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Chapter 994: DiscussionTranslator: Lonelytree

An Dafa shook his head and said, “No.”

“Could it be 100,000” A villager asked, “100,000 is already the highest betrothal gift ever recorded in our village.

An Dachun didnt sell his daughter for a loss.

Its just a pity that they dont have a son.

After receiving this 100,000 betrothal gift, who will they spend it on”

“Who else In the past, it would be given to An Yang.

However, now that they dont need An Yang, they will keep this money for their grandson.

An Dachun and his wife are still young.

When they get old and their grandchildren grow up, the money will be theirs.”

Unexpectedly, An Dafa shook his head again and said, “No, its not a million.

Its 999,999 RMB.”

“What, one million”

The villagers were extremely shocked by such a high betrothal gift.

“Dafa Did you hear wrong Did An Dachun really tell you 999,999” A villager asked suspiciously.

“Of course its true.

At first, I thought I heard wrong too.

I confirmed it again with An Dachun.

Its indeed 999,999.”

After hearing such a high betrothal gift, the villagers became silent again.

They still found it hard to believe.

“Not only that.

I heard that before they came back, An Xiaohui gave them 300,000 to prepare for the wedding, and An Xiaohuis husband also gave them 300,000.”

“An Xiaohui and her husband are really rich.

Arent they afraid of being robbed”

These villagers had never seen so much money in their lives.

If they were given 600,000, their sons would get married immediately.

Their family could even buy a new house in the county town.

“It looks like that girl An Xiaohui is really promising.

Its just a pity that shes a girl.

She cant look after her parents to their old age.”

At this moment, many of the villagers emotions were displayed on their faces.

There was envy, jealousy, disdain, and contempt.

She was just a girl.

No matter how rich she was, she couldnt spend more on her parents.

An Dafa shook his head and said, “Youre wrong about that.”

An Dafa told everyone the news he had heard from An Dachun and said, “Just now, An Dachun told me that his Xiaohui will live with them in a big city after she gets married.”

“Live with Xiaohui” A villager immediately understood.

“So they will have a live-in son-in-law too So he has lied to us when he said that it wasnt the case.”

“I thought that was the case too,” An Dafa explained, “Later, An Dachun explained that it wasnt the case at all.

They will follow Xiaohui to live in the big city, but they wont live with Xiaohui and her husband.

They live separately.

An Dachun also told me that many people in big cities are like this now.

Nowadays, many people in big cities have single children.

When both parents only have one child, then the couples children will have both families surnames so both families can have their lineages protected.

The couple can support both families too.”

“Is that so” Some villagers immediately didnt understand.

“A married daughter can support her own parents Wont the husbands parents have a problem with that”

“The people in the big city dont value sons over daughters as we do.

The girls in the big city are also pampered by their parents,” An Dafa said, “We really didnt know about it if Dachun didnt mention it.

The Dachun couple had lived in the big city for a period of time, so they have changed.

Did you notice that the Dachun couples temperament is no longer the same as ours Look at how theyre dressed.

Theyre all dressed up, and the way they talk and the way they talk is completely different from us.”

“Yeah, An Dachun and his wife are really living a good life now,” someone said with envy and jealousy, “Their daughter is so good at making money.

As long as Xiaohui gives them one to two thousand a month, theyll be living a good life.”

“That is so little!” An Dafa was on good terms with An Dachun, so he knew more about the inside story, “Before this, An Xiaohui would send Dachun at least 3000 a month as living expenses.

Sometimes, Xiaohui would send more money back when she heard that her parents had a headache or a fever.”

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