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Towa, Kenichi and the Class D Executive Committee

Breakfast time.

As I watched Rin, who as usual was putting food in her mouth with a beautiful posture, I decided to ask her something that suddenly came to my mind.


“Speaking of which, what competition are you going to compete in, Rin”


Rin stopped her chopsticks and munched away at her food.

I talked to her while she was in the middle of eating, so she seemed to be eating in a hurry.


…Well, isn’t it bad manners to talk with something in your mouth


The school’s sports festival is held over a two-day period.

There are many sports such as relay, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, dodgeball, etc.

Baseball is for boys and softball for girls.


And for the sports festival, everyone was required to participate, and there was a rule that each person had to be in one event.


So I had to participate in one of the events, and if I was going to cheer for Rin, I wanted to know in advance which event she would be participating in.


I didn’t want to miss out if Rin asked me to come to this one.

Besides, it’s Rin’s thing, so I’m sure she’ll be in several different kinds of competitions.


When she finished eating, she said.


“All of them.”

“All of them!!”


That’s the plan.”


She said that with a clear face, as if it were a matter of course…

As expected of Rin.

I’m sure Rin’s class is planning to put her in every competition and take the win.


Well, it is the surest and most realistic move.

This will be an excellent move, and I’m so fired up…



Isn’t Rin in a bad mood…


“Ah, Rin.

You seem to be dissatisfied with something…”

“Of course I am.”

“Of course you are … I’m still tired…”

“If I attend a lot, I won’t be able to cheer for Towa-kun!!”

“I see.”


Rin’s cheeks were puffed out and she was furious, but despite her anger, she gently snuggled up next to me.

She put her hand on my chest and leaned her head toward me, wanting me to stroke her.

I do as she requested, and as I stroke her head, I feel a tickling sensation as she moves her head around.


The silky hair touches my neck…

It’s more of an itch than a tingle, and it stirs up all sorts of emotions.


I suppressed these feelings and patted her on the head.


“Well, cheer up.”

“I’m on the executive committee for the sports festival and all the events, and if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to get time to cheer for Towa-kun unless I get an alter ego.”

“Why don’t you just say no I don’t think it’s good for Rin to be the only one working.”

“If someone else won’t do it, then I guess I have to do it.”


Rin said that with a resigned sigh.

From the way she said it, I guess the whole class is not quite monolithic.


Rin is a serious person, so she probably wants to make the event a success somehow…


“If you need anything, let me know.”

“Thank you very much.

I’ll tell you then.”


I patted her head again, as she smiled happily.

If … it’s too much trouble, just tell me.


“That being said, … have you decided on the competition”

“No, not yet.”

“When you decide, please don’t hide it from me.”

“I won’t hide it.”

“Even if you hide it, I’m a member of the sports festival committee, so I can look it up if I want to…”

“No, no, no, don’t abuse your authority, okay”


The tournaments are decided by lot on the day of the event.

The registration is done in advance.

I wonder if there are more slots in each competition so that there can be overlap in competitions as they win …


Rin would be able to watch all she wants, but it’s against the rules to use her authority to know in advance, I’m sure …

Moreover, Rin would be able to do it without being found out…


“I think we’re supposed to have a meeting today, so I’m going to tell you.”


I’ll be waiting.”


“I was looking forward to it.” Seeing her in a good mood, I couldn’t help but chuckle.



I decided.

I would tell her without hiding my decision so that she would not have to cheat.


That’s what I thought.




I wonder if this is what it means to be out of the mosquito net.


I was thinking this as I gazed blankly at the discussion going on in front of me.

The sports festival is an inter-class competition, so the atmosphere is very heated.

There was a tense atmosphere in the discussion.


“Who will compete in which event”

“What if the programs overlap”

“Should we make up a cheering song”

“What should we do to win”


There is talk like this.


Well, these class discussions are conducted by people in the top… school caste, or in this case, I should say, the class caste.

The discussion is carried out by those who are classified in that category.


So, those who are not good at sports, like me, are in the position of watching and waiting to see what will happen.


In fact, the discussions in Class D of the first year, to which I belong, were heated among the so-called upper caste members.

