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Chapter 995: DiscussionTranslator: Lonelytree

An Dafa paused for a moment, and a hint of anger appeared in his eyes as he continued speaking, “Its just that the money that Xiaohui sent back in the past has been given to An Yang.

An Yang, that brat, graduated from university, but he didnt look for a job.

All he did was sleep and play games at home.

He even took money from his uncle to buy more gains.

Moreover, An Danian and his wife went looking for An Dachun and his wife this time, hoping that they would help An Yang get a wife.

But do you know how much An Danian wants”

“How much Didnt he say 60,000”

“Bull**! He wants 600,000 from An Dachun and his wife.”

“What, 600,000 They are asking for too much.

Does An Yang need 600,000 to marry a wife 60,000 is more like it.

Plus, havent An Danian and his wife saved some money over the years Can they help marry An Yang”

“An Danian told his elder brother that An Yang wanted to marry a city girl.

The betrothal gift is 180,000, and she also needs a house and a car.

All of this money added up to at least 600,000.

He wanted his elder brother to pay for it.”

Hearing An Dafas words, the villagers gasped and said in surprise, “Could it be that the girl An Yang is marrying is gold”

“An Danian is getting more and more outrageous.

Not only has his big brother raised An Yang, he even wants his big brother to pay for An Yangs marriage.

They are getting more and more greedy.

Plus, why are they saving their money for Are they going to bring it into the coffin in the future”

“An Danian and his wife are indeed getting more and more greedy.”

An Dafa rolled his eyes and said, “600,000.

An Danian and his wife are definitely not willing to pay this sum.

So An Danian and his wife went to make a scene at Dachuns house.

They even said that if Dachun doesnt give them the money, they will not have An Yang continue the family line for them.

This has really angered An Dachun and his wife.”

“This An Danian is too much.

Has he lost his mind”A villager scolded, “How can he say such silly words He really thinks his son is An Dachuns son.”

“An Danian really thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because he has a son.”

“When An Danian said that, An Xiaohuis husband happened to be there.

Then, he said on the spot that their first son would be surnamed An after his father-in-law and that their grandson would continue the family line for them.”

“I see.”

“In that case, the husband that Xiaohui found is really magnanimous and sensible.

No wonder Dachun is extremely satisfied with this son-in-law.”

“So, in the future, Dachun and his wife will have their own grandson to continue their family line.

Why do they need a nephew anymore”

“Danian asked for this.”

“Actually, Dachun didnt want to give An Yang a single cent.

After An Danian and his wife caused a ruckus in front of Dachuns house, Dachun gave them 30,000, saying that it was for An Yang to marry a wife.

In the future, he wont give a single cent.”

“An Danian said that Dachun didnt give them a single cent and chased them out.

The man is a bunch of lies.

An Danian already has his own grandson, so he doesnt need An Yang in the future.

It was already good enough for him to give them 30,000.

Do they really think they can control Dachun forever”

“An Danian is becoming more and more inhuman.

Relying on the fact that he has a son, he bullied his elder brother to death.

Fortunately, Xiaohui is promising.

Otherwise, with An Danian as his younger brother, Dachun and his wife will not have a good retirement and old age.”

The direction of the discussion seemed to have changed all of a sudden.

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