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Chapter 996: An Xiaohui has Made a Name for HerselfTranslator: Lonelytree

In less than a day, the villagers of An Family village, regardless of who mentioned An Xiaohui, had envious looks in their eyes.

They all praised her, “That lass, Xiaohui, has really made a name for herself.”

A monthly salary of more than 10,000 was money that farmers like them couldnt earn all year round.

“An Dachun and his wife are living a happy life with their daughter.”

Of course, there were still quite a number of people who said these sour words, “No matter how good An Xiaohui is at earning money, isnt she earning it for her in-laws Right now, An Dachun says that An Xiaohui will support them in old age but who knows if this will happen in the future”

“Thats right.

A daughter is a wastrel.

Its already good enough that An Xiaohui can give An Dachun some money.

She wont be reliable in the future.”

“Why wont she be reliable The dowry they get from the dowry can last them for a lifetime.

Plus, with Xiaohui and her husbands character, do you think they will abandon her parents in old age”

“Exactly, Xiaohui is promising and rich.

In the future, when she takes care of her parents, shell only pay some money to hire a nanny to take care of them.

Thats a form of filial piety too.”

“Without children by her side, how can that be considered filial At the end of the day, they have no sons…”

“So what if people have sons Take a look at An Zuos family.

He had five sons, and now, none of his sons are willing to support his father.

Hes already in his 70s and 80s, and he still has to fend for himself.

Its just that hes old and cant do any work.

Hes relying on the villagers to survive.”

“With sons like that, he might as well not have any son.

After working hard for his whole life, he used all of his life savings to help his sons find wives.

But now, he doesnt even have a place to stay.

He is starving every day.

Theres no telling how hes going to live in the future.”

“There is also that family that has four sons…”

Soon, the villagers started to gossip.

Many families had sons, but not all of them were filial.

Two days later, the wedding planning team came to An Family village.

The villagers of An Family village were very curious about this group of young people who were dressed very well.

They asked curiously, “Who are you”

“Hello, Auntie! We are from the wedding planning team.

We are here to plan their wedding at the invitation of Ms.

An Xiaohui and Mr.

Wang Zhengkai,” a beautiful woman asked, “May I know where Mr.

An Dachuns house is”

“Oh, so hes looking for the Dachun family.

Their house is…” the villagers showed them the way.

They didnt understand what the wedding planning meant, but they understood they were looking for Dachuns house.

They understood that it was related to An Xiaohuis wedding.

Some curious villagers and children followed the group of drivers, wanting to see what was going on.

When they arrived at An Dachuns house, An Dachun saw this group of people and greeted them warmly.

“You must be manager Liu.”

“You must be Mr.


We have been invited by Ms.

An Xiaohui and Mr.

Wang Zhengkai to plan the wedding.”

“Yes, yes.

Please come in.” An Dachun invited them in enthusiastically.

Someone pulled mother An and asked curiously, “What are these people here for”

Mother An said, “Theyre here to plan Xiaohuis wedding.”

Some villagers were confused.

“Isnt the wedding very simple What kind of planning do we need”

Mother An smiled and said, “My Xiaohui said that they want to hold a western-style wedding.”

“What is a western-style wedding”

“Well, its just like on TV.

Xiaohui will wear a white wedding dress.

Well, how should I put it” As a rural person, mother An could not explain what a western-style wedding was.

However, her daughter preferred a western-style wedding, so they went along with it.

In fact, they wanted to also see for themselves what a western-style wedding was.

A villager immediately said, “Wearing white for a wedding Isnt that bad luck”

Mother Ans expression froze, then she said with a smile, “My Xiaohui said that wearing a white wedding dress for a western-style wedding means that love is noble, holy, and beautiful.

Actually, these are the things that people in big cities like to do when they get married.

We rural people really need to catch up with the times!”

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