The two members of the sports festival committee were leading the discussion.

The rest were mainly members of the group to which they belonged.


If left alone, they would decide on their own and our opinions would be ignored…

Kenichi was among them, and he kept the conversation under control so that people around him wouldn’t feel bad about running off the rails.


Kenichi is also a hard worker, or rather, he has a damaging personality.

He’s not half as caring as he should be…


“Well, well, this is how we tend to make decisions… If we’re going to do it, let’s do it in a fun way with no regrets!”


Kenichi said such a thing in front of the teacher’s table and gave a fresh smile.

The sports festival committee members reacted to his words by sighing and cowering their shoulders.

Then he pushed up the center of his glasses and opened his mouth.


“Kato’s philanthropic rhetoric is well-taken, but it’s sophistry and delusion.

It’s a natural idea that if you’re going to play, you have to win, and since it’s not a random tournament, what can you do about it”


His nasally way of speaking seems nervous to look at.

When he started to speak, for some reason, a scene broke out and everyone changed to a listening posture.


Intelligent glasses, black hair, tall, and handsome.

The man who looks like such a picture-perfect honor student is Tatsuya Nakamaru, a member of the sports festival committee.

His looks and personality are just as you would imagine… His words and actions suggest that he is a self-confident person.


He is a member of the same group as Kenichi, by the way.


In fact, Nakamaru’s confidence in his abilities is quite high.

I don’t know that much about him because I haven’t been involved with him… but he has good grades and seems to be a first-year regular on the basketball team.


This is just hearsay, though.

I didn’t remember any of my classmates properly during the first semester, and it wasn’t until after summer break that I matched faces and names…


I shrug at my own pettiness.

Then I sighed and once again returned my gaze to Kenichi speaking in front of me.


“Wow! Nakamaru is so smart~”

“Kato is too loose.

We don’t need to play nice when we’re trying our best to win.”

“No no~, isn’t that what it is Isn’t it a good thing to get along in class”

“In a competition, emotion is unnecessary.

I think leadership is necessary to make people say whether or not something exists.”


“You are reacting like it’s someone else’s problem, but the leader of the class is Kato.”

“Yes… Wasn’t that just something Nakamaru said because he wanted to do it”

“No, that’s not what I mean.

What I’m talking about is the ideal image of a leader.

Unfortunately, I have a lot to do as a member of the Sports Festival Committee.

And I don’t have the ability to lead the class because I tend to say too much.

That’s why I know that Kato is the right person to organize.”


That’s an honor~”

“But at the same time, I also want Kato to be the ideal leader who is greedy for victory like I said earlier.”


Nakamaru’s words are somewhat condescending, but I understand what he is trying to say.

If one wants to win, it is important to be greedy for victory and to cut corners when necessary.

Nakamaru’s basketball team is one of the strongest in the prefecture, so perhaps this kind of thinking is even more prevalent in his mindset.


Kenichi, who must understand Nakamaru’s situation, quietly shook his head.


“I’m sorry, Nakamaru.

If I’m going to lead, I’d better make it fun.”

“But Kato…”

“Don’t be so tense.

Because, you know, oppression like fear-mongering only causes friction.

And after all, I’m not happy even if I win…”


Kenichi’s words made the people who had been keeping their faces down look up and see what was ahead.

People who had been keeping their heads down and avoiding the fire were now looking at each other.

I’m wondering what’s going to happen, and I’m curious to see how things … look.


Kenichi slowly opened his mouth after all eyes were on him.


“Because, you know.

Don’t you want to have fun We’re in our first year of high school, and we’ll only be together until we switch classes, and we don’t want to have a strained relationship, do we”


Everyone nodded in agreement to Kenichi’s words.


“The sports festival is literally a “festival,” you know It’s better if you make a lot of noise, have a lot of fun, and win the game.

That’s all right, isn’t it And I don’t intend to do it in a random way.

I’m going to win while having fun.”

“Kato, there’s no way to do that.

With only dreams and ideals…”

“Well, I can understand why Nakamaru is not convinced.

If I want to be responsible for losing, it’s easy.”


