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Chapter 997: An XiaohuiTranslator: Lonelytree

Mother An was hinting that the villagers were ignorant.

Even if she explained the situation, they wouldnt get it.

When the villagers heard mother An, the atmosphere became a little stiff.

Then, some villagers immediately broke the awkward atmosphere and said with a smile, “We really want to see what this western-style wedding looks like.

In the past, we only watched it on TV every day.

The wedding scene was really beautiful.”

“Thats right.

The people who got married on TV are also wearing white wedding dresses, right Its just that we dont have the knowledge and dont know the meaning of a white wedding dress.”

Mother An listened to the villagers and said with a smile, “My family has something important to do today, so I wont be greeting everyone.”

After mother An entered the house, the villagers outside were still discussing.

“People who have been to big cities are really different.”

“Thats right.

Who knows how much money it will cost”

“Havent you heard Dachuns daughter and son-in-law gave them 300,000 each.

A total of 600,000.

Isnt that enough to prepare for the wedding No wonder An Danian asked his big brother to give 600,000 to An Yang to marry.

The Dachun family is really rich now.”

“Dachun has a good life too.

He gave birth to a good daughter!”

After that, someone started to make sarcastic remarks.

“What nonsense! He doesnt even have a son.” The person who spoke had three sons.

Having three sons had always been his pride.

Now that An Dachun had given birth to a good daughter, he was very jealous.

“So what if you have three sons now They still cant get a wife.

The eldest is already twenty-eight years old.

If they dont get married, theyll become aged bachelors,” someone immediately retorted, “You should worry about the marriage of your three sons first.”

An Dachuns family was now rich, so many villagers naturally took advantage of the situation.

Perhaps in the future, they might need An Dachuns help.

Their family did not have sons, but they had a capable daughter.

How old was An Xiaohui She was already preparing for a wedding, and she offered 300,000 RMB.

The villager had never seen so much money in their entire lives.

That person immediately did not dare to make a sound.

He did have three sons.

The oldest was 28 years old, and the youngest was 22 years old.

All three sons did not have wives.

One was because their family was poor, and the other was because their house was too shabby.

The whole family was squeezed into a mud house with three bedrooms and one living room.

When it rained, water would leak everywhere.

Which lady would be interested in them

Actually, it was quite funny.

This group of people had sons and grandsons, but now they were envious of a family that only had a daughter.

The wedding planning team quickly decided on the wedding venue in An Family village.

Because the An family and the Wang family were too far apart, the wedding was held directly in the An Family village.

When An Xiaohui asked for leave to come home, these planners consulted An Xiaohui and Xiao Wang before starting to decorate the wedding venue.

Previously, everyone thought that the husband An Xiaohui found must be a big-bellied old man with a bald head.

When An Xiaohui brought her husband back, and everyone saw the young and handsome young man, they really could not believe it.

He also came from good family background.

Why would he agree to let his first son take his wifes surname Fortunately, he was not a live-in son-in-law.

Otherwise, it would be a pity.

However, the people from the Xiao Wang family were too far away and it was not convenient for them to come.

Why didnt Xiao Wang invite his family over His parents were old and the journey was far away, so it was not convenient for them to come.

However, his three older brothers, a big brother, and sister-in-law, and a pair of nephews and daughters came to represent the Wang family to witness their wedding.

The other two older brothers and the remaining family members were all at home preparing for their wedding.

After all, they were preparing for two weddings.

One was to be held in the An Family village, and the other was to be held in the Wang Family family.

However, Gong Tianhao knew that Xiao Wang didnt have many relatives coming over, so he simply called a few of his underlings who werent married and became Xiao Wangs best man to come along with Xiao Wang to attend the wedding.

“Xiaohui has grown up.

The husband she found is tall, handsome, and rich.

Hes also so magnanimous and reasonable.

It seems that its good for girls to read more.

If they are educated, they can at least find a rich husband and help out the family in the future.”

Some people seemed to have suddenly realized that it was better for girls to read more.

If they were educated, they could find a rich husband.

It would be better to help their parents.

“Xiaohui is the phoenix that flew out of our village.

If she is successful, she can earn money.

The husband she found is also rich.

I wonder how good her life will be in the future.

He must be rich.

“In the future, Dachun and his wife can live a happy life with Xiaohui.

Xiaohui gave birth to her first son, and he is their biological grandson.

They dont have to worry about having no descendants.

“I heard from Dafa that although An Dachun doesnt live with An Xiaohui and her husband, An Xiaohui will buy them a house nearby so that it is convenient to take care of them.”

“If thats the case, whats the difference between it and having a son”


With this, An Dachun doesnt have to worry about having no one to take care of him when he gets old.

Its actually no different from having a son.”

“It seems that sometimes having a daughter is really not bad.” Someone sighed softly and said, “I heard that the boss of the big company that Xiaohui is in is a girl.”

“Is that true” Someone asked curiously, “In that case, we havent wasted a lot of girls, have we”

“Its really possible.”.

“My daughter used to do very well in school too.

She was first and second in her class.

If we let her continue reading, will she be as promising as Xiaohui” A woman said with a frown.

When she said that, the others also felt the same.

“If she was as promising as Xiaohui, at least before she got married, all the money she earned would be given to her family, not her in-laws.” The more they thought about it, the more their hearts ached, “This salary of ten thousand a month is three hundred thousand in three years.

This is much better than her getting married to poor in-laws.

We only got a few thousand as betrothal gifts.

Moreover, the money she spent on her studies only comes to a few hundred a year.”

The more she talked, the more she felt guilty.

“Thats right.

Look at Xiaohui.

Her monthly salary is definitely more than 10,000.

She has only worked for a few years after graduating from university.

I think its only three years.”

“It seems like we need to let girls study in the future.

Maybe she will be successful in her studies.

In the future, besides earning money before she gets married, she can also help out her family after she gets married, right”

“Thats right, thats right,” someone echoed.

“Supporting a child to study is a little tiring, but its also a way out for them in the future.”

Even An Xiaohui did not expect that just a wedding could change the fate of An Family villages girls.

The thoughts of An Family villages villagers also slowly changed.

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