all damn Williams fault—he cursed himself.

Now he climbed into bed, trying to wake Emily up again by any means.

"Hey! Fast wake!"

He was annoyed, then tried another way he thought would work. Jonathan opened Emilys shirt a little, then slowly he gave soft touches to Emilys sensitive area.

Increasingly longer and more intense, his efforts began to bear fruit. Emily groaned, especially when she tried to touch it deeper.

"Jo ... Stop it!" she whispered.

"Apparently you

e still alive. I thought you were dead," he whispered without stopping.

"P-please, stop … I-Im really weak."

Jonathan let go of his hand, then wrapped it around Emilys body.

"Don die yet, unless Ive allowed it."


e out of your mind–"


They were silent for a moment, only the sound of breathing could be heard in the silent night.


"Yes, why?"

"When are you going to get bored and ask me to leave?"

Jonathan glared sharply, now he pinned down Emilys limp body without resistance.

"Why do you ask that, huh?! Did William Richmond say hed ransom you?"

"Who do you think he is? We have nothing but friends."

"Then, why do you dare to talk about it?!"

"I think now I don need anything but freedom. To hell with everything ...," he whispered.

"Do you think its that bad to live here, with me?"

Emily stared at the man blankly, she didn care that Jonathan might get angry afterwards.

"What should I expect to live as a pet that you can torment at any time?"


"I am here as nothing more than a concubine, as lowly as the aide you tortured earlier. Isn it possible that one day I will feel the same way?"

"That won happen if you stick around," he threatened, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, what can I do... Im just a pet that has to obey the owner."

Jonathan snorted in annoyance, he got up and left Emily alone. He didn know what feeling was raging in his heart, it was painful and suffocating.

Don expect youll be able to get away from me, Mil—he thought.

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