“If we lose, I’ll just take full responsibility.”


–I want to have fun if I can.

It is a natural psychological process that everyone has to deal with.

But we don’t enjoy it because we don’t have anyone to enjoy it with, we may feel uncomfortable, or we may feel alienated.


Especially in an event like a sports-loving athletic festival, there are many instances where the blame is placed on each other, “We lost because of you.”

But Kenichi’s words can serve as a deterrent.


Kenichi continued to repeat his words as if he were folding them up.


“That’s fine.

Then it’s my fault if we lose! It’s no one else’s fault.

Let’s just say it’s my fault because it was my mistake.”

“That would make me feel bad for … Kato.

It’s the players’ role to make their leader win.”

“You have a troublesome personality, Nakamaru! It’s okay, especially if you don’t mind and enjoy it!”


Kenichi said and put his fist on Nakamaru’s chest.

Nakamaru then lightly poked Kenichi on the chest as if to return the gesture.


Watching this, I could somehow sense that the two of them were getting along well, and I could feel the tension easing from the smiles on their faces.


Kenichi, as if to say this is the end of the boys’ talk, “Look over here!” He clapped his hands together.


“I’ll decide on the placement of the boys so that the whole class can enjoy the event, so please be considerate! But if there’s something you can’t do in this event, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I’ll let you know the strategy as soon as I think of it!”



The boys are excited.

I guess this is the state of unity.


However, half of the classmates … no, mainly the female students’ heads, “What about the girls” and a question mark floated on the top of their heads.


“Well then, that’s how it’s going to be, girls, you’re in good hands! Win well, follow the rules and have fun at the Sports Festival.

And earn points for the overall first grade championship.

That’s all!”

“Wait a minute! Isn’t it kind of rough handling!!”


A girl who had been watching over the situation until a few minutes ago suddenly raised her voice in annoyance and crowded Kenichi.


A female student with brown hair in a ponytail – her name is Sayaka Ainoya.

She is a member of the executive committee on the girls’ side and is generally slender and fit-looking.


She is just cheerful and high-spirited without separating herself from anyone else, and her open and honest personality makes her popular with both boys and girls, and she is well-known and, after all, has a wide range of faces.

It is rumored that everyone in the first grade has had at least one conversation with her.


If there’s one thing I know about her, it’s that she is one of the most popular people…

She apparently loves sports and often helps out in various club activities, and is said to be a “physical monster”.

By the way, it would be easier to understand if I say that she is a student who has been dropping the average score of the class with her studies.


“I don’t know if I’d call it “messy”.

It’s hard to make a plan for the girls… There are all kinds of restrictions.

If I had a little more brains … I wish I had a little more brains.

She represents the women’s team.”

“You’re telling me that! You’re stuck in a kotton relationship, aren’t you!”

“Well, you know.

I’m all about her, after all.

She comes first in everything!!”

“You’re so cool~! I can’t do it with our brains!”


No, don’t say it’s impossible, just do your best.

I thought that’s a good thing.


Well, he doesn’t seem to be the type to make plans, so I guess he’s not suited for it.

It looks like he’s going to go for it.

When he ran for the committee of the sports festival, the first thing he said was, “Sounds fun!”


Everyone looked at Ainoya-san warmly.

Then, Nakamaru put his hand on his forehead and sighed.


“Certainly, it’s a bonus that Ainoya-san is making a plan.

As for me, I’m not comfortable leaving it in the hands of a kindergartener.”

“Wait a minute Marumaru! Don’t say weird things! I’ll do it when I do it~”

“Huh… You can’t talk like that about other people.

And don’t call me weird names, I’ve told you many times…”

“Eh~, it’s cute all around.

I’ll call you “Nakatatsu~” then.”

“Will you stop doing that too It’s kind of obscene when you say it…”


“No~, your comic dialogue is as funny as ever.”

“It’s not a comedy! Interesting I’m embarrassed~”


Nakamaru was angry, while Ainoya-san smiled shyly for some reason.

“Am I suited for comedy” He was saying something carefree and irrelevant.


“You said, ‘I’ll do it when I have to do it.” By the way, if you were Ainoya-san, what would you come up with for a strategy”

“Fufufufu~ Are you going to ask me Are you really going to ask me~”

“You really are… Answer me quickly.”


You’re so excited…

It makes me feel a little strange when I see committee members with opposite personalities.


Nakamaru seems to be having a hard time too…


Ainoya-san looked around at everyone with a confident, pretentious look on her face, and then she held out her index finger in front of her and struck a pose with a very smug look on her face.


“Let’s go for it! I guess!”


“Offensive posture.

Keep on the offensive, and you’ll be on the defensive too!”


“Let’s see… Huh Why is everyone so quiet Maybe they are sleepy”


No, everyone is dumbfounded.

Since Ainoya-san is good at sports, I thought she would have a somewhat better speech, but I feel like I’ve been shrugged off, everyone…


Perhaps noticing such a state of affairs in the class, Ainoya-san clapped her hands and nodded her head.


But what is it

Am I the only one who still feels like it’s a bad idea


“Ah! I get it! Maybe everyone is worried about “not going too far” If that’s the case, then let’s “value our lives”!”



Was it hard to understand the strategy Let’s see, we should all do it together, run like dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah and do our best! It’s okay! As long as people don’t die, they can do anything if they try~.

Oh, that’s right.

If you want, we can all practice together”



Everyone’s mouths dropped open.

Some of them were even turning pale, perhaps because they felt fear at Ainoya-san’s words.


I mean, before that, there’s no way I’m going to risk my life for a sports festival…

Ainoya-san, the sports girl, is as athletic as Rin, according to rumors…

The fact that she doesn’t seem to know how to increase or decrease, maybe she’s more amazing than Rin… or maybe she’s worse…


Well, it’s scary to imagine… if you were held to that kind of human standard and had to go through special training.


All the girls, anxious, begin to talk amongst themselves.


“Oh no, the death march is about to begin.”

“But isn’t that a quirk”

“Oh, but … Sayaka was famous for being a physical monster.

Besides, there are rumors that she can run a full marathon with time to spare…”



“Isn’t that kind of human training the kind of thing that kills you…”

“Yes… I’ll have to ask Kato-kun to help us out with this one.”

“Surely! If Kato-kun and Nakamaru-kun are here, they would work well as stoppers.”

“Yes, … If Sayaka is in charge, everything will…”

“It’ll be over.”




“””Please Kato-kun!!! We want to have fun too (we don’t want to die)!!””


This was the moment when the hearts of the class were united by the horror that was Ainoya-san.


“I can’t help it~.

Then I’ll think of something! But I’m going to need everyone’s help!”


Kenichi was showing his bashful attitude while acting like he was going to be troublesome.

Seeing a handsome man’s shyness… face like that is enough to make even a man admire it.


But… I guess this is also Kenichi’s guidance.


Inevitably, it’s easy to get passionate about these kinds of competitions.

It’s the same with discussions, and events are prone to large differences in enthusiasm.

This can make the class awkward and can leave a mark when the event is over.


That’s why Kenichi was able to lead everyone through the discussion in a soft, conversational style, making it a bit like a comedy show.

I honestly think it’s very Kenichi… to take advantage of the two committee members and be a clown so that they don’t notice.


But no matter how he does it, creating an atmosphere and controlling people’s minds are his specialties.

He has been doing it for a long time, even though he is the one who has to do the hard work.


I looked at Kenichi with that thought in my mind, our eyes met.

He winked at me as if to say, “Shut up.”


Don’t worry, I won’t tell.


I don’t have anyone to say it to, and I don’t have … to say it to, hmm

Something about that smirk … and that smile … gave me a very bad feeling…


“Well, me and Towa will do our best to decide the strategy, so leave it to us! Hey, Towa!”



A dumb, almost backhanded voice came out of my mouth at the sudden nomination by name.

The unexpected surprise … I didn’t ask you for this …


The feeling is that the class is going to say, ‘Why you’ ‘ stares gather at me.

No, no, no, ‘Why me’ is what I want to say.


When I looked at Kenichi to express my dissatisfaction, he said, “I’m counting on you!” and he gave me a thumbs up.


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